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It's not the end, just a new beginning

For those who would stand against the weight of a universe to rise but one step further into the horizon...

The world is constantly changing. Sometimes to the better, sometimes to the worse. But today, the world changes more than it has ever done, and I'm waiting. Waiting for the end. All the prophecies has piled up in one tiny year: 1999.

Know The End Is Coming
Heed This Sign...
By The Morning Star
The Four Horsemen Ride...

The Prophecies of Nostradamus.

The Prophecies of Edgar Cayce.

Prophecies from the Bible.

Other Prophecies on the following years.

The Fall Of Civilization

I'm sorry if you misunderstand me here. I don't beleive in a total Armageddon where the planet is cleansed for life and cracks up into tiny pieces. I'd rather call it a new beginning, where the world as we know it is destroyed. Anarchy will rule, as those who survive the natural cathastrophes struggle to rebuild the old world. A lot of people will die, I'll say about 3/4 of the earths population (We are too many here anyway). If you've got dreams, visions, or know something i havnen't written here, please mail me, and I will publish it on the page if I find it interesting.

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