The Inner Force

How I Can Explain Everything

The inner force
The force, power, inner energy... whatever you call it, is the cause of most paranormal phenomenons. It's the inner power of everything alive that controls everything. Some creatures have stronger force than others, and it depends much on the creature's intelligence. Therefore, intelligent people often have a strong force. Mostly, the force is used unknowingly. You want something, and you beleive strongly in it, and it happends. You don't try to "force" it to happend. It just happends. If you learn to control your force, you will surely get far in the world.

How To Control It
Place a candle in front of you, about two meters away. Concentrate on the candle. Try to extinguish it without blowing it out or touching it, just sit back and try to put it out. In most cases, this won't work. But with training and meditation, most people can do duch a simple trick. Now try the "Suggestion" trick. Concentrate on a person. Think intensly on something he shall do. Don't start with something big. Try to make people change the way they sit, scratch their noses and so on... It's easy. Then try the "Manipulate Animal" trick. Concentrate on a Dog/Cat. Make the animal come to you without gesturing or making sounds. Try not to look at it. If you can make this happend, onto the next one: Give your friend a blank sheet and a pen, and take one yourself too. Have him go into another room. Draw for 15 minutes, while concentrating on one another. Your drawings should be fairly like. Try to communicate with each other using Telepathy! This is very difficult, but you can try. Then we also have Telekinesis, like the candle trick. Use the your mind to move things. Start with small things, and don't give up. Easy things are doors or light swiches.

Miracles/Healing/Church Mass Suggestion

I have an easy answer to this. A paralyzed person stands up in the church. "I can walk... I can walk....!" Of course he can walk. His locomotion is driven by all the other people in the church who beleives that "Jesus" can make him move. The saddest thing is that when the guy leaves the church, he can't walk no more. There is no force to make him do it. A Healer is a man/woman with a strong force. They use a special kind of Psychokinesis to repair damaged tissue like doctors.

Oh, the confused teenager syndrome (CTS), is a result of when a person (most often a confused teenager), with strong force can't control it. Energy flows freely from the persons body and causes mysterious things to happend.


The moment I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along

People who have been together in past lives often meet in future lives. A Reunion between a Man and a Woman who loved each other a lot in a past life, is common. People who are related also do. Brothers and sisters, for examples. The telepathic link between persons who are related is much stronger than the link between unrelated people. There is even stories about Gay lovers who was reincarnated to become man and wife in their next incarnation. Twins have exeptionally strong links. In experiments where twins have been separated, they usually develop in the same way. They have the same hair style, likes the same movies and music, but they have never met. They are usually good at the same things, and bad at the same things too. You often sense that something is wrong before you hear that your Grandfather just died. It's this strange feeling in the back of the neck, a tingeling sensation that something is amiss. An example of this is a pair of twins in the US. They were put into different classes at school, and at the exam, they sat in different rooms. The papers from the exam from the two kids were exact copies, except from the different forenames at the top. They were separated when they reached the age of 20, but when they met each other again at the age of 40 they found a lot of similarities:
-Their wives had the same names, and was born in the same year and astrological sign
-They both had the same type of dog, the same age, the same gender, the same colouring, the same name, but one of the dogs had no tail.
-They both had three children, two whom where twins boys, born at the same day. They named the twins after themselves. The third offspring was a girl, born three days after one another, and the first was named Geena, and the other Gina.
-They both had the same jobs, they're wives too, and they died at the same day, at the age of 73, 2000 miles away from the other.

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