Melissa's Journal


Welcome to the inner thoughts of me. If you care, you may peruse my journal entries below. If you don't care to...well, I'm doing this for me, anyway. I'm just allowing you to be a voyeur. If you do read, I hope you'll sign my guestbook or email me and let me know.

My Take On the Oscars--not really a journal entry, just moved here from my index page.

1 April 1998: Beginnings
2 April 1998: Observations While Driving
3 April 1998: Wardrobes and Weight Loss
6 April 1998: Much Ado About My Weekend
10 April 1998: Surviving the Dark Ages
10 April p.s.: 'Our fruitless labours mourn'
14 April 1998: Every Day Another Door
21 April 1998: I Remember
24 April 1998: College--A Waste of Ten Years?
27 April 1998: Lightning
28 April 1998: Happy Birthday To Me
6 August 1998: Go Back To High School

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