Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part Five

Written by Brian Bedard

4th Movement:

In the depths of space, The Borg recieved a signal. A signal that caused confusion to ripple through the collective. Locutus was dead. Now Locutus was alive? Two cubes were dispatched. It would take nearly three hours in transwarp to arrive at the signal's location.

* * *

Locutus pounded his fist on the status table cracking the tri-polymer surface. His drones aboard Einstein reported that the engines suffered damage in a sabotage attempt. Some terran had planted bombs in the nacelle casing, set to detonate if the crew became incapicated. He would have to spend two to three hours making repairs, before the test could take place. A beeping sound grabbed his attention. He whipped around and saw the perimeter warning beacon. He glanced at the readout as it displayed:

Soveriegn Class USS Defiant NCC 74205-A

He smiled, unlike most people or Borg, Locutus liked it when things got difficult. He opened a channel to the newcomer.

* * *

Captain Jeffrey Bridges jolted as the voice came over the comm channel. A voice he recognized yet didn't.

"I am Locutus of Borg. Welcome, Defiant. You're just in time to die." The signal broke abruptly and Bridges turned to the comm station. Ensign Sarah Northway glanced back shaking her head.

"Sorry Captain, subspace channels jammed."

"Send a signal by the normal channels. I know it'll take longer. But hey, I love a little suspense."

"What?" Northway asked, a little confused.

"You never quite know when the cavalry will arrive." Bridges said. He sat back in his seat and ordered everyone to be quiet. Not because it had to be, but because that's the way Captain Bridges wanted it. He needed time to analyze the situation to come up with some sort of plan. By his count, he had two objectives. One was aboard the Einstien. Captain Mendelin's ship was being held captive. The second was aboard the Station. The signal originated from there, that meant that the station was Locutus' command base. He made up his mind. He'd dispatch two away teams. He had to rescue the Einstein and find out what this alter-Locutus wants from this nebula.

The silence gave Myah Wolfrom some time to look over the readings on her science display. The Valora Nebula was one of the wonders of the galaxy. Today it was no different. Maybe it was. Wolfrom stopped when the sub-neutrino scan spiked. Though the readings were in a linear line graph form, she saw a massive gas anomaly threading into subspace. Recalling galactic chemistry, she suddenly understood the importance of this place. She had to report this.

"Captain." Wolfrom said.

"Yes, Commander." Bridges said.

"I believe I know why this is so important to Locutus."

* * *

"Report." Bridges said. The assembled officers in the observation lounge, waited for Myah to begin.

"This region of space is very fragile. Especially to subspace interference. The fabric is thin, if you will. I surmise that an antimatter explosion could rip a hole in the fabric between our universe and the 'Crossover' universe." Myah said.

"Big enough for ships?" Commander Hardin asked. "Yes."

"By the Prophets, the invasion." Doctor Laine said. The lounge fell silent. Minutes later, a call came in.

"Security to Captain Bridges." The voice of Ensign Joel said with a touch of anxiety.

"Bridges here." the captain said.

"Captain, he's gone sir, the Borg is gone." At that, Bedard stood up slamming a fist on the table.

"We must find him. Who knows what he'll do." Bedard said.

"I agree.--" Bridges was cut off by a call from the bridge.

"Captain, K'larn here. According to Brig sensors, Bruticus was transported from inside is cell."

"To where?" Bridges asked.

"Starbase Omega."

"Well, that's settled." Mak muttered.

"Yes," Bridges said, "Now, I want you all ready for away duty. Dismissed." Bridges slumped into his chair as the last officer left the lounge. He rubbed his temples and thought, "Could this get any worse?"

* * *

Bruticus stepped onto Ops. He walked up to Locutus and bowed.

"You called me, My Lord."

"Yes, we have much to do. We have allies on the way." Locutus said.

"Allies?" Bruticus questioned."

"There are beings like us here, they will help us." Locutus said.

" I have seen one." Bruticus said. Locutus was caught by surprise. He whirled around.

"What! Tell me." He said.

"On the Terran ship, Defiant. His name is Bishop." Locutus smiled.

"Well, I'll have to meet this Bishop." He looked around for his pet, but it wasn't to be seen. He shrugged his shoulders in wonder.

* * *

The corridor was quiet. She walked along, the master had been busy. She had left to think. Over the past 24 hours, images and words kept popping into her mind. Something about a Great Link, and a test. She was the test. But what was the purpose, why was she alive. The questions kept coming, answers still riddles.

* * *

Bishop leaned back tapping the padd, scrolling to the weekly incident report. As he glaced over the report, Captain Bridges' voice came over the intercom. Bishop sat forward as he began to speak.

"The following officers report to Transporter Room 3 for away duty: Ensign Joel, Commander Matute, Lt. K'Larn, Lt. Barak, and Bishop. The following crew report to Transporter Room 2: Commanders Lebin and Bedard, Midshipmans Harvey and Clark." The message ended. The padd fluttered to the couch as Bishop ran out of his quarters.

* * *

Transporter Room 3 was a mess. Engineers K'larn and Barak had instruments scattered across the floor. Bishop navigated carefully and took a phaser and tricorder from the Supplies Officer. The engineers got all their gear together just as Captain Bridges entered.

"Your orders are to transport to Starbase Omega. Neutralize Locutus. Bishop is in charge. Good Luck."

The captain turned to leave, but Bishop said "I thought you'd want to come along, since Locutus was once --"

Bridges cut him off, "That thing is a monster, nothing like my mentor." The door closed behind him. Bishop nodded at the transporter operator. A second later, they were bits of energy.

* * *

Bridges bumbed into Commander Bedard on the way to Transporter Room 2. The Bolian was struggling with five backpack like breathing units.

"What are these for?" Bridges asked as he took two from the engineer.

"I was thinking, that its likely that the Einstein has been flooded with a knock-out gas. These are just a precaution." Bedard said. The doors ahead opened and the two entered.

"Good thinking." Bridges said. He tossed one unit to Clark and Bedard handed his over to Harvey and Lebin. Bridges waited for the team to get their units on and working.

He said, "Energize."

* * *

The rec-deck on the Einstein was dead calm as the away team beamed in. Bridges saw crew slumped over everywhere and was glad that Bedard had been thinking.

"Captain!" Clark said, more loud than he should have. Bridges looked up and saw that he was pointing out a viewport. Bridges walked up and looked out. And knew this was a whole new ballgame. Outside, two Borg cubes had dropped out of transwarp.

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