PUNKS [p-a-n-x] The race of space mutants, which occupies a vast amount of planets in a distant part of the Universe, known as "The Galaxy Plus Anomaly", or G+. The centers of Punk culture are in sectors 32, 34 and 40 of G+, but there are a lot of small colonies in other sectors as well. Punk homeworld, Anarchy, is believed to be the third planet in Moroz system.

         The Punk society lacks any description due to a very anarchistic nature. The same goes with the species outlook - it is very hard to find two punks that look even distant alike. Punkology suggests, that there are five basic punk types: Earth Punks, Water Punks, Air Punks, Nowhere-to-be-seen Punks and Just Punks. The Earth Punks usually must breathe and can't fly, the Water Punks live in oceans and rivers, the Air Punks are punks with wings, the Nowhere-to-be-seen Punks are punks, that were never seen (but of whom there is a lot of rumors all the same) and the Just Punks are... well, just punks. All the same, these types are very approximate. For example, there are a lot of two-type, or even three-type Punks, like the ones who can fly, walk, live underwater, and at the same time be invisible. It is widely supposed, that there are a lot of more Punk types, like Tree Punks (which grow in big cities), Little Punks (which are so little you can't tell how do they live), Rock Punks (most of whom form The Great Southern Mountains on Anarchy), Dead Punks Type One (the spirits flying everywhere - they are so real, that can cause a plane crash in case of collision with the latter), Dead Punks Type Two (which are ordinary corpses walking around, usually to be found in bars), Flat Punks (or Two-Dimensional Punks) and so on.

         The most well-known punk is Punk Timur, the fictional character used by punks to communicate with other species in the Universe. Many of these species believe that Punk Timur is the leader of Punk civilization, which is not true and was officially declined by Punks many times. Punk Timur was invented, when communication problems arose. Punk psychologists found, that many other species can not understand the absence of a leader and can communicate only with one person at a time. This is caused by these species absence of spare heads, brains and other parts and organs. So scientists suggested to announce a character who will formally take over the Punk interspecies correspondence. In fact, the way of writing diplomatic letters remains the same (while punks become soon bored with writing, most diplomatic letters are written by two, three or even more punks, who are never same), but the official author of them is Punk Timur, which is known in the Universe as an educated and great-to-talk-with speaker of Punks. So Punk Timur was born and is supposed to be a real punk of the Nowhere-to-be-seen type.

         Anarchy attracts a lot of creatures of other species, who feel something punkish inside them. There is a little community of ex-Homo Sapiens there as well. The most well-known of them are Zenon, Juri Gagarin, Vladimir Lenin, Ludvig van Beethoven, Lev Tolstoi, Valentine Tereshkova, Salvador Dali and Benjamin Franklin. Sid Vicious tried to join the community once, but was banished (he was no punk, just a noisy drugfriend) and lives now in Bangor, Maine under the name of Stephen King, the bogeyman. "Maybe luck next time, Stepa",- is what punks use to say about him novadays.

         Due to a rough neighborhood, Punks are forced to participate in various conflicts and wars. Some sources indicate, that Punks are great strategists and had a lot of glorious victories, but the official Punk sources usually leave the matter of wars aside due to a pacifistic nature of the race.

         The information on Punks race lacks a lot of details, especially visuals. It is not advised to get anywhere near Punk habitats. These places are known as the source of "The Punk Phenomenon", which is, simply put, a strong psychological influence of Punk civilization on other species, which forces many of them to forget their fatherland and become a punk. So were forever lost to humanity many great explorers and scientists, as well as rescue parties sent after them. Between these explorers are Dr. K. Schlosser, Dr. T. Klykov, Prof. A. Holdratt and others.

Related info on Punks:

  • The Planet Anarchy, an enlarged image shot from Van Babb observatory in Amsterdam, Holland. (sorry for bad quality, focus was lost when the telescope was hit by the falling body of Dr. Van Der Haar, the astronomer, who died of heart attack while viewing the pleasures of Punk life)

  • The Punk Hymn, recorded during an exhibition football game in Manchester, England, 1978. Performed by german singer Nina Hagen, who was applying for a place under Anarchy sun then. 191 Kb, wav. Don't forget to turn off MIDI music before playing the hymn (in Internet Explorer, you may just check the link above and then return here with Explorer's "back" button).

  • The History of Punks (translation in Russian, KOI-8 version also available) - a punk folk legend.

  • Punk War Award (rare image!) - a medal "For Perfect Shooting", issued in The DeadMan Anarchat, a federal province in sector 32, both sides.