Well well well. Look who's here. This place is the Main English Page. And it is still uder construction, which seems to be... eh... permanent.

P U n k s - r e L a t E d    s t u f f

Punks Info, which includes an encyclopedical reference, as well as some related things, like Punk Medal, Punk Hymn and a photo of the planet Anarchy.

P u n k      d o w N l 0 A d      c e N t E r

SIMPLE viewer, version 1.2b,
a graphical client for SIMPLE PBeM game (see the links below).

SIMPLE Rulez. Zipped txt file.

More yet to come! Check back later to get the punkest software ever!

p U n k      L i n K s

SIMPLE homepage
a cool PBeM game

The complete links section will soon be here!