Lair of the DragonGod

ouch, that's hot ouch, that's hot Dragon by Ernist Nelson

Welcome travelers, to the Lair of the DragonGod! Do not be afraid, this is a safe place to stop and to relax (at least it is for those with pure and kind souls). You may even gain some knowledge by passing through these caverns, but most of all it is a place to be enjoyed.

travelers have stopped here since 12 May 1997, to pay homage to the DragonGod.

A few words describing each area of the lair and paths to them can be found below.

So, go on adventurers, explore the Lair of the DragonGod... many strange and interesting things await you!

about Here you will find information about the DragonGod and his current Human Form (even a picture or two)

Bardic Words In this room the DragonGod has scratched out his own poetic verse on the very walls.

DragonGod's Gallery DragonGod's Gallery holds artwork by a few of his favorite authors, including some of his own work. Go ahead take a look, there is some very nice stuff in here.

Favorite Things When the dog bites, when the bee stings (as a dragon I don't really notice these, but) when I'm feeling bad, I just remeber my favorite things...... and now you can see my favorite things too.

DragonPaths These paths lead out of the lair and into the realms of many other Dragons, check them out. I support the existence of all dragons, everywhere.

Games&Entertainment As an avid game player myself, I have provided this portal which will transport you to a few of the castles, where the wizards who create those magnificent games abide.

LaughingDragon A simple place to find some humorous links. Laughter is the greatest gift anyone can ever give. There is even a place for you to add your own "Quotable Quotes".

OtherStuff This is a great place if you like to collect things like pewter figures, or dragon merchandise (not my own.... I wish!) or even if you are looking for a bookstore on-line.

SearchEngines Links to some of the best search engines that can be found (ouch) on the web, can be found (ouch again) right here. So if you are looking for something in particluar, this is the place to go.

If you forgot to check out these rooms before entering the lair, check them out now.

If you are looking for some original background artwork, feel free to visit this area.


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