Sunrise (by Melissa B, Jennifer Ferris, and Laura W)--A sunrise brings a new beginning...and a second chance. Rated G.
Part One Part Two

Connection (R)--All-dialogue story (yeah, *that* kind...) -- late at night over the comm. Inspired by YCD.

Epilogue: Mortal Coil (G)--When Chakotay is troubled over the events in "Mortal Coil", Janeway tries to help.

Reaction Shots: A 'Message In A Bottle' Epilogue (G)--The news of the success of the Doctor's mission has a variety of effects on the crew of Voyager.

Summon the Wish: A 'Hunters' Epilogue--The day is over--the party's over--and Janeway hasn't asked about Chakotay's letter yet.

Epilogue: Unforgettable (R)--Warning: contains spoilers for the upcoming episode.
Part One Part Two

Getting Home (PG)--One look at what might happen if the crew were to get home in the foreseeable future.
Part One Part Two

Offworld (R)--A quiet encounter between Janeway and Chakotay on an away mission.

Keeping Track of Time (PG)--A sequel, or sorts, to "Demon". Also a belated response to the JetC12 birthday challenge.

* * * * *

Infinite Possibilities: A Voyager A/U. My version of a J/C alternate universe in which they are both professionals together *and* lovers. They could do it. In this A/U, they did...

A Gift of Self (NC-17)--Janeway reaches a resolution with the help of an old friend, and then makes a decision. First story in the series. **A 1997 ASC award-winning story**
Part One Part Two

Back To Work (PG)--An away mission leads to the first testing of the relationship.
Part One Part Two

A Real Hot Coffee Night (NC-17)--Life continues on the Voyager... a 'slice of life' story
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four