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Sadly, the band has split up

Still, I decided to keep this page alive, so that it can serve as a tribute to the great band that Pique Poque Poetry was. Too bad that many people will now never discover how good they really were...

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Who Are They?

Pique Poque Poetry is:

Ardan van de Graaf - vocals and guitar
Paul Bonsma - guitar and keyboards
Martijn Bruyns - bass
Fulco Hoekstra - drums

These four guys form the original lineup which exists since February 1994. Their hometown is Heerenveen, located in the north of the Netherlands. They have the potentials to conquer the world. This is not yet the case. Current achievements are:
What will follow next?

What Do They Sound Like?

Their repertory consists at this moment of both english and dutch songs. The music can be described with the vague term 'alternative rock' or 'soft grunck'. They sound somewhat like bands as Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Live, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, etc but not really. Mostly they just sound like.... Pique Poque Poetry! Why don't you just listen to the following samples??


All samples are low-quality (8 bits, 11kHz) WAV-files and last only 30-40 seconds. You can get an impression quickly but it isn't CD-quality.
The samples are all located on a different server. This server is very often in the air, but not always. So if things don't work out now, try again later. The above songs are just a small selection from the Pique Poque Poetry repertoire. See the discography for a complete listing.

Pronouncing Their Name

  1. Try to pronounce their name. Just speak "Pique Poque Poetry" aloud.
  2. Does it sound like:
  3. Congratulations, you can pronounce Pique Poque Poetry's name correctly. As a reward, you are granted to buy their CD Disorientated or their new demo tape Noisespheres (contact the band when you are interested).

In Concert


To get an idea, what a Pique Poque Poetry gig is like, you can read the following review:


Want to see them live? Keep your eyes on this page. As soon as new tourdates are known to me, you will see them here.

The Latest News

In this section, I will keep you updated on the band:

What Do I Have To Do When...

... I'm A Music Lover And I Want To Buy Their CD?
Just contact the band. The CD is not expensive (15 guilders) so you won't regret buying it.

... I'm The Big Boss Of A Major Record Company And I Want To Contract Them?
Just contact the band. Why are you still reading this. Hurry, otherwise you might be too late.

... I'm In The Organization Of A Huge Festival And I Want Them To Headline The Show?
Just contact the band. Please spell their name right on the playbills. They hate it when you mess up.

... I'm The Owner Of A Local Bar And Need Something To Entertain My Two Regular Costumers?
Just contact the band.

... I'm More Into Techno Music?

Contacting the band

Picture Gallery

Don't forget to skim through Pique Poque Poetry's picture gallery!

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