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Defiant (34K)


Reg. NX-74205. The Defiant is the newest member of DS9's star ships and runabouts. With a cloaking device rented from the Romulans, warp capability and a strong arsenal of phaser banks and photon torpedoes this ship is a formidable weapon against enemies. Also included on the Defiant is a new type of armor that was built to withstand minor phaser hits when the shields are down. Built by the federation as a warship against the Dominion and as a all-around reconnaissance scout it is the first of its class.
There had also been a previous Defiant reg. NCC-1764 Constitution class star-ship that was seen in "The Tholian Web [TOS]"
Enterprise D at DS9 (29K)

Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine is an old Cardassian mining station built in 2351 in orbit around the planet Bajor. Abandoning the station in 2369 the Cardassians retreated from the station giving control back to Bajor. At the request of the Bajoran provisional government Starfleet then assumed control over the station.

Located in the Alpha Quadrant, the station became of great scientific and commercial importance when an artificially created wormhole was discovered in 2369 by Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax. This wormhole enabled many passengers and commercial vessels to explore the Gamma Quadrant.

Starfleet officer Benjamin Sisko played by Avery Brooks was placed in charge of the station and his staff includes: Trill Science Officer Jadzia Dax played by Terry Farrell, shape shifting Security Officer Odo played by Rene Auberjonois, Chief Of Operations Miles O'Brien played by Colm Meaney, Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir played by Alexander Siddig, Bajoran liaison Kira Nerys played by Nana Visitorand the newest member Lt. Commander Worf played by Michael Dorn .

Major structures include: the docking ring; large outermost ring capable of docking 12 ships, the three docking towers; each capable of docking two ships, and the habitat ring; the large inner ring surrounding the central core in which about 300 permanent residents reside. The promenade has a variety of shops, and service facilities including Quark's bar, a Bajoran temple, the Infirmary, Garak's clothing store and the replimat.

The Bajoran Wormhole

The Bajoran Wormhole is an artificially created wormhole located in the Denoras Belt of the Bajoran Star system. It was discovered in 2369 by Ben Sisko and Jadzia Dax. Exploring the interior of the wormhole, the two officers came in contact with the aliens who inhabited it. They were able to negotiate a stable treaty between the two species which allowed use of the wormhole to anyone who wished it. It remains of extreme importance because of its ability to allow stable passage to the Gamma Quadrant.

The Celestial Temple is of great importance to the religious life of a Bajoran. It is home to the prophets who send the Orbs to teach the people of Bajor how to lead their lives. To some Bajorans, the wormhole itself is regarded as the Celestial Temple and therefore sacred. So sacred in fact that many Bajorans regard Sisko, the discoverer of the wormhole, as an Emissary to their people from the Prophets.

Gamma Quadrant

Until the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole in 2369 the Gamma Quadrant remained relativly unexplored. The Gamma Quadrant, one of the four quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy, was first explored in the 22nd century by the Quadros-1 probe. Once the Bajoran wormhole was discovered a fast pathway was established to the Gamma Quadrant from DS9 linking the Alpha Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant together. Exploration of the Gamma Quadrant has brought about many changes to the Federation. New alien race both hostile and friendly have been discovered. A new market for trading has also been established. The newly explored Quadrant will continue to reveal secrets such as the Sword of Kahless and other strange alien beings .

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