There are places I remember...all my life, though some have changed...some forever, not for better...and some are gone, and some remain...all these places have their moments...with lovers and friends I still can recall...some are dead and some are my life, I love them all...

Click on the links below to see pictures of some of the people in my life. This will be fancier soon enough, but I wanted to get the pictures up quickly. Thanks to Steve for scanning...he's a swell guy. :-)Warning: you also have to read my sappy captions.

1 A lot of people say you only meet psychos on the Net. I am here to disprove that hypothesis. Some of my dearest friends are people I originally met on message boards and email lists. These pictures are all of my "RENT family".

2 Sometimes you have friends who understand you before you even open your mouth. My best friend Erica is that person for me.

3 Study this picture carefully. Someday these two people are going to be famous together.

4 These people keep me sane during show choir and Godspell rehearsals.

5 If you've heard about the RENT wall...or even if you haven' here for a picture.

5 Click here to see me gazing contemplatively at THE PAINTING.

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