Star Trek: Defiant

"All For His People" - Part Four

Written by Eric L. Busby

"Get out of there Brian there's nothing more you can do." Bridges said. He tapped his combadge again, "This is the Captain to all hand. Report to the saucer section at once. I repeat, report to the saucer section at once for emergency saucer separation." Bridges sighed and with a shake of his head looked at Adam Lebin.

"Whats that old Earth saying," Lebin said grimly, "It doesn't rain but it pours."

"This isn't just pouring Adam," Bridges said, "We're in a damn hurricane. I can't believe the day we're having."

* * *

The crew were making their way into the saucer in all manners. Some just ran down the corridors. While other took turbo lifts to the saucer's upper decks. And a few climbed up the access tubes through the neck of the ship. Goth was one of these. He climbed up an long series of ladders and was being closely followed by a few others. He was now dressed in his one piece black uniform with service jacket which was unbuttoned in front. This was the uniform of the Starfleet Rangers. Goth preferred this uniform over those of Starfleets. He felt far more comfortable in it and felt it set him far above the rest of the crew. The Rangers had been the back bone of the Federation for many centuries. Like the Ghost Dancers and Section 31, the Rangers deal with threats to the Federation in a quiet out of the way manor. However, unlike those other groups, the Rangers operated in the open and had nothing to hide. Or so they claimed. As the old saying goes, "The best place to hide is out in the open. That way no one will suspect you."

Goth climbed through a small hatch and into a large room. He stepped off the ladder and stood to one side as the other climbed in after him. He helped a few up. The last one through the hatch was the Cardassian NaKar. Goth knelt and pushed a lever up and down. He repeated this four more times until the hatch bellow the group closed and sealed up. He then tapped his combadge.

"Goth to bridge," He said, "Group beta is all accounted for and safe."

On the bridge Adam Lebin nodded his head once he heard Goth's report. It had taken little more than five minutes to get everyone still alive to the saucer section. He then looked over to were Bridges was standing, "Thats everyone Captain." He reported. Bridges looked down at Chad.

"Begin separation." He said. Chad's hands flew across the helm controls. Everything seamed to be working fine, but after less than ten seconds there came a hideous grinding sound. Then there was a mighty lurch that threw everyone off their feet. Bridges looked back at the helm.

"Captain something's wrong." Chad reported not looking up from the helm.

* * *

Goth rolled quickly back to his feet. He knelt by the hatchway and reached out the palm of his right hand and gently placed it upon the metal door. He closed his eyes and seamed to go into a trance. NaKar came over to him, "That shouldn't have happened." She said.

"Thats very obvious." Goth said in a cold voice as he opened his eyes. It was clear he was disturbed about something.

"What is it?" NaKar asked. Goth looked at her.

"Not all of the drive sections docking latches have retracted," Goth said, "Some of them must have been damaged, so now the saucer can't get free."

"How do you know that?" NaKar asked. Goth shook his head in disappointment. Such mundane creatures these mortals could be at times. Still they were like children. They could not know any better than to ask foolish questions.

"I have many talents," Goth explained to her, "One of which is psionics. I can reach out with my mind and feel what is going on around me."

"So how many latches are stuck." NaKar asked.

"Only two but its enough to keep the saucer here," Goth said, "And with the drive section about to go boom that's not good."

"What can we do about it?" NaKar asked.

"We will do nothing. I work alone," Goth said, "I want you to close the hatch behind me once I'm gone." He reached out and pulled the level which he had used to seal the hatch close. He pulled it up and down four times and the hatch sprang open. He started to climb down the ladder.

"So what are you going to do?" NaKar asked him. Goth did not bother to look back up at her.

"I'm going to free the latches," He yelled back up, "Now close that hatch and hold on. This shouldn't take long."

"Have you thought about how your going to get back?" NaKar asked.

"I have a plan," Goth said. NaKar reached out and sealed the hatch. Goth looked up at the now closed hatch, "I always have a plan," He said to himself, "I just haven't though of this one yet." And he climbed further down the ladder.

Less than five minutes later Goth was standing under two massive load bearing space frames. The huge latching systems were still in their up right position. Under normal conditions the latches would lower into the small compartment where Goth now stood. He could see the other sixteen latches were already lowered and sealed. Only a great amount of damage had been done to these two latches. Goth looked them over searching for a way to get them to lower.

"I bet that guy with the police box never has days like these," He said as he reached up and tapped him combadge. "Goth to bridge, anyone home today?"

"Goth what the hell do you think your doing!" The angry voice of Captain Bridges came back, "NaKar just told us you went back into the drive section."

"Yes captain," Goth said in a warm friendly voice, "I imagine you already known about the docking latches. I am going to try and force them to retract. Once thats done you should be able to get the saucer away from the drive section."

"Thats wonderful Goth," Bridges said sarcastically, "In case you haven't noticed you'll still be over on the drive section once the saucers free."

"Thats hasn't escaped my notice," Goth said, "But I have a plan in mind that should get me out of here before the drive section is destroyed. Stand by please." He said. Goth looked along the roof and saw a series of large metal pipes and tubes running back and forth. He looked at the largest of these and his eyes began to take on a red crimson glow. The pipe started to shake a little. Then with a might lurch and a sound of metal tearing, the pipe was pulled from the ceiling.

The pipe released and ocean of hydraulic fluid that washed down on Goth. The wave of fluid was so great that Goth was thrown off his feet and found himself washed up against a wall. When he could stand again he noticed the two docking latches were lowering now. Once he had cut off the fluid that held them in place they had fall back, "Goth to bridge. I think you'll find your free to navigate now."

* * *

On the bridge Chad looked down at the helm, "He's right," He said, "All the latches are clear."

"Go to full impulse!" Bridges all but yelled. The saucer section's impulse engines came to life and pushed of the saucer away from the dying drive section. The drive section continued to drift in the void of space. Bridges looked at it on the main view screen. He tapped his combadge.

"Goth we're clear. If your going to get out of there you had better do it quick." Bridges said. He waited a moment for a response but none came, "Goth?" Bridges said again, "Goth can you hear me?"

* * *

Goth for his part was paying no attention to his combadge. He was running like all of the demons of hell were on his tail. He raced down a dimly lit corridor. Now came the hard part. Finding a way off the drive section before it blew. He looked about himself and wondered not for the first time why he was doing this in the first place.

"Think about it later." Goth told himself and started to run again. There had to be a way off, but where was it. Suddenly he stopped short and all but fell thanks to his wet boots. He reached out and grabbed hold of the wall to keep his balance. He looked at the door where he stood. The large door read 'Cargo Bay Ten'.

"Of course!' Goth yelled. He ran inside the cargo bay. He looked about at a number of boxes that had been tossed about the room. But at the far side of the room was what he was looking for. The Cargo transporter. He jumped over a number of boxes and ran to the transporter unit. He started to press a number of buttons on it and quickly discovered there was no power in the transporter console. It must have been damaged when Defiant fell through the worm hole. Goth looked down to see if there was anything he could fix and quickly. He did not have much time left. At best he had maybe two minutes.

Goth looked the whole unit over but could find nothing wrong with it, "Starfleet piece of shit!" he yelled and slammed his hands down on the console hard. The console suddenly came to life with blinking lights and everything. Goth looked down at the now active transporter, "Thats better." He said. He quickly set in his destination over at the saucer section and ran over to the transporter pad. Once he got their he heard the wine of the transporter start. But then it kick out again and everything went dark. The console had died again.

"I really don't have time for this!" Goth yelled at the console. He pulled off one of his boots and with a well placed aim, he throw it at the transporter console. At the same moment the boot struck the console the warp core exploded.

* * *

Laine Rael and a few of her staff had reported to the bridge when the separation had begun. In part she come to help those who had been hurt. However she had also wanted to be closer to Jeffery. If this were to be there last moment alive she wanted to be with him. She with the others watched in horror as the drive section of the Defiant blossomed outwards in a fire ball of destruction. The saucer was buffed by the shockwave of the explosion. Everyone grasped their seats or one of the guard railing to keep from being tossed about. When the wave passed Rael looked at the screen where the image of the drive section had been. But all that was there now was nothing but a debris cloud of metal bits and pieces drifting in space.

There was nothing left of it. The warp core breech had torn the drive section apart. Bridges just stared at the cloud. "Goth." Was all he could say. It was then that the hum and glow of a transporter materialization in front of the main view screen. A moment later Goth stood in front of everyone on the bridge. He was covered head to toe in hydraulic fluid and a mass of cuts. He was also missing one boot. Goth collapsed to the floor a moment later. Rael dashed over to his side. She ran a medical tri-corder over the Thanaos.

"He's hurt," She said, "But alive. He's going to need blood soon." Rael motioned to her people who came over and with care lifted Goth up onto a stretcher.

"Take care of him," Bridges said, "Without him we would all be dead now."

Rael nodded to Bridges and led the stretcher to the turbo lift. Bridges watched them leave. After they were gone he looked back at his bridge staff. He sighed, "I know this has been hard for all of you," He said, "Indeed we have lost much this day. But its not over yet. We have to get home somehow. With only impulse power it could take us years without help."

"Maybe not captain,' Jen said from her station at tactical, "I'm picking up a ship decloaking just in front of us."

"What?" Bridges said, "On screen." Bridges turned and looked at the main viewer. On the screen there was a ripple which quickly formed into a Vor'cha class battle ship.

"We're being hailed sir," Jen said.

"Open a channel." Bridges said. On the screen the image of a Klingon appeared.

"I am Gora of the imperial warship Ka'Tch'Ha."

"Captain Bridges of the starship.... Starship Defiant." Bridges said after a brief paused. It had only really sunk in that most of his ship had just been destroyed before his eyes.

"Captain. We monitored an explosion in this region and came to investigate." Gora said. Bridges nodded his head.

"Yes, that was the drive section of our ship. We suffered a warp core breach." Bridges said. Gora snorted in a sound that sounded like he was clearing his throat.

"An unfortunate occurrence," Gora said, "Do you require assistance?"

"Strange you should ask that," Bridges said, "We could use a tow back to Bajor. All we have is impulse drive and your help would be greatly appreciated."

"Understood,' Gora said, "Standby captain." The image of Gora blanked out. A moment later there was a gentle lurch throughout the saucer.

"The Klingons have just locked a tractor beam on us sir," Adam Lebin reported, "And they have set a course for Bajor."

Bridges just let out a deep breath. He looked about his shattered bridges. The lights flickering on and off, smoke still heavy in the air. There were blood stains on the floor. How strange that only a few hours ago they were beginning a new mission and everything was clean and new looking. And now the ship was a wreck and most of it was destroyed. The Defiant was gone as Bridges knew it. But she had not died in vain at least. The Defiant was the first ship ever to have gone to warp near a star and return it crew for the most part alive. If anything let that be Defiant's epitaph Bridges thought. He put out his hand and touched a guard rail. He all but believed he felt the life in ship draining away.

"I'll be in my quarters." Bridges said quietly. He walked to the turbo lift and left the bridge. The damaged saucer in tow behind the Klingon ship continued on it journey back home.

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