Are these animals Monsters?

Aren't we worse?

Ever since mankind made their first boat, they have reported about monsters in the sea...

The Kraken

Nordic fables mentions an animal called Kraken, which was a kind of giant octopi big enough to sink fishing vessels. In 1873, a Kraken attacked a fishing boat outside Newfoundland. The two fishermen on board saw something that resembled a large kelp ball, and became terrified when they saw that it had an eye. It looked like a giant octopus. It Grappled around the ship with it's arms, but the fishermen chopped off one of them, and the wounded Kraken escaped. It left an arm that was 20 feet long. Experts tells that this arm must come from an animal at least 70 feet long. But this is no monster. this is just a big octopus. Nothing strange about that.

The Sea Serpent

The Sea Serpent is maybe the most famous unrecorded animal. In 1848 the sailors aboard the english Galleon Daedalus saw a strange creature when the boat rounded Cape Town. Captain Peter McQuhae said that it was a 70 feet long sea serpent. It swam beside the ship for about 20 minutes. The head was about a meter over the surfacem and it's jaws was big enough to eat a man in one bite. In 1965 the belgian zoologist Bernard Hevelmanns started a broad examination of sea serpents. He read 587 descriptions from 1936 and to 1964, and found out that 358 of the descriptions were true. He split the sea serpent into 9 species. Are there more?.... The sea serpent is a big snake or eel, and it's nothing strange about it.


Nessie. The large sea serpent of Loch Ness. A plesiosaur, a sea living dinosaur from the Jurrassic age, surviving in it's Highland lake, eating fish and other animals down there. Nothing strange about that....

Homo Yetius

The Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or as i'll say: Repulsive Snowman.(yeah). This is a big monkey or humanoid, covered by fur living in the mountains all over the world. Some of those are fictions, but others seem to be true. In Tibet the last of the Neanderthals is trying to survive, and therefore, they act like dangerous beasts. Nothing strange about that.

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