Star Trek: Defiant

"Information is the Key" - Part Three

Written by Cullyn MacBreandain

The Captain didn't bother to hide his aggravated sigh, "You know Mr. MacBreandain, you are a very difficult man to get a straight answer from."

The ready grin broke out once more upon MacBreandain's face. "You're not the first to tell me that, Cap'n. Nor I doubt will ya be the last. But, first things first, call me Cullyn, it'll make things easier in the long run to be sure."

Bridges nodded, accepting the unspoken offer of friendship, "And you can call me Jeff."

Cullyn nodded as if coming to a decision and continued, "Jeff it is then. Now, dinna worry. This will all become clear to ya pretty soon. As I said, it's all connected. I'm glad we have the formality outta the way though, I'm not big on that truth be told. It will make my story much easier to believe and understandable if I don't have to "Sir" you the whole time."

Jeffrey chuckled, releasing some tension he hadn't realized was there, "Not a problem, Cullyn. It's the least I can do. And I wouldn't worry about my belief in your story. I've seen some things that I would have never had believed if I hadn't been there for them, but now that I have, I'm more ready to believe them."

Cullyn nodded again, "Tis good to hear. Now, you wanted to know what Sylvannus chose me for. Well, for all intents and purposes, he had chosen me to become a Dragon. Not in physical form mind ya, even they don't have that kind of power, but more as a badge of office." With that Cullyn reached beneath his uniform and pulled out a stylized Dragon on a silver chain with links set so closely together that it appeared to be a silver rope.

"I see." stated the Captain simply.

"But, as with any badge comes responsibilties. Thankfully, all the duties that Sylvannus wanted to impose upon me I had already taken upon myself, which is one of the reasons he chose me. Though he made everything a bit more offical, and as much as I dislike formality, it was rather impressive." Cullyn explained.

Bridges nodded and asked, "And what are these responsiblites, if I may ask. And will they impair your ability to serve on the Defiant?"

MacBreandain chuckled, "Nay, I wouldn't worry about it. Those responsibilites is what helped me decide to join Starfleet all those years ago. I am pledged to help all those who ask it of me, whether I care for them personally or not. As long as they are not creatures of purely evil intent, I must help them in any manner I can. Starfleet has helped me accomplish that quite well. I am also not able to attack another being, no matter how evil. I may only defend, but keep in mind, that makes me no less dangerous, but I will show you that later. But above everything else, I must retain my honor. Not quite the same defination of honor that the Klingons have, but my own personal honor code. I would tell you more of them, Jeffrey, but I'm afraid I cannot, as I cannot put them into words myself."

"Don't worry about that," Jeff started, "I've seen your listing of commendations. Even if you can't define your honor, I know it's more than stable enough. One question I do have though, you don't appear to be more than your late twenties, and you have enough commendations to fill a carreer in Starfleet, yet you say this all happened in your early twenties. How is this possible?"

MacBreandain got a sly gleam in his eye as he answered, "You are a decisive man, Cap'n, and not one given to great patience. That is something you should force yourself to learn methinks. But, I can explain that well enough. Sylvannus passed on to me some... abilities, to make my task easier. One ability is the one you've noticed, my relative age. To you, I look no more than my late twenties, when in reality I am 126 years old. In appearance I age one year for every fifteen. I must admit is has come in handy on occasion, it's much easier to be patient when you know you can outlive your enemies, as I think you Chief Intelligence Officer could tell you. He would also tell you, methinks, that it can be a curse as much as a blessing though. But that's another tale."

Cullyn continued, "Sylvannus also gave me these." With that Cullyn drew the two swords that he always kept on his person, kept in a criss-cross pattern on his back. They made a distinctive sound as they were drawn, nothing the Captain had ever heard before, he was aobut to comment on this but Cullyn resumed, "This," Cullyn said, "is Shadow, a katana. Her brother sword is Tempest, a wakashashi. But don't let there appearence fool you, they are much more than meets the eye. I will give you a demonstration."

Cullyn turned away from the Captain and addressed the empty air, "Daryl, would you please run subprogram Cullyn-Demo-Gifts-1 please, and also turn the holodeck safties off please."

Daryl responded, "Are you sure that is wise Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain? With the safties off and the contents of your program you are very likely to be injured as well as the Captain."

At this Bridges felt his eyes widen again. This man is full of surprises it seems he thought as MacBreandain continued. "True enough, but never fear Daryl, neither I nor the Captain will be in any danger. I have prepared this program specifically for this encounter."

"Then you knew I would ask you these things?" the Captain stared.

"Of course Captain," Cullyn began, "As I said you are a curious and impatient man. I knew you would find me and ask about me at some point. I decided to make this program to show you what I am capable of, so that you have no doubts of my abilities and desire to use them to help."

"And you need to put us in danger to do this?" Bridges asked with a sharp tone rising in his voice.

MacBreandain nodded slowly, "Yes Captain, I do. My power will not work on command. There needs to be real danger or else the only weapon I have is my mind, not that you should underestimate that either."

The Captain sighed again, "All right then." He looked up at the sky and continued, "Daryl, please comply with all of Lt. Cmdr. MacBreandain's program specifications. You have my authorization, but please alert sickbay to be ready in case of an emergency." He turned back toward Cullyn and sighed again, "Alright, I'm ready for whatever you have planned."

The Dragon smiled slowly, showing a great deal of teeth and said smoothly, "I doubt that you are Captian, but we begin anyway. Daryl... initiate program... NOW."

With that command, the holodeck went pitch black...

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