Yorick's Skull Productions

*dedicated to the art of keeping classic theatre alive*

Yorick's Skull Productions is a new theatrical organization dedicated to keeping classic theatre alive. We are a group of people who, frustrated with both the lack of directing opportunities in our area as well as the absence of classic theatre from the seasons of almost every group we know, have decided to do something about it.

We plan to select plays carefully and study them in-depth as a group. After we have a thorough working knowledge of the play, the themes behind it, and how we want to produce it, we will start to mount a production. This may take months, it may take a year for each show. We are seeking several people to be part of the original core group of performers/technical staff. Please contact any of the below listed people to arrange for an interview. Performing is not required to join the group. We seek performers, tech staff, and lovers of classic theatre in general.

Auditions are being held on an ongoing basis. Production is planned tentatively for late 1998. Please email us to arrange for an appointment.

Our first selection will be William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

YSP Contacts:

General Information
Co-Producers/Artistic Directors:
Melissa Boberick
Steven D'Ambrosio
Technical Director: Phillip Imbesi
Public Relations Coordinator: Kristin Tulino

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