Star Trek: Defiant

"All For His People" - Part One

Written by Eric L. Busby

He sat alone in his quarters. The lights were dim and the room was cast mostly in shadows. But then Goth liked the dark. Most Thanaos did. In the dark they could hunt and stalk their pray with easy. For the dark was the domain of the blood drinkers. However in the years he had spent on Earth, Goth had learned to enjoy the sunlight light. If only for brief moments at a time. The sun was very damaging to the pale skin of all Thanaos. And the light to bright for their sensitive eyes.

Goth sat back in his chair. Before him was his personal access display device, or PADD console for short. He rubbed an isolinear optical chip between his talon like fingers. He looked between the chip and the console and back again. Could he do this, he wondered. Should he do this? He had been promised information about the whereabouts of a number of his race that had survived the great war. A world were the Thanaos had started to rebuild their lives.

But was that information worth the lives of the crew of the Defiant? Goth had only been on the ship for a short time. He had not really gotten to know most of them very well yet. Except for Mak. Yes Mak and he had gone back a long way. They had both been on Earth for centuries. They had even gotten together once a century and drank a toast to one another health. It was odd that a Novachron and a Thanaos would develop a friendship. After all, their races had been bitter enemy during the great war. And yet Goth looked upon Mak as a friend. It was Mak that they wanted dead. Why Goth had no idea. There was something about the Novachron that they feared. So they wanted Mak removed once and for all. But could Goth do it? Could he kill his friend? All in the name of his people?

Goth sighed. He knew in his twin hearts what he had to do. His people were scattered amongst the stars far and wide after their homeworld had been destroyed long ago. They had no home, no base of operations. A lost people lost in the galaxy. Yet if the information was true some of the Thanaos had built a new home were his people could now gather together again. The Thanaos would live once more.

Goth sat up in the chair and pushed a button on the PADD. A moment later the image of an Oriental man appeared on the screen. This was D.A.R.Y.L. The Defiant's sentient ship board computer. He was one of a kind. No other starship had a sentient computer.

"Hello Daryl." Goth said.

"Lt. Commander Goth," Daryl said back in greeting, "What can I do for you today?"

"First tell me if you at this moment in contact with anyone else on board." Goth said. Daryl's image looked confused for a moment.

"At this moment I am not in contact with anyone other than yourself," Daryl said, "May I ask why you asked?"

Goth smiled and plugged the isolinear chip into an open slot in the bottom of the PADD, "Its not important," He said, "Would you please scan this chip and tell me what you find on it?"

Daryl began to scan the chip. Suddenly the image of his face took on a look of horror, "What.... What.... are... you....doing," The image of the face began to distort and wave like a TV with bad reception. Goth looked at the image. His face betrayed no emotion. That is, if he had felt any for what he was now doing.

"Forgive me Daryl. I have no choice. I must do this," Goth said to the distorted image, "For the greater good. Sometime innocence must die."

Daryl's image faded into nothing and the screen went dark for a moment. Then a moment later the image of Daryl was back to normal as if nothing had happened. He looked at Goth and smiled, "Hello Commander Goth. What can I do for you today?" Daryl asked.

"Tell me what you present assignment is." Goth asked. Daryl looked somewhat confused for a moment and then smiled.

"Thats an easy one," Daryl said, "In less than an hour, Defiant is to begin a deep space mission in search of systems that may have suffered Nanite/Swarm infections. However once we leave DS9, I am to take over full function of the ship and send it into Bajor's sun destroying the ship and its crew."

"Thank you Daryl," Goth said, "Please keep that information to yourself. We would not want to panic the crew after all."

"Of course not." Daryl said, "Have a nice day Commander." And the image of Daryl vanished. Goth sat back in his chair. He had done it. Set up the destruction of a friend and the ship. All in the name of his people. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He would have to get of Defiant now. In a matter of twenty minutes the ship was due to begin its mission. It would not be wise to be on board when the ship fell into the sun he though. He began to stand up when his combadge chirped. He sat back down and tapped his badge.

"Goth here." He said.

"Commander," Came the voice of Cullyn MacBrendain, "We are receiving a transmission for you. Its marked personal. Your eyes only."

"Please patch it to my room." Goth said. He looked back at the PADD again. Suddenly the image of a paleman with glowing eyes and a trim goatee beard appeared.

"You," Goth said in surprise and anger, "What do you want? This transmission could be traced!"

"Our long range scanners have noted that you have competed your mission for us," The Director of the Brotherhood said, "I just wanted to thank you for your fine work. You should feel proud."

"Save your thanks," Goth said not sounding proud at all, but more like he was disgusted with himself, "I am only doing this for my people."

"Yes, your people," The Director said, "I take it you would like to know the location of the world where they are now."

"Your going to send it to me now?" Goth asked. Perhaps after they gave him the information he would be able abort the Defiant's destruction afterwards. He might not have to kill everyone after all.

"Of course we will." The Director said. Suddenly from the small slot where the isolinear chip was. A bolt of red energy shot out from the chip striking Goth in the center of his chest. Goth was sent flying back across his quarters and slammed into the far wall with a sickening thud. He slid to the floor and remained as still as death. The image of the Director smiled.

"Thank you again Mr. Goth," The Director said, "It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Perhaps we will do it again. In another life time." The image of the Director vanished and the screen went dark. All was quiet in Goth's room. Then from the over head speakers a voice could be heard.

"This Captain Bridges to all hands. Prepare for departure from Deep Space Nine in ten minutes. I repeat. Prepare for departure in ten minutes. All station heads report in." And then silence filled the room once again.

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