Star Trek: Defiant

"Alternatives" - Part Three

Written by Eric L. Busby

The seventh universe which Legion and Commander Matute came to was a welcome brake form the desolation of the sixth. It was a reality where the Federation had joined forces with the Klingons, Romulans, and the Dominion in peace and exploration. Jen had half wished that she could have stayed behind in this universe. But in the end she had realized that she had to try and make her way back to her home. And so when the time came she and Legion moved on. It was the eighth universe that they would later reflect as being the strangest of all the ones they had encountered.

Captain Ace Bridges stood with his sword in his hands. He was dressed in his crisp white linen captain's suit. Before him stood the evil overlord Adam Lebin. Who was dressed in black as always. Behind him, tied to Lebin's evil super computer, was Laine Rael dressed, as always, in her innocent white dress. Lebin smiled down at Ace with an his evil gleam in his eyes.

"You shall not stop my masterplan now Ace," Lebin made a deep evil laugh, "All shall come out as I have planned! Soon I will rule the galaxy!"

"Not if I can stop you!" Ace said in a brave heroic voice. He lept a good ten feet in the air and spun over Lebin's head. Ace's sword swung from his hands and slammed into the super computer behind Lebin. This caused it to spark and short out. Suddenly the Defiant was free of the force beam that the evil overlord Lebin had trapped it in.

Lebin looked really mad about this, "Gosh darn you Ace!" He yelled in his defeated bad guy voice, "You have foiled my evil plans once more."

Lebin turned and ran away to his shuttle. So, like most evil bad people, he could escaped only to turn up again some time and become a menace to the heroic Captain Ace Bridges in the future. The trapped damsel Rael, now free from her ropes, fell into Ace's strong arms, "Oh Ace," She said in glee, "You've saved me again."

"All in a days work for Captain Ace Bridges." Ace said in a deep booming voice. Legion looked over at Matute. Jen was not sure, but Legion almost look like he wanted to vomit from everything he was seeing. Legion pulled up the TQU and looked at it.

"We have about five minutes to go before we can leave," Legion said. Then he looked at Ace Bridges and Rael, "But I'm willing to take the risk then stay here anymore."

Jen look at Ace Bridges and then back at Legion, "I'm game." She said in a weary voice.

Legion pushed the sequence of buttons and the humming sound rose from the TQU. Before the pair could flashed out from this universe, Ace Bridges looked over at them.

"Smoke me a kipper," He said in his heroic voice, "I'll be back for breakfast."

"God, I hope not." Legion said and then he and Jen vanished.

* * *

"I would say about one more jump should calibrate the unit," Legion said looking over the TQU, "Its running at 95 percent efficiency now." There was a phaser blast that rocked the table which Legion and Jen hid behind.

"So we should be able to get home after our next jump." Jen said. She morph her arm so it stretched over the edge of the table. Jen fired her phaser then pulled her arm back quickly.

"Looks that way," Legion said clipping the TQU to his belt. He pulled out his own phaser, "The trick of course is going to be staying alive long enough to get home now. We have a few minutes to kill before the charge is up again and we can leave here."

"Life's full of challenges." Jen muttered.

This was a universe where the Defiant and her crew were part of a rebellion against the tyrannical forces of the Gothik Empire of Planets. Jen and Legion had found out there was a massive civil war going on through this Alpha quadrant. There were a fleet of ships in the rebellion. All were fighting against ship still loyal to the Empire. This had been going on for close to eight years now. Legion did not really care for the history lesson. All he wanted to do was get away with his skin and Borg implants relatively intact. Jen however had been fascinated by all of this.

However, once the rebel forces that controlled this Defiant had learn that Jen and Legion where on board. The pair had found themselves in a constant running fire fight. Getting away alive would be indeed be challenging.

* * *

The invaders were pin down in Eight forward. Kamiana Tyrrel and her troops had them now. There was no other way out of the lounge. Tyrrel motioned to Catrin Kadiya and she came over to her. "I want you to throw a charge in," The Betazoid said, "That should stop them."

"I don't know Captain," Catrin said, "It might shatter one of the windows and cause a hull breach."

"I'm not about to turn this ship back over to Prince DeLarch and his Empire," Tyrrel snapped, "Its a risk, but we have to take it!" Catrin looked at Tyrrel and sighed.

"Your the boss." The Novachron said. She pulled out a metal sphere the size of a tennis ball. She pressed a small red button on its top then tossed it into the room.

* * *

The small ball like object rolled up to the table that Jen and Legion were behind. There was a soft thud as it hit the table and stopped rolling. Then came a flash of white light and a moment later the charge exploded. There was nothing left of the table after that. Tyrrel and Catrin came into the room followed by a few of their troops. The two women looked around the room. Except for themselves they found it empty. Captain Tyrrel smiled.

"I don't think they'll bother us again." Tyrrel said with a chuckle.

"Yeah," Catrin said, "But what was that flash just before the charge went off?"

"Does it matter?" Tyrrel asked, "Their gone and we still have the Defiant."

"We still have the Empire to overthrow." Catrin pointed out to Tyrrel.

"All things in their given time Catrin," Tyrrel said to her friend, "All things in their given time. There will come a day when the Empire will fall, and the quadrant will be free from the Kindred."

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