Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part Two

Written by Brian Bedard

1st Movement:

Engineering was dead. Commander Bedard walked in, finding only three people on duty, K'larn, Barak, and Marinus, and they were playing cards.

Engrossed in the heavy betting, K'larn didn't see his commanding officer step up behind him. Marinus was struggling to keep a straight face, he held a straight flush. Barak mused over his cards, "Anybody know if the chief plays poker? I hear Bolians have a mean streak when it comes to games of chance."

K'larn growled, "The commander doesn't know the difference between a deck of cards and a deck plate."

"But I do know," started Bedard, looking over the Klingon's shoulder, "that a pair is a lousy hand." The Klingon sputtered and threw his cards down. Marinus beamed as he revealed his hand, the game over anyway. Barak placed his cards down and returned to his duty station. K'larn glared at the commander who had broken a very good bluff.

Marinus called out to Barak, "What did you have?" The shuttlebay officer reached for the Romulan's cards. When Barak didn't respond, he turned them over. His face fell to the floor when he saw the Romulan had four Ace's. "Man, can you teach me that trick?" Marinus asked. Slowly, the officers returned to their various posts. Smiling, Bedard leaned over the diagnostic terminal. He began a test of the warp drive converters. As the test neared completion, he felt something in the air. He gasped as a bright light enveloped the room. When it had subsided, a woman, badly injured lay sprawled on the floor.

* * *

"My Lord, someone crossed over just before the ship disintigrated." A mechanized male voice said. A man/machine similar to the commander came out of the shadows behind the command chair.

The Man/Machine smiled, "Then we have two reasons to crossover. To pave the way for the fleet, and to see that the Terran doesn't speak.

come Bruticus, we have work to do. Is the portal ready?"

"My Lord, just a few more adjustments are required." Bruticus said.

The Man/Machine knodded, "Make it so." Minutes passed as the technically inclined Bruticus fiddled with the device in his hand. The blue skinned Man/Machine held up the device.

"It's ready."


The Terror Beast growled.

"Soon, my pet." The commanding Man/Machine pointed at the lieutenant, "You first, we have to see if it works."

"Yes, my lord." Bruticus activated the device and disappeared. A junior drone spoke.

"Success, my Lord"

"Very good." The Man/Machine picked up the device that had fallen to the deck. Activating it, he smiled as he disappeared.

* * *

The Valora Nebula spanned eighty light years, at the nearest edge lay Starbase Omega, a research station whose mission is to study the strange area of space. At the hub of the sprawling station lay Operations Control, Ops for short. Captain Yuri Padorin stepped off the lift. Approaching his XO, he saw the young man was worried.

Commander Robert McIntyre pointed at the Science station. The display showed wildly fluctuating emission spikes. "Captain, the Nebula's acting up again, this is five times in the past hour. I don't like it."

"It is strange," Padorin agreed, "But keep your eye on it, just the same."

Padorin entered his office which lay off the right side of Ops. He didn't say it to McIntyre, but the emissions were bugging him too. He felt something big was going to happen sometime soon, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to be there when it did.

* * *

"Sickbay, Engineering," Bedard yelled as he knelt over the injured woman. "We have an injured guest." Seeing her face, he was sure he knew her, but the name eluded him. Behind him, Doctor Laine and a medtech scrambled in dragging a stretcher. As soon as Doctor Laine said it was safe to move her, Bedard and the medtech placed the woman on the stretcher, the name popped into his head. The Warp Symposium on Bajor.

Commander Dax.

* * *

To Captain Jeffrey Bridges, Sickbay seemed more hectic than usual. The strange arrival of one of Starfleet's more prominent officers had pushed his crew to the limits of their abilities. He had already received reports from Engineering and Security. Both were unsure of exactly how DS9's resident Science Officer happened to come aboard. He looked on as Doctor Laine ministered to the patient. He heard the door behind him open, and saw Bedard enter carrying a padd.

Back in the examination, Doctor Laine frowned at a strange reading. Tapping buttons, she brought up Trill physiology files. She glanced at her 'Imzadi', "Jeffrey, are you sure Dax is joined?" the Bajoran doctor asked.

The captain smiled, "Yes."

"Not according to this." Rael pointed at an encephalgraphic readout. "There is only one neural signature, joined Trill have two."

Concern painted over the captian's face, "Was Dax removed?"

"You mean her symboint," Rael asked. Bridges knodded. "No," Rael started, "It looks as if this woman was never joined."

"So you are saying that this isn't Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax of DS9." Bridges said. Beside him, Bedard held up the padd he brought.

"Captain, I believe I can explain it."

Bridges turned to his chief engineer.

"We picked up some strange subspace patterns, when we scanned the location she appeared in." Bedard began, "On a whim, I passed them through the database, the patterns match a transporter signal used to crossover between our universe and a parallel one, first encountered by Captain Kirk, over a hundred years ago."

"Mirror, Mirror", Bridges muttered.

"Captain?" Bedard asked.

"It's the name of Captain Sisko's report of encountering the same universe. Then she is from that universe."

"It looks that way." Bedard said.

* * *

It worked, Bruticus thought. He had found himself aboard a Terran starship. He didn't know which one, but there weren't any left in his universe, so he must of crossed over. The tight cramped crawlway loomed before him. First things, first, he thought. Find out where you are. He carefully crawled through the small corridors, he stopped when he saw a name printed on a hatchway, it read "USS Defiant NCC 74205-A".

* * *

First there was blackness, then a growl had forced him to open his eyes. Seeing that he had arrived, the Man/Machine picked himself off the floor. He looked around, deciding to go left. Up ahead he heard whistling. He stopped.

Ensign John Trudway changed tunes, he began whistling this time to a Zorla song from Alpha Centauri. His duties as Conn aboard USS Einstein had ended for the day just a few minutes ago,and he was in quite a good mood. Ensign Gina North had agreed to go out with him. He just had to come up with something to do. As he turned a corner, a sight from his past stood there. Fear swept through him as the vids he saw in school replayed in his mind. The Man/Machine smiled viciously and grabbed the young man by the throat. The ensign struggled. Looking into the man's fear filled eyes, the Man/Machine slowly crushed his windpipe. The last thing Ensign Trudway heard before he died, was "Resistance is Futile."

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