The Voyager series, the newest addition to a 25 year legacy, began two seasons ago as the third spinoff of the original Star Trek series. Although the plot was similar in many aspects to Star Trek the Next Generation (TNG), several twists were thrown in to make it unique.

Voyager, one of the newest vessels in the Star Trek universe is pehaps the most interesting. Much smaller than the Galaxy Class starship yet not any less of a vessel it is built with a new experimental bio computer net. This network allows infomationg to be proccessed similarly to the human brain and also allows the information to be processed with the speed of a computer. One interesting flaw is that the bio network makes it possible for Voyager to get sick.

(Voyager Plaque) Other characteristics of the series that allows it to be much different from TNG is the setting. While the Enterprise was exploring within Federation space Voyager has been lost within the realm of the Delta Quadrant 70,000 light years from earth. The Delta Quadrant as many trekkers recall is the home of the borg race. However as the new Voyager series unfolds, many other races have made their home here as well including the Kason, Talaxians and many more. Look here for future additions of alien races and cultures Voyager encounters on its voyage.