Stories for the Unholy

By Lamia Ann

A cool breeze blows through the open window, carrying the scent of the many rose bushes planted just outside the bedroom windows. She stirs, rolls over, only to discover the empty, undisturbed side of the bed. Looking up at the clock which reads 2:37am, the dull pain in her head sharpens. Not bothering to grab her robe, she makes her way down the hall to the bathroom. Two more, no, maybe three more aspirin should easy the pain in her head. But, what about the pain in her heart? The cold glass of water was quite refreshing, and with a spring in her step she makes her way to the kitchen door, stopping only long enough to grab a pair of scissors. Stepping outside she looks up to the heavens. The full moon illuminates the sky and outshines the many stars. Somewhere in the neighborhood a dog barks, a car squeals its tires as it races down a nearby street. Ah, the life in suburbia! Walking around to the side of the house she feels a presence. Turning, she notices the neighbors' cat crouched amongst the hedges. Hissing, it turns and runs. "Strange" she says to herself and gives a little laugh. Kneeling beside her favorite bush, she cuts a fresh bloom. "OUCH!" she mumbles as she licks the blood forming on her finger from the prick of the thorn. What was that she just heard? Could it have been a sigh? Realizing she is dressed in only a much-revealing white nightgown (the one she bought hoping to seduce her husband) she quickly grabs her white rose and hurries into the house.
Placing the rose bloom in the exquisite cut crystal vase she turns to see only a shadow move across the kitchen window. "Must be the aspirin making me see things" she contends to herself. Walking down the hall, she peers into the empty bedrooms' of the twins. Having enjoyed their first year of college so very much, they opted to stay and work through the summer. "They are chasing their dreams" she says with a smile. But where have all her dreams gone? Lost forever in the proverbial "heat of the moment" on her senior prom night. She never regretted staying home and raising the twins - they have always been such a joy. But now they are grown and gone and so is her youth and her dreams.
Returning to her lonely bed, she snuggles in for the remainder of the night. As she closes her eyes and drifts off she hears a deep resonate male voice whispering "I want to make you mine".
"Oh No!" she cries! The clock says 8:13 am, she must be to work by 9:00am! She rushes through her shower, puts on a minimal amount of make-up, quickly dresses and literally runs out the door. What was that which caught her eye? Could it be? NO! She was sure she only cut but one bloom last night. But there on the table, in a much larger, more elegant vase which she doesn't even remember having, is a dozen white roses! "I must be losing my mind!" she half jokes to herself.
The day went quickly at the office, although she paused many times to ponder the night's events. Picking up the headset, ready to continue with the dictation her boss had called in to her machine the previous night, she stops, tears off the headset and stands up so quickly she knocks over her chair!
Her co-worker dashes to her side, picking up the chair and calming her longtime friend. "What is it with you today? You haven't been acting like yourself at all! Is everything all right? Is there anything I can do?"
She replies in a murmur, "No, I am fine. I just thought I saw a spider, and you know how afraid I am of them!" How could she explain to her friend about the feeling she had last night, the voice she thought she heard as she fell asleep. And the roses this morning! People were already talking about her behind her back. "Poor thing, kids all grown and gone and her husband, well...." She had been hearing that for months now. Yes, she has 'let herself go' a bit. But, she has held strong, or so she thought, in hopes of re-directing her life.
Putting on the headset again, determined to finish this last memo before heading home, she listens carefully. There is no mistake, it is the voice she heard last night. The same deep sensuality hauntingly saying "I want to make you mine". "A trick, that's it! Someone is playing a trick on me!" she tells herself. With the memo finished and printed, she places it on her boss's desk and leaves for the day.
Outside the wind rips and roars through the street scattering the newly fallen leaves everywhere. The radiant sun casts a brilliant, mystical orange glow to the western sky. A typical autumn evening. Once home, she checks the mail, nothing but bills and junk mail. On the answering machine is a message from her estranged husband explaining how he must go out of town again for two weeks, his job depends on it. "Yeah, right." she sighs. She calls her favorite pizza place and orders a large with everything. Nothing better than cold pizza for breakfast!
The hot steamy shower and luscious floral-scented soap transport her to another realm - where she is a goddess and greatly loved. Suddenly, the ringing of the doorbell jolts her to reality. "My pizza!" Grabbing her old and worn terry cloth robe, she runs to the door, with her purse in hand. As she opens the door, somewhere in her subconscience, she tells herself, "I have opened the door to my future".
Standing on the small porch, pizza in hand, is the most ethereal man she has ever seen! His thick, black wavy hair was combed back, falling on broad shoulders. The black leather jacket was fastened only at the waist, revealing a black silken shirt underneath. Black Levi jeans fit his long lean legs perfectly. As he walked into the livingroom, she noticed his expensive black leather shoes. "Quite well dressed for a pizza delivery person!" she thought to herself with a wicked smile on her face!
"Your pizza, madam" he groaned, trying desperately to maintain his facade. The fragrance of flowers, mingled with the scent of her blood was almost more than he could tolerate.
Staring into his clear green eyes, she seemed to have lost all of her senses.
"You are my last delivery tonight, would you mind some company while you ate?" he pleaded.
"Please, do come in", she said and she closed the door to the cold biting wind and leaves dancing down the street.
Walking into the livingroom, he turns towards the stereo. Before she can say a word, resplendent, sensuous music is flowing from the speakers. "How did you do that" she said amazed, as the stereo hadn't worked for over a year!
Turning, he lit the candles on the mantle, and with a snap of his fingers the lights went out. Astonished, and with a bit of fear, she turned toward him, asking "Who are you? What do you want of me?"
"My name is Nicholas Montgomery, and I want to make you mine"
Dread sent her mind spiraling, what had she done? In her loneliness she had allowed a total stranger to enter her home. But, looking into his eyes, all intelligent thoughts disappeared, and reality hit her as she spied his fangs.
"It was you!" "You are the one I heard calling to me as I fell asleep last night. Your voice is the one on the tape at work! The roses, your brought me the roses" she cried out with the hint of a smile in her voice.
"I have been watching you for quite some time now. Your loneliness has touched my heart, as I too am lonely in a world isolated from mortals" The pain and aloneness intensely evident in the tone of his voice, the sadness of his immortal eyes. "Do you yearn to join me? May I embrace you and make you mine?"
The enthusiastic look on her face was all the answer he would need as she walked towards him with her arms reaching out for his embrace.

Forbidden Truth
By Amber Colby

His bare feet padded on the cool stone beneath his feet, the dust danced like flecks of gold on the gentle, cool breeze that flowed through the room as he opened the door.  Peering into the darkness of the corner he saw his tiny angel.  The warm sunlight rested at her toes, catching a few curling tendrils of her hair that floated on the breeze.  Her hair shone like gold in the orange light that spilled across the floor.
“Daniel” she breathed.  Her rosebud lips were pursed in a smile as her large, bottomless blue eyes locked with his.  Slowly she stood to her feet, the dirt falling from the folds of her white satin dress.  The tiny white pearls shone in the light, the diamonds at her throat sparkled as she breathed, the delicate lace around her bosom a perfect frame for such a treasure.  The soft folds of her dress moved as she walked towards him, the corset pinching her sides into a V, pushing her breasts up.
His eyes gleamed as he looked at her.  Her feet were covered in dirt, which soon fell away as she walked towards him, wrapping her arms about his neck.  Lifting her from the ground he carried her to the bed, where gently he lay her on the goose down mattress.  Her small form falling deep into the coverlet, the warmth of the sun spilling over her as his lips danced over her neck and fluttering heart.
The tiny pearls on her dress rubbed the strong muscles that flowed beneath his milk chocolate skin.  His large hands closed on her ribs, feeling them expanding beneath his fingers as her breathing became heavy with her passion.
He pulled away suddenly, “What if the master finds me.  He will hang me, surely he will-” his words were stopped by her deep, passionate kiss.  He gave himself over to her, but pulled away again after a while.  “But-” once again he was silenced by a kiss from her rosebud lips.  “He won’t find out, you won’t tell him and I won’t tell him.  Now enough of this nonsense, kiss me.”
Her entire body tingled as his lips danced over her throat; she felt the twinge in her stomach as his hands slid beneath her to unfasten her dress.  Sitting up, she let the satin fall from her shoulders, untying her corset she threw it to the floor where it landed on top of her discarded dress.  His stubble tickled her tiny, flat stomach as his tongue pressed into her belly button.  She squirmed beneath him in delight as he kissed every inch of her naked body.  He buried his fingers in the soft down between her legs as she sighed in pure ecstasy.
The sun poured full onto her sleeping body now.  Her mass of golden curls shinning bright, fallen over her shoulders.  A few of the soft, curling tendrils brushing her breasts as she breathed.  “Sleep well my angel” he whispered as his hand closed on the cold door handle, opening the door he stepped out into the cool hallway closing the large, wooden door behind him.
Leaning against the door, his back pressed against it he breathed deep and heavy.  The chillness of the wood so good against his still florid skin, his heart raced in his throat as he pushed himself away from the door.  His feet padding softly on the now sun-warmed stone.
Daniel dodged the oncoming carriage, the smell of meats, breads and ales filled his nostrils, their smell intoxicating him.  He became dizzy and disorientated, stopping beside a tavern he leaned against the grimy wall, the filth covering his shirt, but he didn’t care.  Ah! What havoc she was running on him, his mind was clouded, it swam with visions of her, he could taste her, smell her, feel her gentle and loving touch.
Hmm he sighed, he wanted her now, this very minute, to feel her life pour over his lips and into his gut.  To suck her life from her bosom, to hear her pled for him to spare her life, ah the power that came with their pleas, they’re begging for mercy.
“You will get no mercy from me!” he thought as he began to wander back towards the mansion.  “No!” he thought “Not now, I must wait, now is not the right time, but the time will come soon, soon her life shall be mine, she shall lay like a rag doll in my arms.  Oh yes to taste her sweet blood, to feel it spilling over my tongue, oh the ecstasy!”
The boy ran past him, his sister pausing to gaze at Daniel, the boy came back to her, tugging on her sleeve he pulled her away whispering “Hate! Hate! Il est vivante morte” Hurry! Hurry! He is living dead.
He released the boy, the swoon began, shakily he stood to his feet, groping the walls for some sort of support.  The boy had not heard him approach, the sleep had been too heavy for him to feel Daniel’s arms closing around him, lifting him from the ground.  Cradling the boy in his arms Daniel had drunk to his content.
He could now feel the boys blood rushing through his own veins, the heat rising to the surface of his skin.  The boy now lay in the peaceful sleep of death, hmm… he sighed, the blood had been so sweet, ah the blood of the young, so sweet, so pure.
Yet all he could think of was her, how could Leonate refuse her to him, he wanted her now, to snuff the candle of her life this very moment, to crush her to his chest, feel her limp in his arms.  He could remember feeling her powerful heart beating like crazy in her jugular as his tongue had passed over it.  The heat had risen in his limbs as he had felt her heart beating against his chest, her hot breath against his cheek as he had buried his face in her golden hair.
The sun glimmered in his eyes as he continued to walk, his vision cloudy, he knew not where he was going, he simply let his still bare feet guide him.  His breeches were dirty, covered in filth from the streets; those who were not frightened by his visage were terrified with the manner at which he looked at them.  He sneered at all who looked at him; his eyes showing only coldness and hatred for the world in which he would live for the rest of eternity.
Stepping into the darkness of the shadow he continued to walk aimlessly, finally he stopped when he reached the all too familiar doors of the building he knew as “home.”  Ah! He screamed, he had been fooled, Leonate had lead him here, he had beckoned to him with that commanding voice that can only come from another vampire.
The doors opened at his gentle touch, stepping into the cool air inside he walked down the hallway, his bare feet making little sound on the stone beneath them.  The cool breeze rushed around his limbs as the doors closed behind him.  He hated this place, always had, yet Leonate insisted on living here, it was creepy, too dark, he loved the light, he loved to bask in the sun, feel it’s hot fingers moving over his body.
He could hear the water dripping from the roof; he could see it like silver snail trails, trickling down the walls.  Walking into the large room, the light from the torches blinding him for a moment, his eyes adjusted to the light and then he saw what he had expected to see.
Leonate sat in his chair, the small boy at his side, his head tipped back as Leonate drank from him, only a little so as not to kill him.  His loose black curls falling over Leoante’s fingers that cupped his head.  Looking up Leonate’s eyes flashed, slowly he stopped his feast on the small boy, the boy slumped, his hand resting on Leonate’s leg as he slept so peacefully as always.
Leonate stood to his feet, letting the boy’s hand fall from his leg to the boy’s lap.  Smiling he walked shakily towards Daniel, the swoon was wrapped strongly around his limbs, his eyes were clouded and unfocused as he continued to walk towards Daniel.  By the time he reached Daniel the swoon had lifted and he was his usual self, cold and cruel, or at least that is what Daniel thought he was.
Putting his arm around Daniel’s shoulder Leonate led him towards a hallway that was opposite the one he had just entered through.  The torches flickered as they walked past as if paying respect to the wise vampire and his creation.
“You cannot hold me here forever” Daniel said, “I will not be your prisoner! I want to leave here, Paris! I want to go to America”
“America!” laughed Leonate “Why? What beauties does American hold that you cannot find here in Pairs?”
“Paris has become boring, it holds no more excitement for me.  I want to leave as soon as possible.”
“And leave your Creole beauty behind? I thought you wanted her, did my ears deceive me when I heard you say that you wanted her, that you wanted to taste her blood on your lips?”
Daniel sighed, this battle was pointless, he knew that Leonate would not let him leave and that Leonate was right, he could not leave until Angelique was dead.  He would have her yet, but when?  He refused to let this battle slip from his fingers like so many before.
“Yes, but I want her now, not tomorrow, or next week.  NOW!” his eyes flashed as he spoke to Leonate, why did he always become so angry around Leonate?
 Leonate laughed low and smiled as he lowered his arm from Daniel’s shoulders to Daniel’s waist, ah this fine young vampire.  His creation, he was so proud, if only Daniel could contain his temper and live by his rules life would be so much easier for the both of them.  But he did love to argue with Daniel, to raise Daniel’s temper; love was always so mush sweeter when Daniel was angry at him.
 He pictured Daniel’s enraged limbs fighting him, his kisses harsh and cruel, so fierce and strong.  He slipped into dreams of Daniel’s naked body before him, but was pulled from these warm dreams by Daniel’s loud, angry voice.
“Why won’t you let me have her now!”
“Because now is not the right time, do you want to relinquish your love making with her so soon?”
“No, but-”
“Well then, you must wait.  I will tell you when the time is right.”
 Daniel looked doubtingly at Leonate, he was not sure if he could believe what Leonate was saying, he suspected that Leonate was simply trying to keep him there.  Sighing he let Leonate run his fingers through his hair.  Leonate’s fingers massaging his scalp as they continued to walk down the long, stone hallway, Leonate’s footsteps echoing in the silence, the only other sound was that of they’re breaths and the water that seeped through the ancient rock.
 They walked down the few steps to the two large, wooden doors before them.  Opening the door, Leonate stepped into the darkness before him, stepping after Leonate, Daniel descended into the darkness and silence that was Leonate’s chamber.  Striking a match, Leonate held it to a candle beside the bed, the satin shimmered as the cool breeze ruffled it just a little.
The golden light poured over the pristine whiteness of the sheets, he did love this room, so far away from the noise of the Paris streets and the light.  He didn’t care much for the light, though his vampire child adored the light, he constantly basked in any light he could find.  Leonate would have preferred to not have lit the candle, but he knew that Daniel didn’t care for darkness, and needed the light of at least one candle before he would move an inch from where he stood.
Leonate beckoned Daniel to his side; the smell of sulfur from the match still strong as the smoke hung in the air a few moments more.  He slid his arms around Daniel’s waist, his fingers brushing the smooth satin of Daniel’s waistcoat.  The velvet of Daniel’s frock coat brushed his cheek as he buried his face in Daniel’s neck.
Daniel fought a little as Leonate removed his frock coat and then guided him to the bed, falling back on the soft warmth of the bed Daniel closed his eyes.  He felt Leonate’s hands rubbing his chest, sliding beneath his waistcoat, the only thing separating their skin was the thin cotton of his shirt.  Leonate’s fingers worked quickly with the buttons on Daniel’s waistcoat and then his shirt, until there was nothing separating their skin.
He sank down on top of Daniel, his cool lips dancing over the skin of Daniel’s chest where the heat of passion grew.  Daniel sat up, letting the cotton and satin slip from his shoulders onto the satin beneath them, slowly his garments slid on the satin over the edge of the bed.
Leonate kicked off his leather boots, Daniel’s hands working on his frock coat; Leonate removed his waistcoat as Daniel covered his neck in kisses.  Sighing Leonate lay down on his back and let Daniel’s fingers unfasten the buttons on his shirt, Daniel’s warm fingers pressing into the skin of his chest and stomach.
That small, tight stomach, no hair there, just soft skin, the skin of a youth, the skin of a boy no more than fifteen years old, but Leonate was no longer fifteen, by no means, he was now a hundred and fifty-six years old. Daniel gazed into Leonate’s bottomless eyes, the green flashing at him as Leonate smiled, his warm smile softening his stiff features.  The fluidity of his expression amazing as his expression changed from love to full-blown lust, as his kisses on Daniel’s chest became harsh and cruel.
Every inch of Daniel sang with his rising passion, it was never like this with a mortal, they didn’t know what he liked, what he wanted, but Leonate did.  Leonate knew every inch of Daniel and what Daniel liked to be done to every inch of that delicate skin.  Leonate’s tongue traced down Daniel’s chin, over his pounding jugular, down over his thundering chest and onto his stomach.
Daniel shivered as Leonate’s tongue circled around his nipple, and then his lips closed over it, gently sucking it, teasing the sensitive flesh around his nipple.  The sigh of pure pleasure escaped Daniel’s lips as Leonate continued to tease his flesh, this was almost unbearable, this pleasure was almost too much to handle… almost.
Pleasure came in waves over Daniel’s hot flesh as Leonate slowly unbuttoned Daniel’s breeches, Daniel felt that organ stirring between his legs, but didn’t want to end the foreplay yet.  The passion was mounting in him but only one thing occupied his mind.  Blood.  He wanted blood, mortal blood.
Reading Daniel’s mind Leonate left; Daniel gazed at him as he disappeared into the hallway.  Laying back, his passion slowly beginning to subside he waited for Leonate to return.  A few moments later Leonate returned the sleepy boy in his arms, laying the boy on the bed he let him do what he knew to be right.
Crawling across the satin towards Daniel the boy removed his shirt; finally reaching Daniel’s side he pressed his tiny chest against Daniel’s.  His tiny hand sliding down Daniel’s chest, over his tight stomach and into the damp hair between his legs.  Daniel’s passion began to rise again, the boy massaged his hard sex, his tiny cupid bow lips pressed against Daniel’s flesh.
He could smell the blood in the boy’s body, the heat coming from his tiny limbs, his hands committing such a sin, but he didn’t care about sins anymore, none of that mattered.  There was no God, no devil, no hidden force except the force of life.  His lips danced over the boy’s jugular, which tightened only a little as he awaited the inevitable, he knew what would come and waited eagerly for the pleasure of it.

Daniel sank his teeth into the soft, delicate skin of the boy’s throat, the small gasp escaping his tiny lips as he lay back in Daniel’s arms, his life flooding over Daniel’s lips.  The boy’s body stiffened as his dry climax was reached; his body going limp in Daniel’s arms as Daniel lay back.
The strong, pure blood of the boy flooding his senses, suddenly with out warning his passion mounted, he needed Leonate, he needed to feel his naked flesh against his, to feel Leonate’s hands around his hard sex that was being pumped full of blood.  He felt Leonate lift the boy from the bed and lay him in the chair on the opposite wall.
His vision was still clouded when Leonate lay down beside him, his chill hands moving to enclose Daniel’s hard sex.  Leonate was nothing but a blur; closing his eyes tightly he slowly opened them and saw Leonate with restored vision.  Leonate bent to kiss his lips, his tongue prying open Daniel’s mouth, Daniel felt Leonate’s tongue slipping between his lips and into the warmth of his own mouth.
He did not stop him, opening his mouth he welcomed Leonate’s tongue into his mouth, Leonate’s tongue ran over his, along the inside of his mouth and over his teeth.  Now every part of Daniel truly tingled as Leonate shifted on top of him, his gentle weight electrifying Daniel’s body, this truly was heaven.
As Leonate lifted himself from Daniel’s body for a moment Daniel quickly turned over so that he lay on his stomach.  Daniel feeling Leonate’s hard organ pushing into him let out a great groan of ecstasy, this was the purest pleasure Daniel had ever felt, this was his heaven, where he wished to spend the rest of eternity.
When they reached their climax Leonate flopped down beside Daniel, his exhausted limbs enclosing Daniel.  Daniel nuzzled Leonate’s neck, that heart that beat in perfect rhythm with his own, they were so closely connected it was almost impossible to conceive, but wasn’t it difficult to believe in vampires?  Wrapping his arms about Leonate, his one and only true love, he let sleep drift over him, bringing with it the warmth of sweet dreams.
Leonate awoke as Daniel shifted from the bed, Leonate watched as Daniel pulled on his breeches and shirt, his bare feet padded on the cool stone.  The cool air moving around his limbs as he opened the door and walked down the hallway, crossing the large room he walked down the dark hallway towards the doors to the streets.
Opening the doors he stepped out into the cool street, the cool wind moving around him as he began to walk down the street, the moon the only light.  Walking past a flickering torch something caught his eye and his nose.  “Ah a young beauty” he thought to himself as he looked around for her, but it was not a young maiden he saw, but a young, strong man, he gazed at Daniel with the eyes of a child, large and brown, his dark brown hair billowing in the breeze.
Daniel studied the boy, yes a very good-looking boy indeed, he would enjoy drinking from this one, oh yes it would be bliss to drink from that young, delicate neck.  The boy smiled and slowly began to walk towards Daniel, his eyes moving up and down him, from his bare feet to his curly black hair.  “Hmm” Daniel sighed as the boy neared, his cologne floating to him on the gentle wind, ah the smell of spices, so enticing, he could feel the hunger rising from his stomach to his throat.
Licking his lips he gazed at the boy,
“Bonjour Monsieur” the boy said as he bowed
“Bonjour” Daniel said as he looked at the boy, the silence between them was broken as a carriage rushed past, the boy jumped as the carriage passed only just missing him.
 The boy looked up into Daniel’s eyes, as he still clutched Daniel’s shirt.
“What is your name?” asked Daniel as the boy released his shirt and stepped back a few paces
“Jean-Pierre” he replied, his smile was subtle but visible, he could still feel the heat where the boy’s hands had been on his chest.  Suddenly he grabbed Jean-Pierre, pulling him close he kissed him strong and hard, the boy pulled away shocked.
 Smiling Daniel said “Isn’t that what you wanted?” The boy still shocked stuttered “Yes, but-”
“No buts” said Daniel as he took a hold of the boys collar and pulled him close again, the boys heart thundered in his chest as Daniel kissed him rough and cruel.
 The tavern room was dark, the candles almost burnt down to the base as Daniel pushed the boy back on the bed, the wine flowed through his veins, his vision a little cloudy as he pulled off the boys clothes.  His cold hands ran up and down Jean-Pierre’s chest and stomach, Daniel’s lips pressed against his neck.
 Jean-Pierre’s hair tickled Daniel’s face as he continued to kiss his neck, his lips passed over Jean-Pierre’s jugular, his heart beat strong and hard as Daniel’s hands moved down towards his groin, his fingers teasing the flesh of his stomach.  Slowly he slid his hands into Jean-Pierre’s breeches, finding that hard sex ready for him, Jean-Pierre reached for Daniel’s breeches, his fingers closing around the buttons

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