Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part 4B

Written by Brian Bedard

3rd Movement - Part 2:

Yuri Padorin was nervous. The USS Einstein had entered the system, but had yet to answer his hail. He called for yellow alert. He would be ready for anything.

* * *

Locutus asked Mendelin, "When you first saw me, you looked as if you recognized me. I find that impossible because I only arrived here in your universe mere hours ago." Mendelin inwardly sighed. One little mystery solved. This wasn't Captain Picard. Not the Picard he knew anyway. Mendelin decided to play with the Borg.

"I did. You used to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise." Locutus was stunned. The Terran did know him. But what about the bit about an Enterprise. He was from the ISS Stargazer. He then realized that there was a Jean-Luc Picard from this universe as well. He suddenly had a thought. He asked for the history records, he searced for the word Locutus. He was elated to see his image appear in the view screen. That confirmed it. There were Borg here too. He smiled at the thought. He would use this universes' Borg to aid him in his plan. But first he had to signal them.

Mendelin was struck by the realization that he might have said the wrong thing. He was certain when Locutus's record from Wolf 359 appeared on the screen. By now the Borg was looking for allies.

The Einstein moved within transporter range. Locutus activated a device. Fifteen of his drones appeared in groups of three. It had begun, but he would need a larger window if he was to bring his fleet here. He left two on the bridge of the Einstein and he transported over to Starbase Omega.

* * *

Bedard stood in the brig. He and the Borg that used to be him looked at each other.

"What could have turned me into you?" the Bolian asked.

"You are weak. I am strong." Bruticus said.

"That's not an answer." Bedard said.

"What would you do if you were the first of your race to venture away from your homeworld. I wanted to see the stars. I found out I was weak. The Borg made me strong. Important." Bruticus said.

Bedard shook his head. The door opened and Bishop entered. Bruticus was surprised to see another Borg. But he didn't recognize him. Bishop took a few seconds to size up Bruticus.

"What is it like?" Bishop asked.

"What is what like?" Bruticus replied.

"To be in your collective." Bishop said.

"Exhilarating." Bruticus responded, "We are the masters of our own destiny. Everything will be assimilated. You can't stop us. We are invincible."

Bishop laughed. Starting low and gaining a crescendo, his laughter filled the brig. Bruticus was taken aback as Bishop leveled his eyes on the Borg in the cell. Cold, and knowing, Bishop said, "Sector 001. Enterprise gives a sleep command to a Borg front vessel, which self-destructs seconds later. Five years after that, when the glorius Queen attempted to change history, again Enterprise defeated the Borg. No my friend, we are far from invincible."

"There are Borg here in this universe?" Bruticus asked.

"Of course," Bishop said, sarcasm seeping in, "I stand before you, once a member of the glorious collective."

"From your words, you indicate that your Borg have no individual thought." Bruticus said.

"Does yours, really?" Bishop asked.

"I am Bruticus of Borg. Lieutenant to Lord Locutus and subject of the Queen." Bruticus said.

"But do you have a mind that's yours?" Bishop asked. He glanced over at Bedard before continuing, "You used to be him. Does any of that life remain or are you all Borg."

"I am Bruticus of Borg."

"I see," Bishop said as he turned to leave. Bruticus turned to the mirror image from across the confinement field.

"You are me. I am you?" Bruticus asked.

"You disgust me." Bedard said. He left the brig and Bruticus to his own thoughts.

* * *

Ops was a shambles. Lord Locutus smiled as he gazed out the viewport at the nebula outside. He looked down at the lifeless body of Captain Yuri Padorin.

"I am so sorry you had to die. But you see, I have a mission to complete. I can't let anything stand in my way." Locutus sat down to monitor his troops movement. Soon they would have this station under control. He called the two drones back aboard Einstein. Time to activate the next step.

* * *

Mendelin watched the drones nod as if acknowledging an order. One walked over to the science terminal and interfaced. Seconds later, Mendelin saw the light orange tell-tale sign of anestithene gas. He got up and rushed the other drone. The gas made him groggy and he fell to his knees and as he passed out, he realized he had failed. Everyone would die, the name Mendelin would go down in the history books as a failure.

* * *

Locutus was satisfied. Einstein was ready. All was ready. In jsut minutes, his entire fleet would arrive, and the mission again would continue. He knew that there were Borg in this universe. He would contact them. He tapped into the long range communications array. He transmitted a signal. "This is Locutus of Borg. Come. Participate. Conquer All."

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