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This is a place of guinea pigs, RPGs, video games, fantasy and sci-fi books, lizards, music, Steve the Tape Ball (hopefully one of these days,) aquariums, fantasy miniatures, and much, much more. This is Loafy23's Homepages and I'm your host, Loafy23.  I have many diverse interests, some of which I've listed above and some that I'm probably going to add to this page in the future. I'd someday like to write a couple fantasy/scifi stories and get them published but I've never been able to finish a story to my satisfaction. I'm picky. Picky about everything that I do so every so ofter I get tired of the look of the pages and decided to re-create them.  All of  the graphics contained in these pages are my work.  You may use any of them for your (non-profit) pages as long as you credit myself with their creation and provide a link to my home page.  If you're looking for tiling backgrounds or break lines then check out my Freebies pages!

If you are interested in the Sony Playstation, check out my PSX pages. I've done quite a bit of work on it. Included in the PSX pages are overviews of each game, a couple of my reviews, FAQs, and helpful hints for getting the most out of your PSX.

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