Harvard Selenya

Template type: Jedi Master
Sex: M
Name: Harvard Selenya
Height: 1.63 M (5'5")
Weight: 55Kg (8st)
Physical Description:
A Short thin man, wearing a well trimmed beard and moustache, smart robes, with the overall appearance of a distinguished trader.
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Personality:Harvard still harbours much sorrow, but is using his regret, to a good use now, helping others, training new jedi.
Completed objectives:
Became a jedi knight, and now walks the path of a jedi master

Dexterity: 2D+2

Dodge 5D, Blaster 4D+1, Lightsaber 9D, Running 3D

Knowledge: 3D+1

Survival 4D, Lightsaber Tech 5D, Alien Species 4D, Languages, Planetary Systems, Willpower, Intimidation 4D, Streetwise

Mechanical: 2D

Space Transports, Starship Shields 3D, Astrogation 2D+1, Beast Riding 3D, Repulsorlift Ops 3D

Perception: 3D+1

Sneak 4D+1, Search, Hide, Command 4D, Persuasion 4D, Bargain, Investigation

Strength: 2D+2

Brawling, Stamina 3D, Swimming, Climbing/Jumping,

Technical: 2D

First Aid 4D, Computer Programming / Repair ,Droid Repair, Droid Programming


Control: 8D
Sense: 8D
Alter: 7D+1

Force points: 13
Dark Side points: 0
Character points: 17


Weapons: Lightsaber
Med pack, robes, 250 credits


Harvard was 38 when he started his training under his new teacher Owen Sears. He already had some force powers but didn't know how he had them. 2 years later he was undergoing his nexus test, and thought he had failed, he ran off. He didn't use his force powers for 12 months, until he managed to save the lives of 2 rebels, he then began his atonement. With Owen Sears help he became a jedi knight, and decided to help other jedis.

Please note that in effect this is fan fiction and any reference to "Star Wars" characters is unofficial and only for a roleplaying basis.

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