Poetry of the Damned
By Daemon VanCanis

I walk down the lonely road
A balanced euphoria in my heart
I sit beside the ash tree and look up at the unlit sky
A sky black as the blackest pitch
Uniform yet ever changing and undulating
As smooth as silk
Soon the panoramic view metamorphoses
Into raven silk hair
framing a demonically angelic portrait
The beauty glides before me
On feet yet unseen
She is all but invisible to me
Save her porcelain features
Hands whiter than the first snow
More delicate than the most intricate web
They reach for me
My emotions all a turmoil
I fall into her arms
Nails of blood grace my features
Her lips my own
I embrace her in a passion to be reckoned with
Fabrics tear
Kisses deepen
I am intoxicated by her taste
I yearn for more
We rut in the field
We are our own fantasies fulfilled
Our bodies melt into one
The ultimate pleasure regained
I suckle at her as she coos in enthrall
She lowers herself to give me the ultimate kiss
I gasp then scream in ecstacy
She collapses on to me and we sleep in eachother's arms
By day break I am alone by the ash tree
The sun, golden innocence in the east
I wonder if my imagination has taken  the better of me
Then I see her kiss still left on my breast and smile
I look the waning moon and vow to make her mine forever
By Daemon VanCanis

Friendship is special
But what does it mean
Does it mean hanging out all the time
Or playing pranks without fear
of rebuttal or retort
Or does it mean something more
Friendship is a special type of love
The kind that stands true
It is the shoulder you cry on
When nothing goes right
It is the trophy for all your spoils
It is the healer of all wounds
A friend is there when no one else is
It is special because it is not sullied by trivialities
of other relationships
in one's life this is the constant
A friend is there to understand
another's woes
Frienship is better than
Your truest love or greatest wish
You are my friend and I yours
Let nothing change this
This pact I make with you
For now and always


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