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      These are all of the websites that I have created over the years. Some have not been updated in quite a long time. Although I have not lost interest in any of these subjects, I am much more pressed for time lately. Thus, I have not gone back through some of them to finish what I started. I hope to do that, though... someday...

        Site: The Unofficial Gabriel Damon Homepage
        Created: July 1996
        Status: Updated, stable
          Gabriel Damon is a little known actor. A friend and I decided to create this page to share the knowledge we had scraped together with other fans. This is the first site ever created to him, and it's been around the longest. It's also the one that the other Gabriel sites steal their information from ^_-

          Updates are few and far in between, since Gabriel isn't doing very much in the way of acting, and because it is so hard to find any information on him. Also, I have not talked to the now ex-friend in over a year. Although I was the one who was doing all of the work in the end, I am unsure how to continue the site.

        Site: Newspaper Row
        Created: October 1996
        Status: Dormant, semi-complete

          Remember that actor above? The movie Newsies is what sparked an interest in him. This movie is a semi-cheesy Disney musical that revolves around the true story of the 1899 Newsie Strike. I'm not exactly sure why I like this movie so much, but this site is my shrine to it.

          This site got stuck midway through a rennovation. I hope to finally finish it sometime. Perhaps when the movie comes out on DVD (yes, I'll be buying a copy ^_-), I will get the inspiration I need.

        Site: Can You Dig It?
        Created: August 1997
        Status: Dormant, complete

          My tribute to the Monkees. Yes, the original pre-fab group. I got into them through their movie, Head (which, I should note, is nothing like the tv show). The site features a lot of information on the aforementioned movie.

          This site is in a stable condition, although it's been a long time since I updated it. I really should clean out the cobwebs, so to speak.

        Site: Moon Shadows
        Created: November 1999
        Status: Semi-complete

          Yes, I like the anime series Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, especially the villains. I am not a big fan of the english dub version that airs on the Cartoon Network, however. This site looks at the villains and other dark aspects of the show.

          I've been procrastinating a lot with this one, for some reason. Not for lack of interest, far from it. I just don't know what's been up with me...

        Site: Homophobia
        Created: December 1999
        Status: Down, under rennovation

          Another Sailor Moon site. One thing that I like about this show is that it features homosexual characters (and couples), without making a big deal over them. Since I am a big fan of Zoisite, Kunzite, Haruka and Michiru, this is a sort of combination shrine to them. If you can't tell, I am also a gay-rights activist.

          I started this site, but had to leave off when I got bogged down with school and work. I'm currently in the process of redoing the layout and restructuring the site. I also need to find a new server, as the one I was using went down.

        Site: The Ego and the Exoteric
        Created: January 2001
        Status: Down, under rennovation

          This was my blog, but Pitas decided to delete the main page. I have a LiveJournal account until I get the original up and running again. Nothing too exciting, unless you like reading my ramblings on random subjects (I do a lot of vaguely political ranting, and I've been known to piss people off because of it).

        Site: Green in Grey
        Created: June 2001
        Status: Almost finished

          Have I mentioned that I love Sailor Moon? Well, this is a shrine to my favourite character: Zoisite. He was a villain in the first season, and I simply adore him ^_^

          With the exception of a couple of files, this site is all but done. The only updates after those are complete will fanworks that people submit, so I forsee it as being fairly static.

      Future Projects:

      I'd like to make some small sites dedicated to a few other of my favorite movies and anime series and the like. Right now, I'm thinking about the movie The Last Unicorn and the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena. I'm going to wait until the other sites are fully functional first, though.

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