Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part One

Written by Brian Bedard

Opening Gambit:

As if it were an animal struggling to survive, Terok Nor recieved another barage of fire. If music played in space, a raging crescendo waved over the station. Nearby stars bore witness to its final moments.

With a flicker, a ship dropped out of cloak. The ship wasn't very big, the size of an ore freighter, but it was far from an innocent merchant craft. It was a cruiser, his personal cruiser. The part man/machine stirred, the sight before him filled him with glee. The Terrans would finally be destroyed, he'd be free to crossover and complete the task that brought him millions of miles from home. As the Terran station bucked, he continued firing.

By his side, he heard a growl. He reached over and stroked the beast lounging next to his seat. He had found it in a capsule. It had been a jar of goo, but he had taught it to take the form of a Romulan TerrorBeast. It was his companion.

Ahead, a lieutenant spoke, "My Lord, Emitions indicate a vessel escaping the Terran Station."

"Follow it! Destroy it!" The Man/Machine said.

* * *

Through the viewport, she watched as the home she had known for years was reduced to floating debris. Jadzia wiped the tears from her eyes. A voice drew her back.

"They died to give us a chance." Julian said, "A chance to save a universe."

The tiny ship sheared to left, sending Jadzia tumbing against the wall. Julian turned back to the controls.

"Incoming!" he yelled. Deftly, he managed to avoid several shots. One slipped by and shattered the engines. The ship was dead. He got up, hauled Jadzia onto the transporter pad. He stepped back to work the controls.

Jadzia came to, pain excrutiating, she focused on Julian feverishly programming the controls. The last thing she saw as she dematerialized was Julian's face as the ship exploded.

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