Shadakine Wytch (Mother)

Appears in: Grey Star the Wizard, Forbidden City, War of the Wizards

The Shadakine Wytches are seven of Shasarak the Wytch-King's most powerful servants. Each an old woman, the Wytches uphold the Wytch-King's crude form of "justice" in the seven Shadakine cities. They quench any rebellion in their areas by way of magical spheres called Kazim Stones. These spheres are really the hearts of the Kazim, ancient creatures who were bound by Shasarak in the Forest of Fernmost. As the Kazim are creatures of magic and truth, the Stones allow the Wytch to perform a "truthsay", an excruciating magical spell that allows the Wytch to probe into the victim's mind. The Stones serve many purposes: they ensure that the Wytch can put fear in the hearts of any rebels and courage in the Shadakine warriors, which seals off any avenue for successful rebellion; they serve as communications devices; they enhance the Wytch's already powerful magic, and they can also be used to harness many magical beings including the Kleasa or Soul Eater.

The Wytches are also impervious to many magical assaults, not only because of the Kazim Stone's powerful protection but because each Wytch is very well versed in magic. They are not physically strong, though, but as each of the citadels where the Wytches reside are heavily guarded, it is of little importance. They are, though, formidable in willpower, especially when they use a Kazim Stone. The Wytches possess iron wills and equally strong mental powers, and the Kazim Stone amplifies their power, allowing them to subject victims to excuciating torture and pain. In the hands of its rightful owner the yellow light of the Kazim Stone is that of truth-in the hands of a Shadakine Wytch it becomes an instrument of pain and terror. Few resist the truthsay of the Shadakine Wytch.

There are seven Shadakine Wytches, one for each city in the Empire except for Shadaki and some northern settlements. As the cities are very volatile (having been nations before their defeat by Shasarak) the Wytches are instrumental in keeping Shasarak's brutal regime in place. They all answer to the Overlord, hence his title of Wytch-King. Because the Shadakine Wytch is a very old woman, she is referred to as "Mother". Wytches regularly train apprentices to succeed them, often in the magical arts of animal and nature control, or the "katta" spells.

The Wytches of Shadaki:

Mother Magri of Suhn

Mother Niya of Karnali -broken-

Mother Chowloon of Andui-broken-

Mother Solani of Korli-broken-

Mother Lhasa of Forlu-broken-