Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part 4A

Written by Brian Bedard

3rd Movement - Part 1:

Bridges looked on in horror. Bruticus sneered and swung his arm firing at the Andorian, Reigns. Behind the Andorion, Bridges saw Joel leap into action, knocking Reigns aside. The beam seared Reigns' side. She fell grasping her wound.

"Do as I say, or next time someone will die." Bruticus said. "You have twenty minutes." The view screen flicked off. Quickly, Bridges wiped a tear off his face and turned to face the security experts behind him.

"What do we do?" Bridges asked.

Mak said, "I've got experience in hostage rescue, Leave it to me."

"Make it so." Bridges said. Mak nodded at Bishop.

"What do you say Bishop?"

"Sounds like fun." The former member of the Borg collective said.

The two headed for the turbolift. Bedard followed them.

"Wait up," the Bolian said, "I'm coming too."

"No, this is a job for Security." Mak said.

"You need me, there's bound to be more little surprises." Bedard said.

"What makes you so sure." Mak said.

Bedard replied with a sense of irony. "I would do the same if it were me."

* * *

The small research station loomed ahead. USS Einstein slowed as she approached Starbase Omega. Lord Locutus of Borg stood up and gazed at the violent reds and blues of the Valora Nebula. He sighed. The lift doors opened. Captain Mendelin entered. It pleased Locutus to see the defiant look in the captain's eyes.

"I got you here, what now." Mendelin said.

"Now you will assist me in opening a rift in the nebula." Locutus said.

"And why do you want to open a rift?" Mendelin asked.

"Now my intentions are for me to know and for you to find out." Locutus smiled. The Comm officer said.

"Captain, Starbase Omega is hailing us. Should we respond?" Mendelin looked at Locutus.

The Lord of the Borg said, "Do not respond."

"Aye, aye sir." the Comm officer said. For a flash, Locutus' days aboard Stargazer returned. In a second of real-time, an hour of his past returned.

* * *

"Captain. Where are we?" Bedard asked. The hodge-podge Imperial reject ISS Stargazer had passed through a spatial anomaly and the crew found themselves amoungst stars never before seen by humans, or Bolians.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard turned to his first officer.

"I don't know, Brian" Picard perused the new puzzle before him. Indeed it was puzzles like this one that convinced him to join Starfleet. He had graduated from the Academy when Commander Spock's blasphemous teachings had brought down the mighty Imperial Federation. He signed on with the deep space Stargazer vessel in order to explore space. Picard saw a dark cube shape creep across the view screen. A huge vessel appeared before the small Imperial ship. A voice crackled over the ships comm system. It spoke a phrase that would change Picard's life forever.

"You will be assimilated."

That had been nearly forty years ago. Now Locutus of Borg sat back in the captains chair and ordered the USS Einstien to approach the research station Starbase Omega.

* * *

The corridor was quiet. Commander Mak and Bishop jogged around a corner carrying pulse phaser rifles. Puffing behind them was Bedard carrying a tricorder, an engineer's field pack and a type II C phaser strapped to his hip. The trio stopped before the main door to the shuttlebay. Mak tried the door.

"It's locked." the Intelligence officer said.

"I could jimmy it." Bedard said.

"No, that twisted version of yourself could kill everyone inside." Mak said. He noticed that Bishop was more quiet than usual.

"What's up Bishop?" Mak said.

"I was just thinking." Bishop started. "I don't remember much from the time before I was in the collective. What I do remember is how comforting always having a purpose was. I think about these Borg who never were part of the collective. How different are they from me."

"A hell of a lot different." Bedard said.

"Thank you." Bishop said.

"Come on, we've got a job to do." Mak said.

"What if we beamed in with our backs to each other, phaser ready." Bedard suggested.

"That wouldn't work, he'd pick up the signal and kill everyone," Mak said, "You want to explain to the captain why his fiance is dead."

"I see your point." Bedard said.

* * *

Sickbay was empty save two people. One real, one holographic. The EMH looked over at his patient, Jadzia, woh had been awake for the past few minutes and was attentively monitoring the situation.

"And how is my favorite patient from another universe doing?" The Doctor said.

"I'm your only patient from another universe." Jadzia clarified.

"Technicalities aside, how do you feel?"

"With my hands." Jadzia said.

"You know what I mean." The Doctor said. Jadzia didn't respond. She was thinking. Julian was dead. There was nothing left for her. Besides, she didn't want these people to suffer because of her. She hopped off the bed.

"Where are you going?" The Doctor said. Jadzia opened a drawer she had seen Doctor Laine place a phaser. She grapped the weapon and headed out of Sickbay. The Doctor yelled after her.

"You can't leave Sickbay!!!"

* * *

Outside the shuttlebay, The Bolian engineer headed for the nearest jeffries tube. Mak had ordered the three rescue team members to separate and check out all the entrances to the shuttlebay. Bedard was going to see if the tubes were booby trapped. He found the entrance to the crawlways and entered. After minutes of crawling around, he saw a movement ahead of him. He picked up his pace. He turned a corner and saw the other universe Jadzia step into the shuttlebay. He cursed to himself and followed her. He stood up as he exited the tubes. He grabbed his phaser and carefully peered around a shuttle. Jadzia was armed. She walked up to the Borg and raised her phaser. The Borg turned when she yelled.

"Bastard... Die!" Jadzia fired. The beam deflected off the Borg's sheild. Bedard saw Bruticus grin, cruelty written across his face. "Finally. No Terran, it is you who will die." A green lighting erupted from the Borg's arm and Jadzia fell down screaming. Smoke billowed from her body as flesh burned. Suddenly she fell silent. Dead. Bedard ran around the corner, rage filling him. As the Borg looked at the newcomer he stopped and drew a shocked breath. The face was a face from the past. His face. He involuntarily stroked his face with his normal hand. Bedard collected himself, an opportunity had presented itself. He new his phaser was useless. He launched himself at the Borg. Ensign Joel reacted too. She ran forward as the Bedard drove the Borg to the ground. Using all her strength she slammed down on the Borg's neck with her elbow. The Borg was dazed but would soon recover. Ripping her badge off she called the Brig.

"Brig. Joel. Security Protocol Alpha. Execute." The Borg was caught in a transporter lock and disappeared. He reappeared in a sealed brig cell.

* * *

Captain Bridges sighed with relief when Bedard called to say that the crisis was over. On the bridge, Hardin turned to Bridges.

"What now, Captain?" he asked.

"Set course for Starbase Omega. There's gotta be reason he wanted to go there."

"Aye, aye sir. Anything else."

"Yes. Yellow Alert."

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