Star Trek: Defiant

"Information is the Key" - Part Five

Written by Cullyn MacBreandain

MacBreandain ended the demonstration program and resumed the peaceful program that was running when the Captain had entered. He walked over to the Captain's hoverchair and sat down next to him and sighed softly before he started to speak.

"Scott and I met a little over a year ago, after he left the Defiant for his 'upgrades'. Thankfully, now I can tell you most everything that has happened to him and I since then. As, with the nanites and what they have done, you now have the clearance to hear it."

The Captain glanced at Cullyn. "I now have the clearance? I didn't before the nanites?"

Cullyn shook his head, the sadness of so many deaths lingering in his eyes, "No, you didn't. That's why you never heard from Scott during that time. That's another reason I was assigned to the Defiant. So you could hear from a fellow human, instead of a cold report. I'm told I'm a good storyteller. We will see."

"Scott was recalled to Starfleet Headquarters for a very specific purpose that only he could fulfill. Since he was Starfleet's only andriod he was one of the few beings that were upgradable in every sense of the word, and that is exactly what was done."

"What do you mean exactly?" the Captain asked.

MacBreandain thought for a moment before he continued. "Well Captain, since he was an artifical life form to begin with. Starfleet didn't see why he couldn't be improved upon. With intelligence that Starfleet had been recieving from various sources and their own paranoia, they decided to make Scott into more than he was originally designed. But, that came with a price."

"Scott is now a living weapon. He has enough weaponry integrated in his systems to destroy a small moon. But his emotion chip became his conscience and would not let him participate. In other words, his passion ruled his reason. That's when Starfleet asked for my help. They explained what they wanted and asked me if I could achieve it. I told them I could, and in time, I did. Scott gave up his emotions for the greater good. Even though in the moments before its removal, he was in anguish over what certain indivduals would think of him. You were one of those individuals Jeff."

The Captain simply nodded, not trusting himself to speak, as he did not know quite what to say. MacBreandain took his silence as understanding and continued. "That isn't to say that I forced him, Captain. I would never force another being to do something they dinna want to." Cullyn sighed. "But it was necessary that he do this so I convinced him with the most potent arguement I could, the lives of his friends. In the end, this convinced him more than any report or statistic ever could."

Jeffrey nodded, "That would be like Scott. Even when he didn't have emotions he was willing to sacrifice himself whenever necessary."

Cullyn nodded as well, "Aye, that he was, and still is. Just now it's not so much a sacrifice anymore. With the weaponry he's packing and his android reflexes, he's as close to unstoppable as one can get."

Bridges could understand that, as Scott was rather formidible already. "Where did Starfleet send him then?"

"He's in the Gamma Quadrant supervising a project for Starfleet. Methinks you'll hear from him soon enough." Cullyn said with a slight smile. "This project he's working on is much nicer then some of the other missions that Starfleet sent him on in the past year or so. But those I am still not allowed to tell you about, and are certainly stories for another time."

"That's quite alright. I think I've had all the information I care to at the moment." Bridges replied.

Cullyn chuckled softly. "Now there's something I've never said, but then it's not in my nature. But I'm sure you'll be hearing from Scott sometime soon. In the meantime, though, methinks you'll be busy enough." With this cryptic statement Cullyn stood up and left the holodeck, leaving Captain Bridges to wonder how much Cullyn MacBreandain knew and wondering if he really wanted to know.

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