Can it be? A DC Comic book webpage that is actually as much fun as the comics themselves?  Well, no...but we're pretty darn close! We're Team Oracle, a veritable DC Comics "Love Shack" it were. Team Oracle is an offshoot of the swingingest DC mailing list on all the internet, DCU-L. To subscribe, scribble a subjectless email to that reads "subscribe DCU-L" and then you're set! But we're not some elitist "only we can publish on our, oh, so cool website" snobs. If you have anything you'd like to share with the class, be it a comic review, article, or some really good home made cookies, drop them in our mail bag, and  we'll be glad to put them up. Also, if you have any DC questions, stuff those in there too...we'll try our darned hardest to answer them! 
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June 29- Superior links page fixed and updated.
May 24- a profile of Starman III has been added.
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