Since I like Star Wars a lot, its no surprise that I roleplay it, I started playing 3 years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I started running it only a few months after. My first campaign was a successful game which came to its climax in May 1996. I intend to put lots of information about all the campaigns which I have run so far, as well as the ones I play in. This includes synopses, character lists, my characters, in fact anything that I decide might be even vaguely interesting.
The first of this information is here now:

Campaign:    Unknown title

GM:    Dave Freer
Time of play: September 1995 - May 1996
Character Player Description
Owen Sears James Humphery Young Jedi to Jedi Knight
Milan Warren Confused Jedi
Marik Andy Scared Jedi
Fazeal al Azerad Dylan Muslim Bounty Hunter
Fobba Bett Liam Bounty Hunter
Gomez Myron Swoop Jockey
Awoogawa Fiona Ewok Warrior
Awooga Caroline Female Ewok Warrior
Rawl John Wookie
Moraine Woody Brash Pilot
Erik Ed Viking Warrior
Stark Brian Pirate / Smuggler
Stranger Kevin Curious Explorer
 Not all the players turned up all the time, but in its hey dey this 2 year running campaign could have as many as 10 players in a session, and there are more characters / players than are mentioned here. This was a great campaign!

Stranger: A humanoid Curious Explorer. Played by Kevin. Stranger got no mention because he never did anything memorable enough for me to write down. About half way through we picked him as our leader in the hope that he would take more of an active part, needless to say it didn't work.


                    Fred - Duinogin Jedi Master
                    The Mandalorian (we never knew his name)

Campaign: From Rogues to Heroes

GM: James Humphery
Time of Play:
Character Player Description
Tea Chinurler Marek Ewok Hybrid
Rawllawa Dan Wookie First Mate
? Tim Defence Droid
Harvard Selenya

Campaign:    Force in the Balance

GM:    James Humphery
Character Player Description
Galen C'arn Phil  Smuggler / Gambler
Jarad Maine Graham Blake Jedi Duelist
Ged Zinger Martin Blake Brash pilot Jedi
John Dorkin Alan Smith Engineer Jedi
Elana Pakan (Francia) Andrew Smith Athletic Jedi


Simeon Arthurdent
Asda Noven
Doig Natas
Lau Wico
Harvard Selenya

The Municor
The last chance

Campaign: Quest for Darkness

GM:    Dave Freer
Character Player Description
Elana Francia Me Spy
Doctor Simon Bardel Ben Taxman Wealthy Doctor
Relanda Deveraux Marie  Space Rescue Corps
Rigg Vena Nathan Heavy Weapons Specialist

Background of Campaign

Campaign: Out of the Fire...

GM:    James Humphery
Time of Play: Jan - Feb 2000
Character Player Description
Leanne Markovy Phil Summers Paranoid Jedi
Yasmine  Gary Chadwick Young Senatorial turned "lady of the night"
Felix Stowe Andy Brash Pilot
Weecha Craig Ewok Warrior
Max Sapphire - "just 'Max'" Myron Procurement Specialist


                   Owen Sears - Only mentioned as Leanne's former Master gone missing
                    Jim C'arn      - Pupil of Owen's met by Leanne

Campaign: ?

GM: Gary Chadwick
Time of Play: 2002
Character Player Description
Tell Kether James Human Pilot Jock
Dr Gas Mane Ben Human Doctor
? Phil Can't remember