The Guinea Pigs of War!!!!

I've decided to close down GPoW as a Starsiege Tribe.  Due to many problems on my end the effort's just become too much and I've lost my heart for the game.  This is not the fault of my tribe's members.  They all played as well as they could and stuck together as a team.  The fault must fall to me.

Though GPoW will no longer be a Tribe's tribe I'm hoping that GPoW might be resurected one day as a Quake/Unreal/Halflife Clan.  Nothing's for sure though.

I'd just like to apologize to all the members of GPoW for the long delay and ending of the tribe.  I'm really sorry, guys.  I hope you all understand.


GPoW is a new tribe created from necessity.  We, the members of GPoW, are a group that believes in team play.  If you have no interest in being a team player then we have no interest in you.  You don't have to be the best Tribes player to join us.  Although skill is important what we think is most important is dedication to helping the team.  This means that if you are ordered to defend a target then that's what you will do.  If you are ordered to capture the flag or attack the enemy then that is what you will do.  If you cannot set aside personal desires for glory then you're not what we're looking for.

That all being said...  Hi!  My name is Loafy23.  I'm the creator and leader of GPoW (plus webmaster.)  I'm a capable Tribes player... Not the best by any means but not the worst either.  :)  This page is here to give Tribes players a means of contacting GPoW for questions, membership, or whatever.  If you'd like to become a member then just drop me an email, send an ICQ message (see below,) or put "{GPoW}" in your Buddy list and catch up with us online in Tribes.

I've made the Tactics Bible a must read for GPoW members.  There's tons of good info in those pages and I think that it'll help us all become better players.  Even if you're not a member of this tribe the TB can really help you improve your strategy and skills for Tribes.

I'll be adding my own basic tactics for the base maps in Tribes soon.  This is my first real attempt at making a strategy guide for Tribes.  This is also a 'basic' strategy guide.  No deep secrets or anything like that.  Just the things that every Tribes player should know. Here's what I've gotten done so far:

Dangerous Crossing
Demo Recordings

Here's a couple recordings I made to help out my team mates but of course anyone can view them for tips on tactics.

After downloading the .ZIP file just unzip it and place the .REC file(s) in your X:\Dynamix\Tribes\Recordings folder, start Tribes, and view it as a DEMO.

Quick Base Kill using ELF Gun
How to Ski

Here's the reticle that I made and use.  A couple other members of GPoW use it also.  It was designed with the Chaingun weapon in mind as it has an aiming guide for that weapon integrated into the reticle.  The closer you are to an oponent the farther down and to the right the Chaingun bullets hit.

To use this reticle click on this image to download the file.  Once you have got the file make sure that Tribes is not running and then unzip and place the file "H_Reticle.BMP" in your \Dynamix\Tribes\Base folder.


I've included all the following HUDs (plus a few others) in a single zip file called with  instructions on installing some of them.  I've done this for the members of GPoW only.  This file is not intended as a replacement for the script writer's normal distribution channels.  I cannot stop you from DLing this file and if you want to that's up to you.  I will not support you in installing these scripts and I doubt that the original authors of the scripts will support you either because you did not go through their channels of distribution.  You can follow all the links below to get to the script author's pages.

Most serious Tribes players use a couple Scripts to help them out in Tribes.  Although I don't think that all scripts are fair to use, some of them are almost necessary.  One of the most popular script packs out there is PrestoPack.  In fact many other scripts require PrestoPack to be present because they use some of the features of this great pack in their own script.  Another pack that's needed for other scripts is Zear's NewOpts.  This addition allows for the changing of certain options in Tribes as well as add on scripts via the Options Menu in Tribes instead of having to edit the script files.  It is also required for certain scripts.

A HUD (Heads Up Display) is very helpful and one of the scripts that I think is necessary.  I and a couple other members of GPoW use MadHUD for PrestoPack. MadHUD lets you know the status of the flags, how many mines and grenades you're carrying, whether or not you have a healing kit, and many other things!

AmmoHUD by Rayn is another addition to my screen that's really helpful.  This script gives you a graphical display of how much ammo you have left for the currently selected weapon.  Another very useful script by Rayn is WarPoints.  This script has all the important waypoints for each of the base maps predefined so you can quickly set your waypoint with a hotkey.  You'll really appreciate this script if you're running around looking for the Repair Pack on a level that you're not too familiar with!  AmmoHUD and WarPoints require PrestoPack.

Crunchy's TeamSizeHUD is a nice addition to keep you aware of the size of each team so you'll know if you outnumber them by a large margin or vice versa.  This script requires the latest versions of  both PrestoPack and Zear's NewOpts to work correctly. 

Some very handy scripts that many people use and script writers often incorporate into their own are the Writer's Scripts.  Writer wrote these great scripts for his own use but since he's such a great guy he's made them all available to us!  I use his Repair Notification (am_repair.cs,) Thanks for Repair (am_thanks.cs,) Power Down Notification (am_power_down.cs,) and Weapon Auto Switch (ammo_check.cs) scripts to help me and my team out when playing Tribes.

Here's a look at my display.  The way I have it set up is what I consider to be the optimum use of the space needed for the HUDs and most functional.

(Click for a larger view)(Click for a larger view)
(Click for a larger view)

Current Team Members
To send a message to a member of GPoW either click on their name to send an email message or click on their ICQ UIN# to send a message right to their ICQ account.  You don't even have to have ICQ to do this!
Member Email and Web Address:
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Keslar Fox
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There are GPoW friendlies too!  These are players that aren't a part of our tribe but we consider them great assets to us on the battle field.  They're listed here so that we may recognize them for the great help that they are to us.


Hopefully someday these players will join our ranks as official GPoW members but until that day we just want everyone to know that we appreciate their help.

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