Darkest Gothic Female Award

So you want to receive my award,eh? Do you have what it takes? Here are the reqirements:

You have to be female;

You have to be gothic;

You must have a page that shows as much;

While nudity is accepted, it must be within reasonable quantities and tasteful at the same time;

There must be at least two pictures of yourself to prove the first two requirements;

You must have some type text describing yourself so as to convince me;

the rest is up to you!

If you've fulfilled the above the send me an email with your name, email address, site name, site address along with the answer to the following: Why do you deserve my award? I will try to get to all the responses as soon as I get them; usually within a week or two. If you've won you will receive an email with the picture attached. Have the the picture linked to my homepage. With that said, Good Luck!

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