Star Trek: Defiant

"Slivers of Glass" - Part Six

Written by Brian Bedard

5th Movement: Crescendo

Bridges stared out the viewport for two more seconds then pulled back. Clark shook his head, "Remind me to kill Murphy."

"Why?" Bridges asked.

"Because his laws are always true." Clark said.

* * *

Commander Hardin ordered the Defiant to back off. The cubes weren't making threatening moves yet, but he wasn't taking any chances. The cubes passed the Defiant and continued towards Starbase Omega.

* * *

The corridors were sparse and Bishop's team made good time. In the ten minutes since beam in, they were now three decks below Ops. Bishop stopped suddenly as he heard a noise from above. The team looked up as a orange-ish goo dripped down and pooled on the floor. Jen Matute looked on in awe, she hadn't seen any other of her kind except Odo. The puddle expanded and took the shape of a yellow labrador retriever. Matute stepped past Bishop and addressed the dog.

"I am Matute, who are you?" the security chief asked. The lab shook its head and backed off a few steps. Then the dog spoke in a near perfect imitation of Matute's voice.

"Matute?" The lab raised up on its hind legs and shifted form until it was an exact replica of Matute. "I am Matute." The changeling said.

Things began to click in Bishop's mind. He said, "Jen, this must be you from the other universe, just like Bruticus is Bedard." The changeling hissed at the mention of Bruticus. Matute reacherd out to hold her hand.

"It's allright. He's not here." Matute began, "Why are you here?"

"I ran away from my master." the changeling said.

"Your master?" Matute asked.

"Yes, Lord Locutus."

Matute took a deep breath, she turned to Bishop, and then back to the changeling. "You are your own person. No one is your master except you."

Bishop tapped Matute on the shoulder, "Jen, I got an idea."

"What is it?" Matute asked.

"Ever hear of the trojan horse?" Bishop asked.

* * *

Bridges and Lebin ducked behind a bulkhead as a Borg passed by. The away team had split up. The captain and Lebin were headed to the bridge, while the other went to Engineering. The two officers continued on. Up ahead they saw another Borg. This one was working on a monitor panel. Bridges waited until it had finished and moved on before he and Lebin moved. He stopped to look at what the Borg had been doing, he saw what the Borg have in mind for the Einstien. He whispered to Lebin and they went to the nearest supply room and picked up two breathing units. They continued towards the Bridge.

* * *

Bridges stepped onto the Bridge of the Einstein first, he aimed and fired at one of the two Borg there. A phaser beam lanced out from behind him as Lebin took down the other. Looking around Bridges located the captain, he took on the extra breathing units and proceeded to awaken him. He looked over at Lebin, "Find the first officer and use the other unit." Lebin glanced around and saw a woman with the rank of commander and wearing a command division uniform. He dropped to his knees and placed the breathing mask on the woman's face. Kneeling beside the captain od the Einstein, Bridges waited as the air in the unit counteracted the sleeping gas.

* * *

Captain Mendelin had thought he died, thought he failed. But that changed when he opened his eyes and saw a Starfleet captain kneeling over him. He slowly got up and put on the unit. He looked at his rescuer.

"Captain Frederick Mendelin. Thanks." he said.

"Captain Jeffrey Bridges. Your welcome."

Mendelin turned when he heard groaning, he smiled as Gilpatrick awoke. He went over to her.

"I thought we were dead." he said to her.

"Nah, we can't die, we're Starfleet." she replied as she stood up.

Captain Bridges interrupted, "If we're through with the family reunion, we've got work to do." He went on to explain what was in store for the Einstein. Bridges tapped his badge.

"Bridges to Bedard, how's it going."

"We ran into some old friends, but we made it alright. Give me ten minutes to assess the situation, I'll get back to you. Bedard out."

Bridges ordered Lebin to check for Borg lifesigns.

"There are still ten up and running." Lebin said. Gilpatrick grabbed a phaser and nodded at Lebin.

"Come on, lets go hunting."

Lebin glanced at Bridges.

"Get going, Commander." Bridges said.

"Aye, aye sir." Lebin said following Einstein's first officer into the lift.

"Well, lets get this bucket back under our control." Bridges said.

"Bucket! Bucket! She may be old but she's hardly a bucket." Mendelin said.

"Sorry, old habit." Bridges said. He and Mendelin peered over the nearest command panel and tried to figure out what the Borg had done.

* * *

Locutus smiled as the Borg Cubes neared the station. He glanced at this status board. All was ready. The empty Ops deck reverberated as the lead Borg ship opened a channel.

"We are the Borg. Who are you?"

"I am Lord Locutus of Borg." Locutus said.

"Locutus is dead." The Borg replied.

"I am here on behalf of the Queen." Locutus said.

"The Queen is dead." The Borg replied. Locutus felt the situation slipping away. He decided to change tactics when the situation fell apart.

"We have concluded you are an imposter. You will be destroyed."

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