Terry Goodkind
Author of the series The Sword of Truth

Welcome to my humble little Terry Goodkind page. Although is now relatively small and unknown, I hope to make it bigger and better until, well, who knows. There are various things to do here, so browse and enjoy! The New Contest!! -- Try out the new contest! Who knows? You might even win!!
Summaries -- In light of my recent re-reads, I have decided to right some summaries of the stories for those who feel in need of a refresher. Warning: They do contain spoilers.
THE FIRST STORY IS IN!!! Followthis link to check it out!!! User Fiction -- I hope to have some, if I get some users. Feel free to submit them to me at fraser103@hotmail.com
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Dec 31st: Added Predictions section
Dec 30th: Page created. ;-D
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