Star Trek: Defiant

"All For His People" - Part Five

Written by Eric L. Busby

One month later

He sat before the window and watched at the Bajoran sun began to rise. Rael was still asleep in bed. She was curled up in the sheets and blankets. It was very early in the morning. Bridges himself would be asleep himself but he found he couldn't get much sleep last night. Today was the day of the memorial service for those who had died on Defiant last month.

The Starfleet board of inquisition had exonerated Bridges and his crew of any fault. After a team of inspectors had gone over the damaged saucer with a fine tooth comb they'd found the remains of a computer virus in a wiped section of Daryl's programming. The virus had forced Daryl to send the Defiant on a collision course. However it was believed that once Daryl's anti-virus programs had kicked in that they had wiped out the virus before the ship was destroyed. Upon closer examination of the virus a group of codes and programming know to be used by the Brotherhood were discovered. Starfleet know felt that before his death, the cyborg Legion had planted the virus in the ships computer in the hopes of destroying the Defiant and its crew. With this evidence in mind, the board of inquisition had cleared the Defiant crew at once.

However this left one question yet to be answered. What happens next?

The saucer section was badly damaged and in a space dock in Bajor's orbit. Even if the damage could be fixed there was no longer a drive section left of to Defiant. Bridges could not help but wonder what the future had in store for him and his crew. It was then there came a chime from the entrance doorway. Bridges pulled on a bathrobe from the floor and hovered over to the bedroom door. The Borg implants had caused his far too much pain to be of any used. Until he could walk under his own power, Bridges would stay in the hover chair.

He with gentle care closed the bedroom door and crossed over to the entrance. The door to the apartment which he and Rael had been using for the last month swished open and Bridges discovered Adam Lebin on his door step. Adam was dressed in his uniform and was well groomed for so early in the morning. Did the man never sleep?

"Good morning Captain," The Trill said, "I hope I didn't wake you."

"I was up already,' Bridges said, "Won't you come in and sit down commander?"

Adam smiled and came in. He walked over to a large dinning table and took a seat. Bridges hovered over to the replicator, "Can I get you anything?" He asked.

"No thanks, I've already had breakfast." Adam said. Bridges looked at the replicator.

"Tea. Earl Gray. Hot." He said. A moment later a glass with tea came into being. Bridges took the cup and went over to the table. He sat down across from Adam, "Now then Commander. What can I do for this morning?"

Adam smiled at Bridges, "There going to put her back together Jeff." he said.

"There going to put who back together?" Bridges asked.

"The Defiant of course," Adam said. He slid a PADD he had been carrying across the table to Bridges. Bridges picked it up and began to look it over.

"It turns out the Bajoran shipyards had been commissioned to construct a new Sovereign class starship. They had just completed the drive section and were about to begin construction on the saucer section. However Starfleet commanded had decided to repair our saucer section and attach it to this new drive section. Plus if you look at the underside of her you will see two of the new fighter bays that Starfleet is putting on the new generation of starships. Those would be for our new Assault Runabouts."

Bridges looked at the two small slots which were not much larger than a runabout in the drives sections underbelly. There were four built on each side, "So it will be a new ship then." He said.

"No," Adam said, "The way Fleet command is looking at this is the drive section is just a replacement for the parts of the ship that were lost. And theres no real difference in this drive section from the one we lost. Its going to be like nothing ever happened."

"Something happened all right,' Bridges said, "But at least we'll have our ship back. How long before we can take her out of space dock?"

"Well the drive section is ready now," Adam said, "The saucer is another story. We're looking at another four to six weeks before repairs came be completed."

"That should give us enough time for a shake down cruse for the drive section then," Bridges said. He put the PADD down, "I've been going over what happened. I've decided to give an accommodation out to Lt. Commander Goth. With out him a lot more lives could have been lost. He acted very bravely in the face of the crisis."

"Sounds good," Adam said, "He told me that he would be at the memorial service today. I'll tell him after its over."

"Good." Bridges said, "I've should wake Rael up and get ready for the service anyways. I'll see you there Commander."

"Yes sir." Adam said. He got up and left Bridges apartment.

* * *

Why had he done it? That was what had been going through Goth's mind for the better part a month now. Why had he risked his life to save the ship? After all it had been he who had put it in danger in the first place. Yet he had thrown caution to the winds and risked his life to save the very crew that he had condemned to death only a few hours before. Why?

Goth sat with the rest of the survivors of the Defiant crew. He was dressed in a crisp new Rangers uniform. They all sat out under the sun and the light was starting to bothering Goth. He would need to seek shelter soon. But he could stay for a time still. He looked at the others around him. He had been willing to sacrifice their lives to the Brotherhood. But now upon reflection perhaps that had been a rash move. The crew of the Defiant were a brave lot. They could be instrumental in helping him locate others of his race. Was this why he has risked his life to save them? No, Goth though, No. In his twin hearts Goth knew the real reason why he had done it.

He had not done it for the Defiant. He had done it all for his people.

If the saucer section had not been able to escape from the drive section. When the warp core exploded it would have taken the saucer with it killing him as well. Without him the Thanaos people might never unite again. So he had risked his life to give himself and his people the fighting chance to live.

Yet for now he was working amongst the other races in the galaxy. For now he would have to be one of them and act as one of them. Yet Goth did not know what the future had in store for him. He might be called upon to put the crews life in jeopardy again some day. He did not know for sure. But time would tell. In the end it always did.

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