Alien Coverup?

Are our Governments trying to cover-up the existance of alien beings or visitations to our planet by extraterrestrials?


First, let's examine why a Government would want to do this.

The number of UFO sightings has been quite large since the turn of this century. Whether this is due to increased visitations or simply the public's better awareness of what's in the sky, I cannot say. But one thing is for sure, a lot of people say they've seen something they can't explain and all the Government has done is deny everything and attempt to pass it off as something very mundane.

If a Government official were to stand up and say, "ok, yes, it's true, we are being visited by aliens and there's nothing we can do about it, they can come and go as they please" there would likely be a collapse of the global economy followed by large scale civil unrest.

During the Cold War, the Soviets censored information about the Western World from it's citizens, in an attempt to keep them under control - if they didn't know what life was like in the West, how could they be unhappy with their situation?

Eventually the Soviet Government were unable to keep information from it's citizens. The population became increasingly critical of their Government. The result of this was the fall of the Soviet Bloc. Today, the Russian economy is in pretty bad shape, with high inflation and a soaring black market. We, in Western soceity, believe that this could never happen to us - but given a statement like that above, I think it could.

This is why it's being kept very quiet - it's a control exercise. The people who have it, don't want to lose it, so they must keep the public from knowing the truth.

Interestingly, quite a number of prominent people believe that extraterrestrials do exist and they are visiting us right now. Among these people are Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronaut and sixth man on the moon. He has stated publicly, that he knows people in Goverment who say they have knowledge of ET's, but are forbidden from discussing it.

Nick Pope, a serving UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) official, stated in a Channel 5 documentary (Aliens among us, Channel 5, aired 5 April 1998) that "undeniably and unquestionably we have been and are being visited by extraterrestrials". What does this tell you?

Let's look at a few examples of coverups:

Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Probably the most documented UFO story in history. Almost everybody has heard of the Roswell incident, so I won't go into much detail, I'll just add my comments.

The farmer who reported the crashed object to the Army Air Force (as the Air Force was known as at the time) was told not to speak about the incident.

The Air Force Captain who first went to the crash site claims, publicly, that he saw a crashed object with small corpses either inside or scattered a short distance outside the remains of the craft. As an Air Force officer, he would have gone through extensive training in aircraft types and physics, making him an expert witness, and I think after that he should be well qualified to give an opinion on the likely origin of the bodies and the craft - he said they weren't human.

There is some speculation as to whether one of the beings was still alive after the crash. Certainly the bodies were taken to a local hospital. The hospital was subsequently closed to the public, by the Army.

A few days later, the bodies were flown, either to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, with one of the bodies possibly being flown on to Andrews AFB, in Washington DC - though this is not entirely clear.  A number of ex-Air Force personnel have publicly stated that they have seen the bodies at Wright-Patterson, in a closed off, heavily guarded aircraft hangar.

The Air Force now says that the crashed object was a weather baloon? Huh? And they expect us to believe this? Unfortunately this was all the skeptics needed to dismiss the whole affair completely, taking the Air Force at their word, when we know that they will lie to the public when they believe it's in the national interest, or whatever their perception of national interest is.

RAF Bentwaters, UK. 1979.

RAF Bentwaters is located in Suffolk, England. It is a joint RAF/USAF base which formed a major part of NATO's defences. It is also only three miles from another RAF/USAF base, RAF Woodbridge. One summer evening a base security patrol saw some strange lights in Rendlesham forest, very close to the base perimeter fencing. They called for backup on the radio and when it arrived they decided to call the deputy base commander, Lt. Col. Charles Halt.

The entire team, including the Lt. Col. Halt, ventured into the forest to find the source of the lights. They eventually came to a clearing where they saw a craft, unlike any aircraft, hovering, bathing the area in light.

They had a pocket tape recorder with them and the Halt recorded a running commentary on the events they witnessed that night. The tape makes for some interesting listening. The craft then accelerated vertically and disappeared into the night.

Returning to the base, Halt scrambled two fighter interceptors to try to find the craft. Despite getting some radar returns, they could not find the craft. Air Traffic Control at the base and at West Drayton in Middlesex, recorded an unidentified object in the vicinity of RAF Bentwaters that night.

The Lt. Colonel submitted his report to Washington, but heard nothing back. When he enquired about the incident he was told that it was nothing to worry about. The British Government launched their own investigation into the event and their conclusion was that the light seen by the Air Force personnel was that of a lighthouse over 10 miles away.

I'm sorry, but this is just complete rubbish. I've never heard such an unlikely explanation for something like this.

The base commander appeared on a British television debate last year and recounted the events as he saw them. He explained what he saw in great detail, but still the authorities deny that anything unusual happened there that night.

Here is a USAF Lt. Col. (retired) publicly stating that this was what he saw, and the authorities are trying to make a fool out of him by saying that either nothing happened at all, or they got confused and the light was really coming from a far off lighthouse.

It is worth remembering that Bentwaters was home to a large number of US attack aircraft, notably A-10 attack planes and F-111 strike bombers. It is likely that the base was also home to a stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons and that the reason being the denials was the perceived threat to national security. After all, if the US and UK Governments didn't know where the craft had really come from, how could they be sure it wasn't Russian?

To this day the American and British Governments deny that anything of importance happened at Bentwaters that night. This is patently untrue, no matter what the actual nature of the object seen by the base personnel. Either an unidentified craft did descend on Rendlesham forest, in which case it is important in the interests of national security, or there were mass hallucinations among the base personnel, which itself is very significant - as these people were responsible for a NATO air base which most likely had nuclear weapons stored there.

Vendemen - 27 December 1998