Star Trek: Defiant

"Information is the Key" - Part One

Written by Cullyn MacBreandain

Captian Jeffrey Bridges leaned back in his hoverchair and absently wished once again that he could walk normally. It didn't bother him as much as it used to but is was still damn inconvienant at times... okay most times... okay... all the time. But, he thought contentedly, at least I have some spare time to finally catch up on some of the less exciting parts of being a starship captian, such as duty rosters.

It had been quite the long time since he had had a chance to go over all those posted to the Defiant. There had been many changes as of late, and one in particular had just caught his eye. His new Strategic Operations Officer... one Cullyn MacBreandain. He thought on that for a moment, that name seemed vagely familiar for some reason. He continued to read though MacBreandain's records and the Captain's eyes widened a fraction when he read the last entry before his reassignment to the Defiant.

"Recommended by Commander Scott Kliemann for duty aboard the USS Defiant."

Interesting, considering everything that has happened recently to the Defiant and her crew. The Captain shrugged that thought aside, he knew the risks when he signed up, and so did the crew. That didn't make things any easier mind you, but at least it was a point of comfort.

That note in MacBreandain's file, however, was most interesting. In all the years that Bridges had known his former First Officer, he had never known him to recommend anyone for anything specific, it just wasn't in his nature... er... programming, whatever. I think, the Captain thought, it's about time I paid a social call to Mr. MacBreandain. With that, he placed the PADD on his desk and hovered from his Ready Room on to the bridge.

He paused for a moment on the bridge to look around at his ever-efficient bridge crew. Their diligence and teamwork never ceased to impress him, not that he'd let them know that of course. As he looked around he noticed that Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain was not here and then remembered that it wasn't his shift and that he was off duty for the time being. Oh well, the Captain thought to himself, this is as good as time as any. With that, he headed toward the Turbolift and hovered inside.

Once inside the turbolift the Captain decided to find out where MacBreandain was. "Daryl, where is Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain?"

The image that was Daryl formed next to his chair in the turbolift. "Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain is presently in Holodeck two. Would you like me to contact him for you Captain?"

The Captain waved his hand, "No thanks, Daryl. I think I'll pay him a visit on my own, in person. The program he's running, is it solo, or can anyone join."

"The program is open, Capatin."

"Thank you, Daryl. That will be all for now." And with that Daryl desolved.

Bridges rode in the turbolift, wondering what type of program the Lt. Cmdr. was busy with. Being the Strategic Operations Officer, he would probably be involved in some type of combat simulation. Bridges sighed softly, probably wise to keep training, but sometime his Security staff seemed a little combative. Not that he blamed them considering all the action they had seen recently.

He stopped in front of holodeck two and paused a moment before requesting entry, preparing himself for phaser blasts and quite a few explosions. When the door opened he was pleasantly shocked to see a grove of oak trees and others that he couldn't readily define, but knew that all of them had a home on Earth. It was really rather tranquil all in all with the only noises being that of nature. Bird song, flowing water from somewhere, and a gentle breeze. Upon entering the Captain thought he would have to show Rael this program... it may not be Bajor, but it was still rather awe inspiring in a quiet way.

The Captain paused as the door closed behind him and became part of the landscape. Maybe it was his imagination, but there felt like there was a quiet power about. I've been hanging around to many telepaths, the Captain thought to himself with a slight smile and began moving forward to find Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain.

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