Star Trek: Defiant

"Information is the Key" - Part Two

Written by Cullyn MacBreandain

Captain Bridges slowly hovered through the holodeck program created by Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain, not really paying attention to anything specific, but just letting the world around him be absorbed into his being. This is truly amazing, the Captain thought to himself, I've never known a holodeck program to make me feel this at ease unless Real was here along with me. I'll have to speak to Mr. MacBreandain indeed.

As if his thoughts summoned him, the Captain came out of a copse of trees toward a small streamside. There, sitting in a fashion that sparked a moments jealousy in the crippled Captain, was his Strategic Operations Officer, eyes closed, almost appearing as if he was not breathing. As the Captain drew closer, almost silently thanks to the hoverchair he could see that MacBreandain was breating very slowly, almost as if he was in a coma. That premise was rapidly dismissed however, when MacBreandain spoke without moving or opening his eyes. "Good day, Cap'n. Tis there anythin' I can do for ya."

The Captain smirked and replied, "No thanks Mr. MacBreandian. I was going over your file and came across an interesting note left by my former First Officer, Commander Kliemann. I decided it was long past time to pay you a social call. That, and I'm damned curious as to how you knew Scott, as I never heard him speak of you before."

MacBreandain smiled slowly and opened his eyes to look at the Captain. "Aye, I knew Commander Kliemann. He's a good friend of mine. He probably never spoke of me however, cause he'd think that I wouldn't want him to. He's like that."

Bridges nodded. "True, but if you were such good friends, why would he think that?"

MacBreandain continued to look at the Captain and a half-smile crept over his face. "It's exactly because we were such good friends that he would think that Cap'n. If ya dinna mind me sayin' so. Let's just say that we understood each other quite well."

The Captain tilted his head slightly. "Is that so? Hmmmm... interesting. Do you mind if I ask why that is? Or is it personal, I am here on a social visit so you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to."

In answer, MacBreandain stood up and walked over to the Captain to take a seat again. He settled himself in place, getting comfortable before be began, "No Cap'n. That's quite alright. I knew you'd be lookin' sooner or later. You're a curious man, and as such would not be satisfied until you knew my connection to Cmdr. Kliemann at least. I'd be happy to tell you what you wish to know if ya have the time to sit with an old Dragon."

Bridges caught the reference and remembered MacBreandain's file again. "That's something else I wanted to question you about actually. Multiple times in your file Dragons are mentioned, as is your claim to be one. Though you are classified as human. I must admit that that confused me a bit. Could we start there?"

MacBreandain nodded. "It's all connected Cap'n, but that's a good a place to start as any I s'pose. That all started when I was quite young, only in me twenties if I remember. I was rather confused then as to what I was and what I wanted to do with myself. Starfleet was an option, but I wasn't sure if that's the path I wanted to take. Then... I found the Dragons."

Bridges interrupted, "Dragons? I didn't think they existed. I just thought they were stories. Except for the one Q brought upon us... and that was Commander Kliemann. But still, that was Q's doing."

MacBreandain chuckled softly, "Aye, true enough. But think on this, those of us one Earth didn't believe in the existance of "aliens" for a long while either. But yet on this ship alone we have many different types of beings, do we not?"

Bridges nodded, conceding the point, "Yes, but that still doesn't answer my question if they exist or not."

MacBreandain nodded, "They do exist Cap'n. Have no doubts of that. It's just that they don't exist on this plane of existance is all. Think of it as a parallel dimension if you like, just much more friendly than others we've visited."

Bridges shuddered imperceptibly, "I certainly hope so. I really have no desire to visit anything less friendly. But back to your story, you met the Dragons. How did you manage that?"

"It wasn't something I managed Cap'n, they came to me." MacBreandain started, his eyes obtaining a far away look, as if he was looking somewhere else a great distance away. "I was on Earth, in a place near my home that looked exactly like this when they found me." His eyes came back to himself as he turned to look at the Captain. "Would you like to see him Cap'n?"

Jeffrey took a moment to reply, the question had shocked him a bit. "Yes, I would like to see one. If you don't mind."

MacBreandain nodded, "Daryl, could you run subprogram Cullyn Dragon-Silver-1 please?"

Daryl's voice emminated from everywhere, "Certainly, one moment please."

Captain Bridges felt his eyes widen at the sight that stood before him for multiple reasons. Standing before him was a Silver Dragon. It was about 140 feet long from nose to tip of tail and must have stood at least 80 feet high. It looked as if it were made from one solid piece of motlen silver. The sunlight reflected of the Dragon's Silver hide in places and made it difficult to look at. The Dragon's eyes reflected an intelligence that was staggering and mildly frightening. The part that shocked him more than all that however, was the fact that that was exactly how Commander Kliemann had looked in that wayward adventure that Q had sent them all on. Bridges found his voice and asked, "He's beautiful. But, I've seen this before..."

MacBreandain interrupted him, "I know you have. Scott sent me the report on your little journey as soon as it was finished. He knew that it would be of interest to me. And it was. You see, Q plucked the information on what you all would be like out of your minds. And I had described and shown Scott exactly what stands before you now, that's where Q got his reference."

Bridges nodded. "I had wondered about that, considering I don't remember a Dragon being in the story Q pulled from my mind."

MacBreandain nodded and continued, "Daryl, please end the subprogram please." The Dragon vanished and Cullyn resumed, "Anyway, one day he found me, his name is Sylvannus. He's thousands of years old and is a very wise being and he had chosen me."

"Chosen you for what?" Bridges asked.

MacBreandain smiled once more, "That, my dear Cap'n, is another story."

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