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My Struggles With the World of Fiction

Fan Fiction, or "Why I Haven't Finished My Children's Book Yet"

I had a really creative streak a few months ago that coincided with the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy. In two months I watched the movies more times than I am likely to admit in public and read nearly every pro novel that has been released since the great Zahn wrote his fabulous trilogy continuing the story. After plowing through those, I proceeded to devour every piece of online fan fiction I could get my hands on.
Henceforth I decided that rather than take out the children's novels I have been working on for years, I would write my own fan fiction story. I churned it out at an amazing rate of speed. If you are a fan of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, you can read my labour of love, "The Long Road Home", by clicking here. Or you could go to the lord of all fan fiction websites, the Star Wars Fan Fiction Library in the New Republic section.
While you're at FanfiX, I also recommend "3 of a Kind", "Samizdat", and "Fragments of the Crystal". There's some other STUFF I also recommend highly if you can track it down. ;-)

You can also find my story here at Club Jade. A warning, though: Club Jade is not for the faint of heart or boring of character. Club Jade is the most varied, strange, intelligent, obsessive bunch of divas I have ever been a part of.

I thought that the completion of my Luke and Mara story would have gotten that out of my system. No dice. The space that was cleared in my brain was promptly taken up by a story idea for Voyager's Janeway and Chakotay. Sigh. So much for my Newbery Medal. To read this J/C story, and several others written since that day, click here. Oh to be an author...

I have long struggled with the plotlines for several novels. One that I have been seriously working on (on and off) for three years is called "The Circle of Maerivar". It's a fantasy novel aimed at a young adult market, although hopefully it will have that timeless crossover appeal that Robin McKinley has achieved so well (hey, at least I have low aspirations, you know?). It concerns five people and a prophecy, and I hope to have some of it posted here soon.

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Wonderful writing that I wish was mine

I am a huge King Arthur fan and have collected several fictional versions of the story. I am always looking for new ones. Imagine my surprise when I found the first four chapters of a wonderful, though still unpublished, modern version of the tale right here on the Net. It's called The Widening Gyre, which I also think is a great name. If you enjoy this sort of thing, go read it. It's by a man named John Adcox (who I don't even know), and I think you'll agree that it is worthy of print. I just hope it's soon so I can read the rest!

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