Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part 3A

Written by Brian Bedard

2nd Movement - Part 2:

Covering his ears, Marinus entered Alexa Joel's quarters. Klingon music was blaring. The junior security officer was working at her desk oblivious to the noise.

"What the hell kind of music is this?" Marinus asked. Joel looked up from her padd.

"It's Klingon Rock 'n Roll." Joel addressed the computer, "Decrease volume 50%." The noise dropped off.

"Really, and I thought Klingon Opera was an ear sore." Marinus said, "I didn't know you were into Klingon music."

"Ordinaraly, I don't... on principle." Joel said.

"What principle?" Marinus asked.

"On the principle that I'd like to keep my ear drums intact." Joel said, "But this was a gift from Mak, 'K'Tarok does Billy Joel' The last selection was "I go to Extremes" I think."

"Mak sure has a knack for gifts." Marinus said. "Look, I've got to be in the shuttlebay in five minutes, what'd you need me for?"

"I need some shuttle training, I want to get certified as a field mechanic." Joel said.

"I can fit you in on Friday's, come by at 1400 hours." Marinus said, excusing himself. Seconds later as he continued down the hall, the Klingon music reverberated off the walls.

* * *

He stroked the chair as if he missed the feeling of sitting in the captains seat abaord a starship. Lord Locutus rarely indulged frivalous thought, but he remembered being aboard a ship called Stargazer. He remembered his first officer, who was now that suck-up Bruticus. It had been a long time since he had these thoughts of his former life. He was Locutus, Lord of the Borg, that was all that mattered. His attention returned to where it was supposed to be. His instincts told him that the Terrans would use any chance they had to take back their ship. He decided he needed to be firm.

"Any attempts to subvert my authority will be met by execution." Locutus said. As if on cue, the snarling targ growled. The bridge crew continued what they were doing, previous thoughts of rebellion redoubled. Locutus felt satisfaction.

The targ looked up at its master, wondering what just happened. She had sensed something from him and responded. She then realized that she understood his words, the words of the other... Terrans, is that what they were called?. She began to wonder if she was what she thought she was. Perhaps there is more? she questioned. She would find out. A new realization hit her. Sturm was not her name, it was a name the master gave her. Her name was Matute.

* * *

Every now and then everybody has one of those days where everything is going fine and then something goes wrong, very wrong. Ensign Marinus finished repairing a workbee docking port. Two days ago, Clark had taken it for a spin and broke the fueling arm when he re-docked. He put his tools away and glanced around the shuttlebay. Two engineers were working on a antigrav unit. Marinus smelled something acrid. The wall behind the engineers buckled and hot green plasma streamed out. Acting involuntarily, Marinus ducked behind a shuttle. He heard the engineers screamed in pain as the plasma hit them. He tapped his combadge.

"Shuttlebay to Sickbay. Plasma leak. I've got wounded."

Marinus peeked around the corner of the shuttle. A force field held the plasma at bay. He stepped around, approaching the wounded, he dragged them away. He turned as the door swooshed open. Doctor Laine and two med techs entered, followed by two security officers.

* * *

A pair of eyes peered out of the hatchway. Well, one eye and a optical sensor. Bruticus sneered. His little snare had blown too early. His optical sensor opened wider as he saw five people enter the shuttle bay. He remembered something Locutus had said to him. 'When opportunites present themselves, seize it.' Gradually, a smile creeped over his face. He reached out and pulled the hatch off and stepped out into the shuttlebay.

* * *

Bridges opened a comm channel as he slipped into the captains chair.

"Bridge to Shuttlebay, Report." Behind him, Commanders Hardin and Bedard waited, the bridge doors opened and Lt. Commander Mak and Bishop entered the bridge.

Mak stepped up to Bedard, "What's happened?"

"Plasma leak in the Shuttlebay." Bedard replied. The conversation dropped off as Marinus' agitated voice filtered in.

"Three injured. I can't figure it. Conduit 25-J that runs behind the shuttlebay just blew."

Bedard spoke "Mathew, that shouldn't happen. I had all the conduits on that deck checked out last week."

"I know that, Bedard, but it did happen."

* * *

In the shuttlebay, Marinus watched as Doctor Laine administered to the injured. The two security officers, Dallas Reigns and Alexa Joel stood guard near the roiling plasma kept in place by a force field. Reigns, a green recruit out of Andor jerked up looking behind Marinus. Turning, the shuttlebay chief heard the mechanical whirr. He choked as a Borg stepped forward.

* * *

"Captain," Marinus said, his voice cracking. Back on the Bridge, Jeffrey Bridges was concerned, that tone of voice conveyed something bad.

"What is it?"

"We have a visitor." Marinus said.

"Who is it?" Bridges asked.

"A Borg, and if my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, this borg looks like he used to be Bedard."

"What!" Bedard spat out. The view screen popped on. The Bolian chief engineer looked at a twisted mirror image of himself. The Borg spoke, "I am Bruticus of Borg. I have tapped into your system. Resistance is futile." The Borg waved his enlarged arm around settling on Doctor Laine. "Do as I say or someone dies."

Bridges swallowed, "What do you want?"

"First you will set course for Starbase Omega, and then you will bring me the Terran who crossed over." Bridges thought fast. Starfleet regulations were clear in a situation like this. He made up his mind.

"I will set course for Starbase Omega, but I won't give you another hostage."

"Very well. She dies."

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