Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part 3A

Written by Brian Bedard

2nd Movement - Part 1:

"Julian!" The shout brought Rael running out of her office. Dax, no.. Jadzia, Rael thought, was awake. The look in the Trill's eyes made Rael feel cold. Terror. She had seen it in her uncle's eyes, every time he described his experience in the resistance. As she approached the biobed, she tapped her badge, "Bridge, Sickbay. Jeffrey, she's awake." she said.

"On my way." Bridges said over the comm.

Shivering, Jadzia closed her eyes. Julian's face still lingered. The pain still lingered. He had asked her to marry him a week ago. She had decided to say yes, but hadn't yet. As she calmed down she realized she was inside a starship. She could feel the distant hum of the engines. Opening her eyes again, she shrunk back seeing a Bajoran. The Intendant's people. She recalled the uniform, she weakly asked, "Starfleet?"

"Yes. I'm Doctor Laine, you can call me Rael."

"Then I made it. To your universe."

Rael found herself confused. From behind her, the captain responded.

"Yes." Bridges stepped up to the biobed. "I'm Captain Bridges, you are aboard the USS Defiant."

"Defiant!" Jadzia cried, "Smiley..."

"Jadzia, what brings you here?" Bridges asked.

"How do you know my name?" Jadzia asked, she realized the obvious, "Sorry...I look like Jadzia from this universe." Her mission returned to her mind. She looked up at Bridges, "Your galaxy is in grave danger."

"From what?" Bridges asked.


* * *

"Invasion?" Commander John Hardin asked, sitting back, in his chair in the Observation lounge. The senior crew had been assembled as soon as Bridges had spoken with the visitor from another dimension.

"From what she has told me," Bridges started, "I gather the Alliance was defeated by a race part organic, part machine. And this race has found a way to send a fleet of warships to our universe."

"Sounds like the Borg." Lebin pointed.

"It does." Bishop said. "Except that the way she describes them, they have individual thought, there's no trace of the collective hive mind I'm all too familiar with."

"So what do we do?" Matute asked.

"At the moment, I don't know. I'm open to suggestions." The assembled crew fell silent.

* * *

Captain Frederick Mendelin sat back in his command chair and sighed. This is where he wanted to be all his life. Amoung the stars. The Albert Einstein had just completed a difficult charting mission. He was looking forward to a little R&R. Maybe he'd take the ship to Aquarius. He'd rent a one person submersible and cruise the ocean depths. The galaxies largest sea mammal, the Grand Kraken can only be found in Aquarius. Maybe he'd be lucky enough to meet one. His musing was cut short when he heard his XO gasp in what seemed to him to be pure terror. As he swiveled his chair, a voice erupted on the bridge. A voice that made Mendelin's blood run cold. In his mind he was thrown back in time. To the USS Melbourne. He'd been a Lieutenant then. He was in the shuttlebay supervising the evac of the civilians. He remembered the comm channel opening, the voice echoeing in the shuttlebay. "Resistance is Futile." He heard Admiral Hanson respond, "I'll see you in hell." The battle had begun. Minutes later, Mendelin remembered that he panicked. He ran aboard one of the last shuttles and never looked back. Now his past had caught up with him. The voice from the past had said.

"Resistance is futile. I am Lord Locutus of Borg. Obey and you live." The Borg reached out and grabbed his XO, Commander Kristen Gilpatrick, by the throat. "Do I have your attention."

Mendelin nodded quickly.

Locutus smiled. This was going easier than expected, he thought. Something in Mendelin's eye caught the Borg's attention. He recognized the opportunity and seized it. "You have a fondness for this Terran. Do as I say and she lives." Locutus squeezed harder, the Terran woman choked. Mendelin spat out.

"Allright, what do you want?"

"Set course for Starbase Omega." The Borg said.

"Aye, aye sir."

* * *

Bruticus reached out and connected with the ships computer, and downloaded all he needed. The Terran was in Sickbay. His first duty was to kill the Terran, hopefully before she spoke. He realized he needed a diversion. He located the place called Shuttlebay. Yes that would do, he thought. Turning in the cramped crawlspace, the Borg lieutenant headed for the Shuttlebay.

* * *

Bridges dismissed the assembled officers, Rael's report stung him. She had called in the middle of the meeting to say that Jadzia had been looking at the historical records and had gone into a fit yelling the name "Julian" and "Smiley" over and over. The trigger Rael had said, was a picture of Locutus recorded from the bridge of the Enterprise. From the words Rael relayed it was clear that Locutus inspired terror in the visitor from another universe. If another Locutus was behind this, they were in trouble.

* * *

The past few hours weighed heavily on Mendelin. He had retired to his quarters. He didn't know why, but he had to get away from that thing running his ship. For the umpteenth time, he couldn't quite figure out what happened to Picard. Had he reverted back to Borg programming. And what was so special about Starbase Omega. He heard his door chime. He called out. "Enter."

The door swooshed open and Kristen Gilpatrick stepped in rubbing her neck. "His Borgness just let me leave the bridge." She said. She stopped noticing the lights were off in Mendelin's quarters. He ordered them on. He knew why she was here. She wouldn't ask. But he'd would reply.

"The answer you are looking for is 'Yes'." He started. "From the moment you came on board, something attracted me to you. I knew it was far from professional, so I buried it. I guess today, I couldn't control my feelings for you."

He stood up as Gilpatrick approached him. She gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled. "I'm flattered. But isn't it unprofessionalto give up command without a fight."

Mendelin smiled, then it disappeared, replaced by determination. "I will get that bastard."

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