Star Trek: Defiant

"NaKar's Legacy" - Part Two

Written by Eric L. Busby & Cheryl Christy

The jungle air smelled of rotting plants and it was muggy and damp. A number of insects buzzed about. Goth did not care much for it yet NaKar found the warmth a great change from the cool dry air back on board the Defiant. However she was more concerned with the group of Jem' Hadar that were now searching for herself and the vampire Goth Lasher. She had fought against the Jem' Hadar before.

It had been during what Cardassia called the great rebellion. When three world under the Dominion rule had broken off and set up their own independent government. NaKar, who had been part of the resistance against Dominion rule, had been on one of those world. And she had been there when the Dominion had sent in the Jem' Hadar to bring them back under control. She had fought along side her friends as the Jem' Hadar had laid waste to the surface of the planets and killed millions. NaKar had escaped with her life when it was clear all was lost. But not before she had seen just what death the Jem' Hadar could bring to those who stood against the Dominion. So she was not very pleased being hunted by them again.

"We need to get out of here," She said, "They'll find us if we stay in the cave."

"You have that right," Goth said, "However we have nothing to fear." NaKar looked at the pale skinned man.

"What do you mean?" She asked, "These are the Jem' Hadar. Perhaps the most feared warrior next to the Borg."

"I know," Goth said, "I've read the Starfleet dossier on them. Trust me, we have nothing to fear."

NaKar stood up and dusted of the dirt of the cave floor from her uniform, "Sir with all due respect,' NaKar said in a voice that made it clear she was not comfortable with Goth's statement, "I think we have everything to fear. Its clear the Dominion mean to find us."

"Good." Goth said, "I've been dying to run into a Founder again."

"You've meant the Founders before?" NaKar asked. Goth only smiled at her. She shook her head. She did not know Goth all that well. In fact there was something about him that made her very uneasy. A sense of evil about the man. Yet he was a Starfleet commander and in the past seamed to have a grasp of the situations he got himself into. However she had no intention of let herself get captured by the Jem' Hadar.

"Fine stay here if you like sir," She said, "I'm going."

"Have a nice trip." Goth said cheerfully. NaKar sighed and turned to leave the cave to seek out some other place to hide. However once she got to the cave mouth she saw something shimmering in the jungle just outside the cave. A distortion like a cloaking field and there was more than one and they were moving towards the cave. The Jam' Hadar had found them.

"Damn.' NaKar said raising her phaser rile. Suddenly three Jem' Hadar uncloaked themselves and rushed her. NaKar was about to fire onto them when she felt her rifle pulled from her grasp by an invisible force. She could only watch as it flew through the air into Goth waiting hands. She quickly realized that he had used his telekinetic powers to take it away from her, thus leaving her weaponless against the Jem' Hadar. All she could do was stand in shock as the Jem' Hadar grabbed her.

"Do not resist.' The lead solider snapped. He had his weapon pointed in her face. The other Jem' Hadar were covering Goth. The vampire only smiled as he dropped the phaser rifle to the ground and raised his empty hands into the air.

"We surrender." He said with a dark smile. NaKar could not believe it. The Jem' Hadar had taken them without a fight. No, it was worse than that. Goth had just handed them into their waiting hands.

"We're dead. You do know that." NaKar said to Goth. Goth only smiled at her with that know it all grin of his.

"Silence!" The lead Jem' Hadar said. The warrior started to march the group back into the jungle. Back to Dukat and the other. NaKar felt a sick cold grasp in her stomach. Just facing Dukat again filled her with more fear than anything she had ever faced before in her life.

* * *

"Yes!" Dukat shouted as he heard the field report from Jem' Hadar, "They found her."

"Really?" Wayom said in surprise, "And so fast."

"Indeed," Dukat said, "She was hiding in a cave up on the hillside. They found her and another."

"She was not alone?" The Founder asked Dukat. Dukat turned and face the Founder.

"No Founder," Dukat said in what sounded like respect, "Apparently she was traveling with another Starfleet officer."

"Indeed," The Founder said, "This is quite a boon we have grasped this day."

"And I have you to thank for it Founder," Dukat said bowing before the Changeling, "My undying gratitude and life are in your service."

The Founder smiled, "Yes,' She said, "There is much to prepare for. Our allies make ready to strike against the Federation. When they call upon us we shall have much work ahead of us. The Dominion shall call upon your services Dukat."

"Of course Founder," Dukat said with another bow, "This time the Federation shall fall before the Dominion."

"Just make sure of that this time Dukat," Wayom said, "I would hate to have a repeat of our last war."

"With our new allies we have nothing to fear," Dukat said facing Wayom, "Now that the Dominion and the Brotherhood have united together," Dukat said making a fist with one hand and slamming into the palm of the other, "The Alpha Quadrant shall soon fall to its true masters."

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