Star Trek: Defiant

"NaKar's Legacy" - Part Three

Written by Eric L. Busby & Cheryl Christy

"The question I have is just how far can we...," Wayom paused as if he was searching for the perfect word to make his statement, "How far we can 'trust' out allies. The Brotherhood have not looked fondly upon sharing power with any other galactic force in the past."

Dukat chuckled at this. Sometimes the Vorta's endless paranoia amused him, "I believe we can trust the Brotherhood to keep up their end in this agreement," Dukat said, "After all they have already given the Dominion the devises we shall need to keep from being altered with the rest of the galaxy."

"But do they work?" Wayom said, "True we have installed them on each and every one of our ships. But when the time comes shall they really protect us?"

"I have faith that they will," The Founder said, "The Brotherhood face the same threat as we. The Borg Collective. Yes, alone we may in time claim victor over the Alpha Quadrant. However the Borg from time to time have tried to assimilate all life in this sector of the galaxy. Although our forces are great, against the power of the Collective we would stand a chance of being defeated. However united with the Brotherhood we stand as a greater force that not even the Borg could ever hope to overcome."

"And that is why this alliance shall work," Dukat said, "Once the Brotherhood have made their move all of the galaxy shall be changed," He said with a sweep of his hand, "And that is also why I must find NaKar now before the face of the galaxy is altered and she is lost to me forever."

* * *

NaKar felt her heart beating in her chest. Her arms felt somewhat numb from being tied behind her back for the better part of an hour as the Jem' Hadar lead her and Goth back the landing sigh of the Dominion ship. She had tired to find way that she might be able brake free and escape her captives. Yet she had been unable to come up with a way of escape that would let her stay alive. The Jem' Hadar had the edge and all of the weapons. She felt dread with ever step she took knowing it was leading her closer and closer to him.... To Dukat.

Goth for his part looked at if nothing out of the ordinary was taking place. True his arms were also tied behind his back, but he looked more like he was out for a Sunday afternoon stroll and taking in the sights instead of being the Jem' Hadar's captive. 'We have nothing to fear.' Goth had said. What had he meant by that? Did he have some plan to escape already? If so why had he not shared it with her? NaKar had no idea what to expect from Goth. The only thing she was sure was that in a matter of moment she was going to see her....

It was then that she heard his voice. She heard Dukat as he said, "I must find NaKar now before the face of the galaxy is altered and she is lost to me forever." It was the first time she had heard him in a number of years. More years than she would wish to recount. Then NaKar saw him as she, Goth and the troop of Jem' Hadar came out into the clearing. Dukat turned and saw her as they came towards him.

"NaKar." He gasped. NaKar said nothing. she could feel nothing. It was as if all the blood had stopped flowing through her body. She was numb at the sight of him again. Dukat started to move towards her but he stopped suddenly. In fact everyone stopped everything they were doing when they heard a shrill screaming that fill the air. It took everyone present a moment to discover were it was coming from. And then they all discover who it was that was screaming.

Over the years that he had served the Dominion, Wayom had looked upon the Founders as gods. The true master of all of the universe. They were bold and brave and nothing could shake them from their resolve. It was because of this blind belief that he was left dumfounded when he saw the Founder was screaming in total fear. She had collapsed upon the ground and was shaking and screaming, "NO.... NO ITS NOT POSSIBLE. THERE ALL DEAD.. DEAD." The Founder kept saying over and over again uncontrollable. Wayom was at a lost as to what to do. He looked where the Founder was staring. It was the paleman Starfleet officer with NaKar. Wayom had never seen a being like him before. Goth smiled at Wayom and suddenly Goth's eyes were glowing a dark red.

The Founder suddenly lashed out and struck Wayom sending him flying through the air. He struck a tree and was knocked out cold. His body slumped at the base of the tree and remained still. The Founder was suddenly upon her feet and her arms seamed to flow like liquid gold which shot out and gripped all of the Jem' Hadar troops around their necks. Suddenly the metamorphic jelly turned razor sharp and the Jem' Hadar were quite quickly decapitated. The lifeless bodies of the Jem' Hadar dropped to the ground. Then the Founder's arms shot back into her and she dropped to the ground as a pool of liquid jell.

NaKar suddenly noticed that her arms were free as if some invisible force had cut her bonds from her. She noted that Goth was also free as well, he had used his mind powers again to free the both of them she realized. Goth walked over to the pool where the Founder laid. Dukat stood still in shock. All of what he had just seen had taken less than a minute to transpire. He did not move towards NaKar or Goth. He only watched as the paleman came up to the edge of the pool and knelt down by its side.

Goth reached out his hand and it sank into the jell pool. A moment later the jell turned into a small rubber ball with the Founder's face imprinted on one side. Goth picked the ball up and stood. He held the ball out before so the Founder faced him.

"Hello puppet,' He said to the Founder, "Its been a while." NaKar came up beside him and looked at the ball. Dukat stood back away from them. He still did not move.

"How did you do that?' She asked the paleman. Goth looked at her.

"In a way my people created the Founders," Goth said, "Indeed, where the Dominion now stand was the very same region of space that the Thanaos Empire once stood. The Changelings were little more than tools for my people. Our powers could control all of their actions. With a simple thought we could force them to do anything we wanted them to do. Become anything we wanted then to become. They had no choice. They were our slaves."

"Your people created the Founders?" NaKar said in shock.

"Not totally,' Goth said, "We found them and altered their race so that we could control them. However in time the slaves revolted. Creating their own army of slaves to fight against their true masters."

"The Jem' Hadar?" NaKar asked.

"Yes, but not as you know them now," Goth said, "Back then they were a much cruder creature. Easy to destroy. Had the Thanaos not been at war already with the other race of the galaxy we would have wiped them out with easy. As it was we were wiped out more or less and the Founder stepped right in and took power. A puppet master race if you will" Goth now looked back at the ball.

"But all of that is going to change," Goth said to the ball, "Your time is coming done Puppet Master. My people shall retake everything we have lost and you will pay for your crimes against us," He shouted, "Your already dead. The Thanaos shall rise again and when we do your Dominion shall face oblivion. So go back to your Great Link. Go back to the others and tell them that their True masters are coming for them."

With that Goth tossed the ball into the air and then kicked it hard so it flew out into the jungle. He dusted his hands off a moment later as if he had gotten them dirty by holding the ball, "Now then. That just leave you." Goth said facing Dukat.

Dukat took a step back as Goth came towards him, "You know. I have never drank a Cardassian's blood before. This is quite a treat." In a flash Goth had knocked Dukat to the ground and held him by his head. Goth began to sink his teeth into Dukat's neck.

"NOOOOOO!" NaKar shouted. Goth stopped and dropped Dukat to the ground. Slowly he stood up. He looked at NaKar with a puzzled expression on his face.

"No?" He said, "This is the man who betrayed your people to the Dominion, NaKar. Why should you want him to live?"

NaKar looked between Goth to were Dukat laid on the ground and back again, "It because....' she paused and looked at Dukat again.

"Yes?' Goth prompted her.

"Its because,' She started again, "He's my father."

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