My Favorite Things

(this is so far from being done...bear with me)

Here are some links to things that are really cool...and the pages are better than what I can do right now, so go check them out!

My pick for Link of the Year:

Star Wars: The Musical--Do yourself a favor. Go read the script to this. It's hysterical. All the songs are set to the tune of existing musical songs from shows like "Les Mis", but the best number in the whole show is set to the tune of "Greased Lightning" favorite line goes, 'Go Millenium Falcon, you're coasting through the Kessel race!'

TV Links

Blackadder--possibly the funniest show *ever*. Rowan Atkinson kills me. I especially love the Christmas Special. Find pictures, sound bytes, and the complete scripts here!
Fraggle Rock--Chris's Fraggle Rock page is a terrific place. Go here to learn the lyrics to all those songs you loved but thought no one else did. He also has an episode guide, pictures of merchandise, and other cool stuff.
JEM!--do you remember all the names of the Misfits? Do you remember the name of the guy who loved both Jem and Jerrica? If not, or if you loved this show as much as I did, go check this page out.
Battle of the Planets--Also known as brother and I were addicted to this show and to Star Blazers (and if you know a good active Star Blazers page, please email me!) and until I found this site I thought we were the only ones who remembered it.
Star Trek: The Next Generation--I love this show. This is a great site. My true love is Voyager, though, but I have enough stuff on that elsewhere on the site already.
Law and Order--This is the best show on television. It is consistently good, season after season. Two words: Michael Moriarty. Sorry, he's not on anymore, but luckily you can catch him weeknights in reruns on A&E. I do like Sam Waterston and Carey Lowell, but the show lost a little something since the days of Briscoe and Logan, Ben and Claire. Sigh. But the show is still terrific.
Sesame Street Lyrics Archive--WOW. The lyrics to every Sesame Street song. Remember "Imagination" and "Me and My Llama" and "I Don't Want To Live On the Moon"?

Other random links...

The Official Mark Hamill Page--I saw Return of the Jedi far too many times when it was re-released. RotJ is a definite Luke movie. Yes, Mark Hamill is still working in show business. No, he is not bitter that Harrison Ford is making $20 mil a picture and refusing to discuss Star Wars. Yes, he is gracious and accomodating to SW fans. I love this site.
LaFace Records--my friend Chrissy is in a new girl group called Choice. Their album will be out on LaFace hopefully sometime this year. There's nothing on this site about it yet, but it does mention the name of the group. Hey, I thought it was cool.
previously BUS STOP Sound Recordings--check out the wild and wacky independent recording label my net buddy Frankie works on.
The '80's Server--a great site for everything, and I do mean *everything*, '80s.
The Poop--Where a dog can have its day! My friend Mike is on the staff of this site, and I thought it was really cute even though I don't own a dog. Lots of expert dog tips, picture contests and more!

The Universal Currency Converter--a really cool thing I use at work all the time. Need to change dollars into lire? Yen into pounds sterling? Go here.


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