The Lost Worlds of our Mysterious Past.

Just legends, or are the tales true?

The Pyramids

Few things are more fascinating than the Egyotian Pyramids, and the mummies they once contained. The largest pyramids, and in many ways the most mysterious, are those which stand in El Giza in northern Egypt. They were built for the pharaos in the fourth dynasty. The pyramids of El Giza are about 4500 years old. The largest of all the pyramids were built for the pharao Khufu. The size of this pyramid is almost unbeleivable, but that isn't the only impressing thing about it. The measurements are amazingly correct. The lenght of each side doesn't vary more than 8 inches. Even more impressinve is that this large pyramid is placed on a line running straightly from north to south. This line doesn't break more than 0.08 degrees. To place so many large stone blocks upon each other so accurate, you must be a unbeleivable good engineer. The early pharaos, including Khufu, was looked upon as Gods. Everything Pharao said, was law. They beleived that when a pharao died, his spirit, known as the ka live on. Ka needed all the goods the pharao had been used to while he was alive. Ka also demanded that they kept his dead body in condition. Thats why the egyptians laid those marvelous things in the graves of their kings, and thats why they balmed their bodies and made mummies of them. To protect the graves the priests cursed the graves, so that anyone trying to disturb their king would die.

Tut-Ankh-Amon's Curse.

In 1923 the grave of pharao Tut-Ankh-Amon was discovered. The grave ose the first grave which were untouched by grave robbers. "The wings of death fall upon everyone who disturbs the peace of pharao," was written inside the pyramid. A few weeks later, Lord Caernarvon, who had sponsored the expedition of a mysterious fever. By the end of the next two months, twenty men, who all was in on the expedition, were dead. The Chest, who was transported to the temple of Amon Ra, also have it's story. The Historian Douglas Murray bought the chest in Egypt, and shortly afterwards Murray lost his arm in an accident, while the two he travelled with died. Murray decided to sell the chest, and got someone to photograph it. On one of the photographs there was, instesd of the mummy chest, see the face of a real woman. A few days later, the photograph died. Murray decided to give the church to British museum. The chest was carried into the museum by two carry-men, and a day later one of them broke his leg, and the other died in a traffic accident. Everything ended when ther called a Exorcist to remove the spirits. After that there was no more trouble with the mummy-chest.

The continent of Mu

Early in the 1920's, the american James Churchward made a Indian Priest open a sacret chest. Inside the chest there were small, flat stones covered by strange signs. When Churchward translated the signs, he understood that he finally had proof that the Continent of Mu really had existed, and he wrote an entire book about what he found out about Mu. According to Churchward, Mu was destroyed by hurricanes and earthquakes 13000 years ago. Unfortunately, only Churchward and the Indian priest have seen these stones. Even if they really existed, many wondered how he had managed to translate the stones so quickly as he did. Churchward is far from being the only one who has beleived that there has been an ancient continent in the middle of the pacific. Many of the earlier world maps had a large continent in the middle of the pacific included. The european explorers in the 14th and 15th century was surpised that they found no land like this on their way across the pacific. But the thought of the continent interested a lot of people, and they continued looking for it.

The lost isle of Atlantis

Atlantis are the most famous of all the lost continents. The greek philosopher Plato was the first known to write about this great land. It was positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 12000 years ago. Plato described it as a paradise where all the people were wise, just, and good craftsmen. The cities were well built and well organized, and the area around it was beautiful. Then, in one day and one night, the catastrophy was upon them. A terrible storm caused Tornadoes and massive tidal waves. Atlantis sank into the ocean. This tale has given rise to books, poems, movies and paintings, but are there any truth in the tale?. Or was Atlantis just the dream of a world free from evil? Plato said that his descriptions was wriiten from old egiptian writings. But noone has ever found these..... the only thing we know is that the egyptian who translated the writings for Plato really existed. Since then, many explorers have been looking for the lost continent. They say they have found it in the Atlantic, The Mediterrean, and even in the Pacific. There is a lot of kelp in the Sargasso-sea, and that is something you often find on shallow water. Many thinks that this is a sign that Atlantis will rise again here. The english philosopher Francis Bacon, who lived in the 16th century, thought that Northern America was Atlantis. Olof Rudbeck, also in the 16th century, thought that Atlantis was Sweden, where he lived. (I've never blamed Swedes for being smart...). In the 17th Century an English officer in India said that the british isles was the remainder of Atlantis. But neither of these boogers had any proofs on their theories. In the 1930', the american psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the western part of Atlantis would rise near the Bahamas in 1968 or 1969. Strangely enough, they found some strange underwater rock formations in 1968 near Bimini, on of the Bahamas islands. Some of them looked like ruined buildings. The Divers also discovered a road that was 1 kilometer long (0.7 miles), made by large squared rock blocks. An explanation on this road is that this kind of rocks makes such formations. Others says that the blocks in the start of the road is not like the rocks that are found further below. It hs been found lots of strange things in this part of the Atlantic. Everything from undersea pyramids, just like those in egypt, to circles of large rocks just like Stonehenge in England. They have found a long stairway on the coast of Puerto Rico, And the russians has found many buildings outside the northern coast of Cuba. But even if this are the rests of Atlantis, why did everything disappear that fast? Plato wrote that Atlantis would be destroyed in the course of a day because of a grate storm. Scientists have said thate it takes millions of years for a continent like Atlantis to sink down into the waves, or rise again. They say that it is unbeleivable that Atlantis disappeared that fast, or that it should rise again today... But those who beleive in the theories of Atlantis, points to natural catastropes like a gigantic meteor from space or massive earthquakes or volcanoes. Has Atlantis sunk down because of this?

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