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Filename Speaker Description Size KB
airlock background airlock 175
alert background alarm w/ loss of power 96
ngngroom background alarm? trill 11
holoapp background appearance of holographic projection 28
ds9com background attention beep 8
voycom background attention beep 13
Bkgrnd1 background background Enterprise 170
Bkgrnd3 background background Enterprise 96
Bkgrnd2 background background Enterprise w/ ping 125
fire background bay door (alert similar) 5
alrwarn background bay door alert (similar) 14
c704 background bay door alert (similar) 25
comdoor background beep sequence then door open 59
openchan background beep sequence then opening channel 48
Blast1 background blast 46
borghum background borg attachment whirring 90
boswhste background boswain whistle 73
carefire background caretaker energy pulses 107
com background comm badge 13
Comm_Badge background comm badge 53
ngcom2 background comm badge 12
Tapcomm background comm badge 14
tng_comm background comm badge 17
commdud background commbadge 7
Comcatr1 background communicator badge pressed 19
beep1 background communicator opening 10
compbeep background computer acknowledge beep 15
access2 background computer sound 7
ambridg1 background computer sound 40
ambridg2 background computer sound 38
ambridg3 background computer sound 29
badinput background computer sound 7
Beep background computer sound 6
beep2 background computer sound 7
beep3 background computer sound 1
beep4 background computer sound 1
beep5 background computer sound 6
beep7 background computer sound 10
beep8 background computer sound 6
Bleep background computer sound 34
Bloop background computer sound 10
Bloop2 background computer sound 18
boop background computer sound 4
Button background computer sound 9
C112 background computer sound 19
closcomm background computer sound 11
command background computer sound 11
commfx background computer sound 92
comp-g background computer sound 37
comp-h background computer sound 50
comp-i background computer sound 14
comp-j background computer sound 9
comp-k background computer sound 20
comp-l background computer sound 13
comp-m background computer sound 14
Comp1 background computer sound 21
Comp10 background computer sound 51
Comp11 background computer sound 22
Comp12 background computer sound 35
Comp13 background computer sound 18
Comp14 background computer sound 29
Comp15 background computer sound 14
Comp16 background computer sound 19
Comp2 background computer sound 18
Comp2-1 background computer sound 23
Comp2-10 background computer sound 19
Comp2-11 background computer sound 15
Comp2-12 background computer sound 49
Comp2-13 background computer sound 23
Comp2-14 background computer sound 17
Comp2-15 background computer sound 14
Comp2-16 background computer sound 47
Comp2-2 background computer sound 12
Comp2-3 background computer sound 97
Comp2-4 background computer sound 54
Comp2-5 background computer sound 40
Comp2-6 background computer sound 22
Comp2-7 background computer sound 48
Comp2-8 background computer sound 20
Comp2-9 background computer sound 14
Comp3 background computer sound 20
Comp4 background computer sound 13
Comp5 background computer sound 20
Comp6 background computer sound 28
Comp7 background computer sound 26
Comp8 background computer sound 56
Comp9 background computer sound 105
compfx1 background computer sound 19
Compon background computer sound 19
Compon2 background computer sound 28
Compon3 background computer sound 28
compsnd2 background computer sound 20
compsnd3 background computer sound 12
COMPUT10 background computer sound 8
COMPUTE5 background computer sound 8
COMPUTE9 background computer sound 13
computer4 background computer sound 22
computer5 background computer sound 73
computer7 background computer sound 13
engcmpon background computer sound 30
engscrol background computer sound 20
error1 background computer sound 6
Falure background computer sound 9
Hail2 background computer sound 40
Hready background computer sound 20
Joint background computer sound 136
lcarbeep background computer sound 28
listing background computer sound 26
Mute background computer sound 9
Mute2 background computer sound 17
ngambrdg background computer sound 21
ngcalc background computer sound 53
ngcompls background computer sound 77
nghail background computer sound 18
ngholoco background computer sound 38
ngldbell background computer sound 35
ngsci3 background computer sound 26
Onscreen background computer sound 18
Playback background computer sound 141
Shldup background computer sound 20
stall background computer sound 9
voff background computer sound 14
voff2 background computer sound 24
voff3 background computer sound 34
voff4 background computer sound 46
von2 background computer sound 37
von4 background computer sound 26
voyhail background computer sound 26
walloff background computer sound 27
wallon background computer sound 24
deftorp background Defiant firing torpedoes 30
ds9torp background Defiant firing torpedoes 60
disrupt background disrupter noise 40
holodisp background dissapearance of holographic projection 22
dkclplck background docking clamp locking 21
dkclprel background docking clamp releasing 14
ngdoor5 background door 32
door background door chime 8
Door_Chime background door chime 91
ngdbell background door chime 19
Doors background door close 11
voydoorc background door close 23
doorslid background door open 21
voydooro background door open 19
doors1 background door open close 92
ds9doors background door open close 118
ds9phots background DS9 firing photon torpedoes 64
ds9lift background elevator 49
engalrt background engineering alarm? 21
Pwrdown2 background Enterprise powering down 123
Pwrdown background Enterprise powering down different 78
Restart background Enterprise powering up 102
Comp3 background error 20
Restrain background force field sound 121
Turbseq background get in turbolift then start moving 190
graviton background gravaton beam 103
incohail background hail 14
ngsci2 background hail 26
Chanopen background hail or channel open 17
Hfreqsnd background hailing freq. open sound 17
orbvis background heartbeatduring orb vision 89
c702 background holodeck door 40
hypspray background hypospray 57
Iconia1 background Iconian computer? 259
Iconia2 background Iconian computer? 57
voymanim background impulse engine? 52
wormhole background inside wormhole? 98
Genqtrs background intership Hail 45
jhalert background Jem Hadar alert 16
jhprisdr background Jem Hadar prision door 40
klsensor background klingon sensor 222
Klingon_Sensor background klingon sensor noise? 193
transpt1 background materilization 133
openingdoor background opening drawer or case 158
orbopen background orb opening 53
orbapp background orb sound 17
vyphaser background phaser blast 83
Forcefld background phaser hitting forcefield 78
Phasers1 background phasers impacting planet? 109
Photons1 background photon launch, screaming past, explosion 98
Launsnd background photon torpedo launch sound 17
cmptr-pwrdown background powerdown 28
drop2imp background powerloss 188
dropimp2 background powerloss 78
cmptr-pwrup background powerup 26
qeffect background Q flash 10
qzap background Q flash 14
e_torpedos background quantum torpedoes 195
alert background red alert 12
redalert background red alert 88
Redasnd1 background red alert 27
red background red alert x2 38
klaxon2 background red alert x3 60
Bluealrt background red alert? 15
replic background replicator 55
replicat2 background replicator 40
Replicat background replicator sound 89
Rocket_Decloaking background rocket decloaking? 690
romdeclk background romulans decloaking 171
ralaunch background runabout launch 215
ralnchpd background runabout launch pad 311
runabrep background runabout replicator 52
secalarm background security alarm 34
Shldup2 background shield? transporter? 22
Flyby background ship flyby 65
statbeep background single beep 19
ngq background slow Q 78
ngsmalrm background small alarm 36
Powrloss background small console powering down 68
Pwrup background small console powering up 72
ngturbo background small power up 64
ngnav background soft beeping alarm 65
defback background soft intermittanat beeping 32
Comcatr2 background softer badge press 13
Stb background standard background 36
Turbseq2 background start moving in turbolift then out 160
Brokncom background static over a bad comm channel 132
bleep background string of bleeps 25
ngswish background swish like Q 27
Shutdown background system powerdown 116
Commbrk background theme before commercial 105
Sttng background theme song 15
Sttng background theme song 4234
deftract background tractor beam sound 42
Tractor1 background tractor beam sound 169
tranupv background transport appear 40
tranup background transport up 82
c705 background transporter 53
c709 background transporter 138
ngmater background transporter 138
transpr background transporter 31
transpr2 background transporter 29
transprt background transporter 66
xporter2 background transporter 126
xptr3 background transporter 140
Beamin2 background transporter beamin 127
Beamout background transporter beamout 181
ds9tran background transporter? 99
Turblift background turbolift 18
Turbdoor background turbolift door opening 37
Turbbeep background turbolift noise 12
forcefld background two beeps then forcfield 31
c706 background warp sound 222
zoom2 background warp weird 87
Warp2 background warp wierd 222
Warp background Warp? 50
zoom1 background weapon? 57
Borg4 Borg "Captain Jean Luc Picard you lead the strongest ship of the Federation fleet. You speak for your people." 56
Borg8 Borg "Death is irrelevant" 11
Borg7 Borg "Freedom is irrelevant self determination is irrelevant you must comply." 42
Borg1 Borg "If you do not cooperate we will destroy your ship" 26
Borg0 Borg "Jean Luc Picard captain of the starship Enterprise registry NCC1701-D you will lower your shields and prepare to transport yourself aboard our vessel. 87
Borg5 Borg "Strength is irrelevant, resistance is futile" 26
Borg6 Borg "We wish to improve ourselves we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours." 79
Borg2 Borg "You will surrender yourself or we will destroy your ship" 23
Borg9 Borg "Your arcaic cultures are authority driven. To facilitate our introduction into your societies it has been decided that a human voice will speak for us in all communications. You have been chosen to be that voice" 102
Borg3 Borg "Your defensive capabilities are unable to withstand...." 22
chosen Borg & Picard 1"Captain Jean Luc Picard you lead the strongest ship of the Federation fleet. You speak for your people. -"I have nothing to say to you. And I will resist you with my last ounce of strength" -"Strength is irrelevant, resistance is futile." 585
chosen Borg & Picard 2"We wish to improve ourselves we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours." -" Impossible. My culture is based on freedom and self determination"
chosen Borg & Picard 3"Freedom is irrelevant self determination is irrelevant you must comply" -"We would rather die" -"Death is irrelevant.
chosen Borg & Picard 4"Your arcaic cultures are authority driven. To facilitate our introduction into your societies it has been decided that a human voice will speak for us in all communications. You have been chosen to be that voice"
st1life Computer "1 life form present" 26
c027 Computer "A temporary loss of stability resulting from the impact of a concentrated plasma charge" 61
acdenied Computer "Access denied" 22
COMPUTER-Access Denied Computer "Access denied" 22
denied Computer "Access denied" 23
clearonl Computer "Access denied. Restricted materials du'kocha clearance only." 84
levelone Computer "Access restricted to level one security clearance" 61
accbridl Computer "Accessing bridge logs" 22
accfile Computer "Accessing file" 86
acsng Computer "Accessing" 8
acknow Computer "Acknowledged" 30
Affmativ Computer "Affirmative" 46
afrmtve Computer "Affirmative" 20
COMPUTER-Affirmative Computer "Affirmative" 31
commsusp Computer "All command functions suspended" 31
c018 Computer "All enterprise personnel except the captian and first officer have been evacuated" 45
escpodsl Computer "All escape pods were launched at 2100 hours" 58
allnesc Computer "All necessary modifications have been completed" 49
actsecch Computer "Alpha four seven authorization required to activate security channel" 83
analysis Computer "Analysis complete" 24
cmptr-analysis-verified Computer "Analysis verified" 9
warpdiag Computer "Antimatter containment positive warpdrive within normal parameters 81
authacc Computer "Authorization accepted" 28
COMPUTER-Authorization Acknowledged Computer "Authorization Acknowledged" 51
authorization Computer "Authorization denied" 19
autoemh Computer "Auto-initiation of the EMH program occured when a shipwide red alert was initiated" 101
dstruct Computer "Auto destruct sequence armed" 29
COMPUTER-Auto shutdown in progress Computer "Auto shutdown in progress. Defensive systems off-line" 108
shutmin Computer "Auto shutdown sequence in progress primary power offline in one minute" 114
autoshut Computer "Auto shutdown sequence in progress" 30
defense Computer "Automatic defense procedures initiated" 47
awaitaut Computer "Awaiting authorization" 26
janenot Computer "Captian Janeway is not onboard the ship" 40
verified Computer "Command codes verified" 47
functions Computer "Command functions are offline" 25
commrest Computer "Command functions restored" 29
commoff Computer "Communications offline" 29
complete Computer "Complete" 8
standby Computer "Computer standing by" 15
compodo Computer "Computer to Security Chief Odo. Please acknowledge" 63
cnfirmed Computer "Confirmed" 12
c019 Computer "Coordinates 4159.26 by 81921 by 312 heading 233 mark 45" 94
crselaid Computer "Course laid in" 17
Danger2 Computer "Danger, approaching safty limits of engine containment field" 37
c028 Computer "Data interpolation is complete" 32
C115 Computer "Deactivation complete" 29
alphatwo Computer "Deactivation of command function overrides requires alpha two clearance" 82
lifsupte Computer "Deck one life support has been terminated" 62
cmptr-DecompressionDanger Computer "Decompression danger deck 36 section 4" 23
COMPUTER-Define parameters of program Computer "Define parameters of program" 62
fileconf Computer "Diagnostic complete all files conform to specified parameters except those contained in protected memory" 135
diagcom Computer "Diagnostic complete. Sensors are functioning normally." 69
diagnost Computer "Diagnostic cycle will be complete in 20 sec." 49
diagnost Computer "Diagnostic underway" 29
dirunclr Computer "Direction unclear. Please repeat request" 68
do_you_wish_to_input_any_c Computer "Do you wish to input any commands?" 22
definop Computer "Electroshields inoperative" 32
emergency_power_engaged Computer "Emergency power engaged" 29
locatkim Computer "Ensign Kim is not onboard" 33
entauthc Computer "Enter authorization code" 34
entprog Computer "Enter program" 34
enterwhn Computer "Enter when ready" 52
10secs Computer "Evacuate bridge. Deck 1 life support falure in 10sec." 80
20secs Computer "Evacuate bridge. Deck 1 life support falure in 20sec." 85
c037 Computer "Evacuate bridge. Deck 1 life support falure in 30sec." 64
executed Computer "Executed" 12
excomovr Computer "Executing command override" 31
feedzero Computer "Feedback reading is zero" 29
fentol Computer "Field energy now within flight tolerances" 52
filesrec Computer "Files recovered" 18
classcom Computer "Hello, I'm the classroom computer system what can I do for you today" 73
helmact Computer "Helm control activated" 29
COMPUTER-Holodeck 3 program is ready Computer "Holodeck 3 program is ready" 47
Hdeckdor Computer "Holodeck 3 program is ready" door open & close 244
idenconf Computer "Identification confirmed" 31
offlogin Computer "Identify which officers logs are to be included" 57
classsor Computer "I'm sorry but I can't do that" 41
incoming Computer "Incoming subspace signal" 35
initdata Computer "Initializing database" 45
update Computer "Initiating update" 13
cmmdfunc Computer "Inqueries regarding command functions are no longer accepted form you present position" 38
insdata Computer "Insufficent data" 21
C105 Computer "Interface complete" 27
intlkest Computer "Interlock established" 25
nocrewm Computer "Internal scans indicate no crewmembers are onboard" 64
intalt8 Computer "Intruder alert on deck eight" 34
liboffl Computer "Library computer is temporararly offline" 52
c012 Computer "Link established" 11
linkest Computer "Link established" 34
Lockcomp Computer "Lockon complete" 56
logcompl Computer "Lockon complete" 23
logsacc Computer "Logs accessed" 15
locdata Computer "Lt. Commander Data now located in holodeck area 4J" 97
moncltp Computer "Monitor is cleared for Lt. Thomas Paris only" 58
neglife Computer "Negative carbon. Negative known life components. Substance inorganic. (Data: MM MM recheck analysis please) Rechecking, analysis verified. " 248
Negative Computer "Negative" 33
negative Computer "Negative" 22
Negative2 Computer "Negative" 9
noparam Computer "No further entries conforming to search parameters" 64
noholosb Computer "No holographic systems exist in sickbay" 48
No_temporal_anomolies Computer "No temporal anomolies have been reported" 23
C116 Computer "Now establishing data link" 34
COMPUTER-One minute til Auto Destruct Computer "One minute till Auto Destruct" 57
c030 Computer "Persuing vessel approaching from 181mark 12" 38
picard Computer "Picard command codes are no longer valid" 27
abort Computer "Please abort and retry" 36
entsecve Computer "Please enter security verification" 40
accdefia Computer "Please identify for access to USS Defiant" 65
COMPUTER-Please input command codes Computer "Please input command codes" 55
C120 Computer "Please restate a single question" 98
restate Computer "Please restate a single question" 47
plsrecom Computer "Please restate command" 28
proceed Computer "Please specify how you would like to proceed sir" 59
specify Computer "Please specify how you would like to proceed sir" 59
shut30sc Computer "Primary power offline in 30 seconds" 67
priora2 Computer "Priority clearance recognition alpha two" 49
priority Computer "Priority one broad-band distress signal" 59
c038 Computer "Priority one message from starfleet coming in on secure channel" 192
c026 Computer "Priority one, broadband distress signal" 31
opinion Computer "Procedure is not reccommended (Obrien: Dammit I didn't ask for its opinion)" 29
notrcom Computer "Procedure is not recommended consult Cardassian operational guidelines paragraph 254A now on screen 84
notrecom Computer "Procedure is not recommended" 31
proceed Computer "Proceed" 11
c031 Computer "Processing long range sensors. Stand by. 45
c021 Computer "Processing...standby" 32
C103 Computer "Program complete" 25
Progcomp Computer "Program complete" 22
COMPUTER-Program complete, enter when ready Computer "Program complete, enter when ready" 63
sisko197 Computer "Program Sisko 197 ready for implementation on your command" 84
ready Computer "Ready" 6
c029 Computer "Receptants open. Control relays activated" 31
recept Computer "Receptors open. Control relays activated" 63
recog Computer "Recognize Picard, Jean Luc, Captian. Recognize Riker, William T. Commander" 149
emerstat Computer "Red alert, take emergency stations" 55
c035 Computer "Requested function will require 2 hours to complete" 34
reqfunc Computer "Requested function will require two hours to complete" 59
c004 Computer "Requested sub-program is a series of bi-directional data transfer and monitoring commands" 66
retrdata Computer "Retrieving data" 21
runanal Computer "Running analysis" 20
scancomp Computer "Scan complete" 21
scancomp Computer "Scan complete" 21
searchin Computer "Searching" 9
security_clearance_accepted Computer "Security authorization accepted" 23
secauth Computer "Security authorization required" 56
security_level_3_or_above Computer "Security clearance level 3 or above is required to access files" 47
sealsplc Computer "Security seals in place" 34
destterm Computer "Self destruct sequence has been terminatied" 45
seqcanc Computer "Sequence cancelled" 25
shutbay Computer "Shuttle bay 3 forcefield activated" 56
notexist Computer "Specified program does not exist" 42
seccldel Computer "Specified security clearance, deleted" 56
stability Computer "Stability loss was due to a impact by a subspace interface pocket" 43
nacelle Computer "Starboard nacelle nonfunctional. Maximum available power 50% 53
strucbrh Computer "Structural integrity breech on deck 6, deck 7 and deck 12" 83
C118 Computer "Systems online" 54
infclass Computer "That information is classified" 38
c017 Computer "That information is not available" 71
that_information_is_not_av Computer "That information is not available" 20
Thatisco Computer "That is correct" 38
C110 Computer "That is not a valid question" 21
inuse Computer "That program is already in use" 34
nocptin Computer "The Captian is not on the ship" 18
cmolwzim Computer "The Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Voyager is Dr. Louis Zimmerman" 78
classent Computer "The enterprise is a galaxy class starship. Do you know how to spell 'enterprise'?" 109
holoend Computer "The holodeck simulation has ended" 40
holoform Computer "The holomatrix has been formatted" 37
progrein Computer "The program has been re-initiated" 42
shiprest Computer "The ship is restriced to emergency power and auxillularly systems only" 78
0500h Computer "The time is 0500 hours" 52
nohuman Computer "There are no humanoid life-forms aboard this vessel" 50
spregno Computer "There have been five federation ships with that name please specify by registry number" 104
code47 Computer "This is an emergency communicae it is not to be discussed with fellow officers unless deemed absolutly necessary there will be no computer record of said transmission" 302
notare~1 Computer "This terminal is not a replicator" 45
C113 Computer "Transfer complete" 47
trans_co Computer "Transfer complete" 47
comptran Computer "Transfer complete. USS Enterprise now under command of captian Edward Jellico." 65
cmptran2 Computer "Transfer complete. USS Enterprise now under command of captian Jean Luc Picard." 62
C114 Computer "Transfer of data is complete" 63
transcmp Computer "Transport complete" 12
unabcomp Computer "Unable to complete requested function" 41
c001 Computer "Unable to complete requested function. Please abort and retry" 52
intdam Computer "Unable to comply internal scanner relays have been damaged" 80
notfile Computer "Unable to comply requested program is not on file" 67
Comply Computer "Unable to comply" 44
scanner Computer "Unable to comply. Internal scanner relays have been damaged" 190
vcecanc Computer "Unable to respond all starfleet voice access has been canceled" 97
datahon Computer "Verify. Lt. commander Data current assignment USS Enterprise Starfleet command decoration for valor and gallantry, medal of honor with clusters, legion of honor, the star cross" 359
vessappl Computer "Vessel approacing from the planet surface" 42
compship Computer "Warning diabling lateral EPS Relays may disrupt computer functions throught the ship" 79
c025 Computer "Warning fires have been detected no decks 12 and 15 sections A4-C18" 64
warning_impuls_system_over Computer "Warning impulse system overload auto shutdown in 12 sec." 47
warning1 Computer "Warning outer hull breach" 26
warning_radiation_level_at Computer "Warning radiation at 70mrad/min and rising" 49
c024 Computer "Warning self destruct sequence has been initiated. Warp core overload in 4:55. There will be no further audio warning." 119
sscol60s Computer "Warning subspace field collapse in 60 seconds" 66
warpfrac Computer "Warning warpcore microfracture, breech immenent" 65
C123 Computer "Warning" 12
inoperat Computer "Warning, hull breech on deck one. Emergency forcefields inoperative" 89
failure2 Computer "Warning, innerhull falure imminent on decks 23, 24 and 25 decompression danger." 86
overload Computer "Warning, input overload" 98
breach Computer "Warning, outer hull breach" 25
outerhullbreach Computer "Warning, outer hull breech" 25
initiate Computer "Warning, self destruct sequence has been initiated. Warpcore overload in 4min 55sec, there will be no further audio warning" 207
shpene17 Computer "Warning, shield penetration 17 percent" 80
warpcoll Computer "Warning, warp core collapse in 10 seconds" 69
Coolinte Computer "Warning, warp reactor core primary coolant falure" 28
termlimt Computer "Warning. Exceeding reaction chamber thermal limit" 39
warpoff Computer "Warpcore is offline" 28
weapoff Computer "Weapons array offline" 29
C101 Computer "Working" 22
working Computer "Working. Affirmative" 49
classgam Computer "Would you like to play a game?" 25
zimmerman Computer "Zimmerman program alpha one is now complete" 164
hullint Computer Hull integrity now compromised on decks three through fifteen" 71
Anlverif Computer "Analysis verified" 47
CMPTR-10 seconds til Auto-Destruct Computer 2 "10 seconds till Auto-Destruct" 32
Auto-des Computer 2 "Auto-destruct will detonate in 4:59" 35
auto_destruct_canceled Computer 2 "Auto destruct canceled" 20
COMPUTER-Requested function will take two hours to complete Computer 2? "Requested function will require two hours to complete" 26
Inputovr Computer 2? "Warning, input overload" 108
Crushcom Crusher "Come" 13
Inmyopn Crusher & Picard "In my opinion you are no longer physically able to command this vessel" - "That is ridiculous doctor" 124
DATA-Accessing Data "Accessing" 6
Shutlog Data "According to the shuttle log the Enterprise was destroyed 3 hours 19 minutes from now" 132
Access Data "Ah I have access" 47
systmsnr Data "All systems are normal sir" 11
sysshtdn Data "All systems are shutdown" 13
idea Data "An eccelent idea sir" 23
Computer Data "Computer" 10
Identify Data "Computer, identify please" 66
complsd Data "Execute complete shutdown" 17
Bustedup Data "I busted him up" 24
Storage Data "I have an ultimate storage capacity of eight-hundred quadrillion bits, my total linear computational speed has been rated at sixty trillion operations per second" 190
reqaccess Data "I require access to you ship's computer" 19
cannot Data "I, I cannot sir" 35
Inquiry Data "Inquiry" 23
Key_univ Data "Key universal translator please" 36
lifeform Data "Lifeforms. You tiny little lifeforms. You precious little lifeforms" (song) 109
Lockboo Data "Lock on comm link and boost" 45
Mstpeopl Data "Most people are interested in my extraordinary abilities, how fast I can compute, my memory capacity" 129
Shutbay2 Data "Shuttle bay 2 prepare for retrieval procedure" w/ sound of bay door open and siren 223
Ntmanual Data "That was not manual override" 55
trnfcmp Data "The transfer series is complete" 19
bakonln Data "Warp engines are back on line" 14
restseq Data "We are ready to commence restart sequences" 20
Pwrdown2 Enterprise Enterprise shutdown 132
Restart Enterprise Enterprise Startup 102
end Female "Computer end program" 11
eng2brid Female "Engineering to bridge" 48
CRAZYTEA Female & Picard "How'd you like your tea" -"Tea, Earl Gray, hot" -"Course it's hot whad 'ya want in it" -"Nothing" 69
powerup Geordi "Now powering up sir" 12
report Geordi "Report to the Bridge!" 27
Resist Hugh "Resistace is futile" 45
We-borg Hugh "We are Borg" 36
Assimi Hugh "You will be assimilated" 46
KHAN-Full power, damn you! Khan "Full power, damn you! 59
KHAN-He tasks me Khan "He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him." 93
KHAN-I never forget a face Khan "I never forget a face" 36
KHAN-I will avenge you Khan "I shall avenge you 26
KHAN-To the last, I will grapple with thee Khan "To the last I will grapple with thee" 90
Khan-To the last... Khan "To the last I will grapple with thee" 90
KIRA and O'BRIEN-We only have 6 torpedoes Kira & Obrien "Fire six photons across Gisaad's Bow" -"We only have 6 photons major" 48
capnlog Kirk "Captian's log stardate 1709.2" 36
ranopen Kirk & Scotty "Kirk here" -"Captian we're losing power in the warp engines" w/ red alert & communicator 77
Logentry Locutus "Captian's personal log supplemental, I have just witnessed the total destruction of the USS Enterprise with the loss of all hands, save one...me. 300
No_terms Locutus "Discussion is irrelevant. There are no terms" 110
Locutus Locutus "I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time foward you will service us." 448
Loc_mix Locutus "Preparation is irrelevant your people will be assimilated as easily as Picard has been. Your attempt at a delay will not be successful number 1. We will proceed to Earth and if you attempt to intervene we will destroy you." 438
Number1 Locutus "The knowledge and experience of the human, Picard is part of us now. It has perpared us for all possible courses of action your resistance is hopeless....number 1." 426
To_earth Locutus "We will proceed to Earth and if you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you" 168
Speak Locutus "You may speak" 29
dnld Male "Downloaded" 6
Ds9_tit2 misc 2nd title theme 4824
Voyopen misc theme 4393
Trickus Pakled "Do not try to trick us, we can tell" 101
Compthng Pakled "We need their computer things" 68
PICARD-All hands abandon ship Picard "All hands abandon ship. Repeat, all hands abandon..." 41
succeed Picard "And we must succeed. Let's make sure that history never forgets the name...Enterprise." 101
Jlpcome Picard "Come" after door hail 153
Jlpcomp Picard "Computer" 10
xptr4 Picard "Energize" transporter 178
Engage Picard "Engage" 13
engage2 Picard "Engage" 24
engage3 Picard "Engage" 45
engagseq Picard "Engage" w/ buttons 42
Thisisth Picard "Enterprise, this is the Captain" 30
Findfam Picard "Except for his features there is nothing about him that I find familiar " 118
explain Picard "Explain" 66
Firephaz Picard "Fire phasers" 13
Jlpfire Picard "Fire" 14
getoffbr Picard "Get off my bridge!" 16
PICARD-Go ahead Picard "Go ahead" 8
Halt Picard "Halt" 36
Ilocutu Picard "I am Locutus of Borg" 43
Inmyqtr Picard "I'll be in my quarters" 35
forget Picard "Let's make sure that history never forgets the name... Enterprise" 68
makeitso Picard "Make it so 12
Mkitso Picard "Make it so" 48
Engage Picard "Mr. Worf dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hansen....we have engaged the Borg" 83
No Picard "No" 16
number1 Picard "Number 1?" 45
proceed Picard "Proceed" 10
Jlpalrt Picard "Red alert" 10
Redalert Picard "Red Alert" 10
redalert2 Picard "Red alert, battle stations" w/ red alt snd 43
Relhim Picard "Release him" -"Do you know what you're doing?" -"No, release him" 111
Resume Picard "Resume" turbolift starts 97
yelalrt Picard "Shields and deflectors up go to yellow alert" 45
earlgrey Picard "Tea, Earl Gray, hot" 64
Tea-earl Picard "Tea, Earl Gray, hot" 9
Thankyou Picard "Thank you Mr. Data" 20
Thankyou Picard "Thank you Mr. Data" 20
here Picard "They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here!" 195
Thisisca Picard "This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the federation starship...Enterprise" 132
xfereng Picard "Transfer engineering control to the bridge" 51
understd Picard "Understood, keep me informed. Picard out" 67
Notposs Picard "Wait, wait that's not possible" 89
Notposs Picard "Wait, wait, that's not possible" 89
Borg Picard "We have engaged the Borg" 47
Welcome Picard "Welcome to the 24th century" 25
youhave Picard "You have the bridge number 1" 69
locutus Picard "You will become one with the Borg" 21
DRAWLINE Picard 1"I will not sacrifice the Enterprise, we've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far no further 276
DRAWLINE Picard 2"and I will make them pay for what they've done!" 276
datalatr Picard & Data "Data" -"Sir?" -"Later" -"Yes, sir" 66
sysready Picard & Geordi "All systems ready Captian." -"Excellent Laforge" 28
PICARD and WORF-'Hailing frequencies' 'Open' Picard & Worf "Hailing frequencies" -"Open" 28
Kp-yes Pulaski "Yes captain?" 27
Q-Feeling a little guilty Q "Feeling a little jumpy this morning? Are we guilty perhaps?" 65
qdialog Q "Go back or thou shalt most certianly die" 143
wr-aye Riker airlock backgroun
gouther Riker "Gotta level 12 shockwave coming in. We gotta get out of here" 46
Shut-off Riker "Its responses dictated by an elaborate software written by a man. And now a man will shut it off. 120
restore Riker "Mr. Laforge bring the engines back online and restore all systems to normal." 35
wr-sir Riker "Sir?" 14
RIKER tells crew to get to escape pods Riker "This is the bridge all hands to emergency escape pods" 34
youronbd Riker "You're on board the Federation starship Enterprise" 97
shields-up2 Riker Shields up 3
scotty Scotty "Hello computer" 12
scotty1 Scotty "Leave that alone" 9
SCOTTY-Don't give me too many bumps Scotty "The energizer's bypassed like a Christmas tree so don't give me too many bumps" 77
SPOCK-I will always be your friend Spock "I have been and always shall be, your friend" 122
SPOCK and BONES-Be careful, Jim We will Spock & Bones "Jim, be careful." - "We will" 76
Feltlike Troi "I have never felt anything quite like this before" 64
Activate Unknown "Activate" 28
Funny Unknown "In another time and place this could be funny" 63
Mayday Unknown "Mayday, mayday this is the USS.......... requesting emergency assistance. The outer hull is breached and environmental systems compromised.... we need..... assistance" static 202
WORF-Bridge to Captain Picard Worf "Bridge to Captain Picard" 18
Worf - Captain, they've adapted Worf "Captain, they've adapted" 30
componln Worf "Computer is coming back online sir" 17
hug Worf "Do not hug me" 36
Hfreqopn Worf "Hailing frequencies open sir" 56
Worf - Hailing frequencies open sir Worf "Hailing frequencies open sir" 56
WORF-Hailing frequencies open, sir Worf "Hailing frequencies open, sir" 56
Worf - Human bonding rituals Worf "Human bonding rituals" 127
Worf - I am a graduate of StarFleet Academy, I know many things Worf "I am a graduate of Starfleet Academy, I know many things" 29
Idontpla Worf "I do not play with toys" 37
Worf - I do not smirk Worf "I do not smirk" 62
Worf - I will be standing by to assist you if needed Worf "I will be standing by to assist you if needed" 93
Worf - If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand Worf "If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand" 218
Worf - It is a good day to die Worf "It is a good day to die" 36
Worf - Perhaps today is a good day to die Worf "Perhaps today is a good day to die" 49
Worf - Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man Worf "Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man" 81
Worf - But is it alive. (Computer - probability positive) I wasn't asking you Worf & Computer "But is it alive." -"probability positive" -"I wasn't asking you" 103
Visual Worf & Shelby "Visual contact with the Borg" -"On screen" 69

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