Hello, and welcome to my page. This place is in a state of perpetual construction, (and destruction) so please step over any holes and watch for wet paint. All questions must be submitted in writing, and all complaints must be submitted in Swahili. Before we embark, please make sure that all seatbacks and tray tables are in the upright position. We would request that you not smoke during our journey, or we will set you on fire and throw you off the plane. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your trip!

All right, I'm not sure what's going to be on this page yet. I'm in the middle of a major overhaul of the whole thing. Most likely, it'll end up being a great amalgam of a great many things (much like the rest of my life. =) For those of you that check this site occasionally, you have no doubt noticed that I haven't changed it in quite some time. Well, that's partially due to the fact that you just cannot improve perfection...but, mostly because I'm a lazy bum. However, now the mood has struck me (and I need to do this for a class), so here I go.

I suppose I should start with a few things about myself. I'm currently living in Kentucky with my wife, Amy, and our son, Alex. I am a student at KATI in Bowling Green, KY majoring in the IT program. As far as hobbies and such, I'm into Ghostbusters, MacGyver, Star Wars, and I love online gaming (mainly Diablo II and Half-Life Team Fortress.) I also read a lot, love going to movies, and do a little bicycling. Check out the "Links" section for links to some of my interests and some of my friends pages.

And be sure to check out my guestbook before you go!!

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