I like playing AD&D, in fact I started roleplaying through AD&D, and in my second year of Uni, I really got into it. I've only played in 6 campaigns of AD&D, so there's a lot I haven't explored yet. I'm thinking about running a campaign myself, but then Star Wars will probably win out again. I was going to say some stuff about TSR, but I can't be bothered now, so just see the disclaimer.

Campaign:    Tempest - Maelstrom etc Title forgotten.

GM: Tom Baker
Time of Play: 96

Character Player Description
Gyrinia  James Elven Priest/Ranger
Greyleaf Anthony 1/2-Elven Fighter/Necromancer
Ash Marc Sylvan Elf Druid/Ranger
Derelyn Tiffany Human Conjurer
Sawtooth Neil an escaped Orc slave with Shamanistic powers
Darin Sarah Fair Elven Fighter
The background to this campaign
The Religious background
The first part of the Synopsis 

Unfortunately this is all the information I have collected about this campaign, but I hope its enough, for now anyway.

Campaign:    Birthright

GM: Graham Blake
Time of Play: 97

Character Player Description
Sahrah Rayanne  James Elven Ranger/Mage (See explanation)
Tarathan Phil Paladin
Brother Belvis Martin Cleric
? Andrew Mage
? ? Thief / Merchant
As you can see I have less info about this Campaign, but I think I might have records... I have found them, so I'll put them up here when I get time.

Campaign:   A Dave Freer Special or I dunno yet

Background: Based in Forgotten Realms, also featuring Menzoberranzan, Underdark, and recently a world called Midkemia (incorrect spelling I know but...) which I think is is from some Raymond E Feist books. (Which I haven't read)
GM: Dave Freer (yes he of Star Wars campaigns fame)
Time of Play: 99

Character Player Description
Lady Marylin Aldan James Paladin of Selune, and Daughter of the High Priest in Waterdeep
Shirley Marie Thief, very not plain, and very not simple
Zholani Frank Young Mage who think's he's Kelban Blackstaff
Emban Ben Recently Converted Priest of Selune
Salad (not really) Phil Good Drow Fighter Mage, Masquerading round waterdeep as an Elf!

Campaign:   Dunno Yet

Background: Based in Franks own world GM: Frank
Time of Play: 99

Character Player Description
Senn of Karyn James Fighter who might turn into a bard later
Lena of Myra Marie Paladin with Mage powers
Nallis of Panda Dave Assassin of Assassins
? Ben Dwarven Cleric thing
Jaxom of Panda Phil Fighter / Thief
? Gary Human Paladin

The other 2 campaigns are less easy to remember, so you can't have them! 1