Star Trek: Defiant

"NaKar's Legacy" - Part One

Written by Eric L. Busby & Cheryl Christy

She knelt at the mouth of the cave. Mud covered her torn uniform and she cradled the phaser rifle in her arms. She looked out over the valley that stretched out bellow her. Her hair was messed up and there was a smear of blood on her right temple. all this had come about when the shuttle had crashed. NaKar felt she was lucky enough to just have survived. At least that was how she had felt until she had learned who it had been that had caused her ship to crash in the first place.

The Jem'Hadar ship had swarmed down from the gray storm covered skies and landed nearby where the shuttle had crashed. A number of soldiers had raced out of the ship and descended upon the shuttle and gone over ever bit an piece of it looking for it occupants. Not finding any the foot troops then began to explore the surrounding countryside. NaKar wondered how long it would be before they found the cave on the cliff side where she was now hiding. NaKar looked back at the Jem'Hadar ship where she could make out two beings standing watched the Jem'Hadar troops. One was a Changeling in female form. The Federation had encountered this Changeling a number of times before. The other was a Cardassin like NaKar herself. Through the binoculars she was able to get a much closer look at who the Cardassian was. Her mouth turned into a tight line. Almost an angry sneer.

"Ahhh,' Came the voice of her companion, "The Dominion. And here I was wondering if they had survived the nanites."

NaKar looked over at the pale skinned man who was looking out into the valley next to her. However unlike her, he was not using any binoculars, "How are you able to see them commander?" She asked. Goth Lasher looked over at NaKar for a moment and only smiled, "Great eye sight." He said in a voice as cold as an arctic winter. NaKar did care much for the Thanaos. There was just something sinister about him that put her on edge. She looked back out over the valley.

"Yes," Goth said to her, "However I was under the impression that the Dominion were steering clear of Federation space at the moment. Fear of the nanites and all that."

"The Federation has more or less cleaned up the nanites in recent weeks." NaKar pointed out.

"You may have a point. With the nanites gone there is little more than a hundred starships to keep the Federation in line. It must look rip for conquest,' Goth said. He picked himself up and dusted what little mud he could from his Ranger's uniform, "Still its odd. There are still a number of worlds infected. To strike now would be a foolish move. One should wait until the nanites are wiped out altogether before one move would you not think?"

"Perhaps the Dominion has a plan to deal with the nanites" NaKar pointed out, "Who knows."

"Or perhaps this is something else all together." Goth said looking down at NaKar. NaKar slowly got up from the cave floor.

"What do you mean?" She asked. There had been something in Goth's tone of voice that put her on edge. Could he know, she wondered? She had taken such great steps to keep that part of her life a secret. Perhaps he had ment something else.

"I was once part of the Cardassian resistance against Dominion rule,' NaKar said, "They may have learned I was on the shuttle and come to gain revenge."

"Yes thats possible,' Goth said, "Yet when the Jem'Hadar struck. They seam to take great care in their attack. As if they did not want to destroy the shuttle. Just force it to land. Now according to Starfleet records when they have found members of the Resistance in the past. They have wiped them out instantly. Shown no compassion at all. Yet in this case they have gone out of their way to keep from killing us. Why is that I wonder."

"They must have something else in mind." NaKar said. she turned and looked back over the valley.

"Yes," Goth said in an almost whisper, "They must. I wonder what that might be."

* * *

The Vorta came outside the ship. The air was thick with insects and muggy. Still where the Founder ordered them to go they went. He waved a small hanky to drive the bugs away from him, "Not a very hospitable place," Wayom said, "Are sure she was on that ship?" He asked. Gul Dukat head of the Cardassin part of the Dominion glare back at the Vorta.

"Of course she was," He said, "Now we must find her."

"That will not be easy Dukat," Wayom said, "We found the wreckage easy enough. But there are many place she could have hidden on this moon."

"We'll find her," Dukat said, "I'd bet my life on it."

"As long as its just your life." Wayom said.

"Gentlemen, that is enough." The female Changeling said. Both Dukat and Wayom became silent quickly. She turned to the Jem'Hadar troops, "Search the area. Bring anyone you find to us. Make sure they are brought in alive." She ordered.

"Founder." The Jem'Hadar said and he turned to the others. Quickly the Jem'Hadar troops fled off into the surrounding jungle. The Changeling turned back to Dukat and Wayom, "If she is out there they will find her soon enough. All we need do now is wait."

"As the Founder commands, so shall it be done." Wayom said stretching out his arms and bowing his head in worship. Dukat rolled his eyes at Wayom. Then with a soft sigh he said, "As long as she is brought in unharmed." Wayom looked over at him and shook his head.

"I still do not understand this obsession you have," The Vorta said, "If not for the Founder's desire, I would find this whole operation a waste of time."

"Oh no Wayom," Dukat said, "This is far from a waste of time."

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